Trade marathon №2 "deposit +150%"

Trade marathon №2 "deposit +150%"


Trade marathon "deposit +150%" has been successfully completed.

The goal is exceeded! A new 2-year marathon starts on 15 February! All details of the marathon follow the link

Marathon statistics "deposit +150%"

During 3 months of trading, we carried out 64 trades, of which:

27 - unprofitable

17- break even

20- profitable

The total income was +242.55% to the initial deposit.

How can you make such a return with only 31% of profitable trades? Now let's slice and dice.

  1. We entered each trade with half of the total marginal deposit (we used 3rd leverage).

Yes. We understand that this is a high-risk trading, but this is why a marathon was created to test this technique.

2. Stop loss did not exceed 3% of the price movement from the entry point (on average 1.5-2.5%)

3. The average ratio of potential profit to loss we had at least 4.25|1. That is, the potential profit in each trade was on average 4.25 times bigger than the potential loss. Therefore, the number of losing trades did not play a big role. It is the quality of profitable trades that gave a good result.

One of the approximate trades was DOGEUSDT 02/03/21, where the profit-to-loss ratio was 19 | 1:

Problems of the "deposit +150%" trade marathon

  • Short stops. Most of the losing trades in our trade marathon happened because of high market volatility. As a result, after the stop order was triggered, the price often moved in the direction we needed. Therefore, when choosing such a strategy, be ready for a large number of stops.

  • Entering a position with half of the marginal deposit. Considering that the average stop of our trades fluctuates in the range of 1.6-2.5% of the price movement, this is a fairly short stop. However, entering a position with half of the marginal deposit with the 3rd leverage, in case of an error, a loss of 2.4-3.75% to the deposit is fixed. If you got a series of stops in a row, for example 5, then the deposit will decrease by about 18-20%. Of course, one successful trade will undo this damage. Though, not all traders will be psychologically comfortable with such a loss. This fact can have a negative impact on trading decisions.

In general, we consider the experiment to be successful and use the strategy in the future. But, the percentage of the total deposit allocated for this type of trading will be no more than 30%. We will show this in our next trade marathon "Marathon for Million"

Words are words, and figures will show everything. Below we publish all the trades of our marathon. Every trade can be checked.

deposit 1

deposit 2

If you didn't manage to join this trade marathon - it doesn't matter. Ahead is a two-year marathon with corrected stable trading strategy.

Write to us!

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The essence and objectives of the experiment "deposit + 150%"

Our previous experiment showed that making more than 50% of the profit from a deposit in just 2 weeks is quite realistic. At the same time, controlling risks.

Of course, such interest cannot be earned at all stages of the market. Especially when the market stands still for months.

However, our ambitions cannot be stopped! We are launching a new experiment-marathon "deposit + 150%".

In the closed telegram channel, we will publish our entry points to positions, stop orders and exit points from the position.

About 60 trades and three months should give us the desired result.

Of course, there will be both loss-making and break-even trades. We are interested in systematic trading with high earnings and acceptable risks.

Information will be presented in this form:


The marathon starts on 12 October.

The end of the experiment and summing up - 11 January 

The cost of participation in the marathon is $210 for 3 months.

If you pay monthly - the price of one month is $100.

Entrance to the marathon is possible from the 12th to the 18th of the current month during the marathon.

During this time, you can enter to the marathon for a day for free to evaluate the quality of the content. Also in this channel you can check the trades of the past experiment and our portfolio from 2018!

If you decide to join our trade marathon - write to us!

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