Total betting strategies, features

Total betting strategies, features

James Mot

Team selection

The choice of teams for betting on TM or TB is also important. There are the world leaders, whose game is fully focused on the result, the players act in a well-coordinated, tactics are carefully thought out. In most cases, they win the cup battles, so the odds on their victory bookmakers put very low. However, there are cases when the "star" meets an outsider and hardly wins by one goal, or surprises fans with a draw (often zero). Why does this happen?

It turns out that the power of motivation carries a lot of weight. The underdog gives their all to show the fans that they are at least worth something on the field, players of this team are driven by spirit and character, respectively, they play more powerfully. The clubs that are on the verge of relegation have the ultimate motivation, they need to get out of the zone of discomfort, and at least a little rehabilitate themselves in their own eyes. Another boost gives the fact of a new coach (according to statistics, the majority of the first games under the new management clubs win).

Thus, when choosing a team and analyzing the results of their last five meetings, be sure to take into account the composition and how motivated the players are.


As we have already said, there are no winning strategies and no clear strategy calculation algorithm, so it is too difficult to predict the victory or draw of a particular club, which is why the odds are usually the highest. It is much easier to predict whether the upcoming meeting will be a goal or not.

Generally, in championship games either both teams play actively and score, or they behave quietly, not too eager to distinguish themselves in the game (if in the overall standings they are happy with any result). In this case, bettors use the most popular tactic - bet on the total more or use a betting strategy on TM. In this case, it does not matter who wins or loses, you just need to predict the total score (goals, halves) and bet on the excess of a certain number or failure to score.


Total more

The most popular strategy is the total more. In order for success to be on the bettor's side, he needs to:


choose the most scoring and predictable championship (above we wrote that it can be the leagues of Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany);
assess what chances opponents have and how interested they are in the outcome of the meeting (motivated to goals, are long-time rivals).

A great option for such a prediction can be a match between a championship favorite club and a motivated underdog.

From total betting strategies the most popular are 0.5 and 1.5. They are the most "popular" and suitable for the majority of soccer meetings. The calculation is very simple: if you bet on "0.5", then your bet will be winning if at least one goal is scored as a result of the meeting. In order to win a TB (1.5), the total score of the meeting must exceed two goals. Such results are not difficult to predict in the leading championships, in the same Germany according to statistics 80% of matches end with the result of two goals or more.


Total less

For many sports events, especially soccer, it can be more reasonable to choose the strategy to bet on the total less. This applies to those meetings that are not characterized by many goals and do not involve active players (their interest in playing at full power). This tactic of beating the bookmaker's office like 22bet is appropriate for the matches of Romania, Serbia and Greece. There are seldom rich and spectacular matches here.

Despite the fact that TM works more often, it is not as beloved by bettors as bets on TB. The explanation is very simple:

first, every real fan expects an entertaining and interesting game; second, if your favorite team is playing and it has little chance to score, and the betting has all the prerequisites to go in, there is no pleasure from such an outcome.

Strategy for individual totals

Very popular among bettors strategy of betting on the individual total. It is suitable for fans of a particular player, closely following his career, the conduct of the game, prospects, the manifestation in each meeting. Deciding to make an individual bet, take into account such nuances as the player's physical state at the moment (it is possible that he is just recovering from an injury and will not be able to show his full worth), moral, relationships in the team, family conflicts, etc. This may adversely affect his game and not meet your expectations.


Choice of Professionals

The strategies described above are perfectly suitable for beginners and can in most cases please them with their profitability (even if it is low). Professional bettors, gaining experience, begin to act more actively and confidently, applying other strategies, which increases interest and makes the hobby more vivid, exciting, profitable. There are a lot of strategies - betting against the favorite, overtaking, fork, exact score and others.

Total over 3.5 and 4.5

Bets on the total over 3.5 and 4.5 always have a higher odds than 1.5 or 2.5, as the corresponding outcomes of games occur less frequently. But it is on them that bookmaker's offices put the odds higher, the played bet can cover the losses of the previous unsuccessful 4-5. Such winnings are always profitable and pleasant, but before making up your mind, you should carefully analyze the games played by the clubs and analyze the odds.

The calculation is simple: in order for the TB (3.5) bet to play, the total score must be from four goals or higher (3:1, 4:0, 2:2, 3:2).

Strategy for total less than 1.5 in the first half

Not bad for profitability could be a bet on TM (1.5) in the first half. But don't forget that it is rather risky. It's not always teams that score at least two goals in the first half, i.e. there is a mood in the game, "probing" the opponents. More often the active struggle begins in the second half of the match.


The strategy of TM 1.5 in the first half with safety net

This is also one of the popular tactics among the experienced bettors. For it, two clubs are chosen, as a rule, rarely scoring at the beginning of the meeting. Accounts should be created in two different bookmakers' offices. Keep a detailed tracking of the game and the direction of the betting line. The strategy is complex, and only experienced players can do it. It is better for a beginner not to risk.


Bets on the total in play

Betting on the total in "live" mode is popular among betting fans. Here the peculiarity of making a decision in real time. Suitable for the more experienced, those who have learned to make successful bets, carefully analyze the chances of teams before the meeting. But the match itself will be tense because in the course of it the bookmaker changes the odds after any important event (they can go up and down sharply). The strategy has a high risk and rich possibilities. It is necessary to gain experience, to correctly navigate when the odds are changing, to "create" forks, then the chances of fighting with the bookies will be good.


Tips for Beginners

Allocate time to prepare for the match and analyze the teams' play (we described all this in detail above). Don't risk large sums (a bet higher than 40% of your total balance is already a big risk). You need to patiently gain experience. Betting on draws are attractive with high odds, but they are played quite rarely. Make them only in certain championships. Remember that there are no winning strategies, but there are advantageous ones. Make a choice in favor of those betting strategies in which you are stronger, and do not chase the odds.


Betting on sports is a fascinating occupation which causes drive, excitement and other healthy emotions. And it can definitely be a profitable activity.

If your goal is successful betting, don't count on luck, it requires preparation and diligence. Without experience and knowledge of the bettor, even the simplest strategy will be useless and will not please you with its result.