Top tips to effectively protect your Windows 10 PC or laptop?

Top tips to effectively protect your Windows 10 PC or laptop?


Your PC or laptop is one of the most crucial devices as you can perform various tasks with the help of your device. Your laptop knows everything about you. It has personal files and all other data. If you want to keep your data and device then you have to take various protection measures. Another major thing that can affect your life is the internet. With the internet, you can do shopping, learn things, send and receive documents, play online games and many more. But this antivirus sometimes can be dangerous. If you want to keep your device and network secured; you have to follow some basic rules of protection.

Top tips for securing your PC

Installing an antivirus is one of the most basic measures against threats. Install good security software on your PC and it will secure the device from various malware. One of the best antivirus programs is Norton. Norton has various plans; you can pick a plan for your device according to the device specifications and your requirements. In case you got the wrong Norton plan then cancel Norton antivirus subscription; ask for a refund and then get a new Norton plan. How To Fix Norton 360 Error 8504, 104 this is the biggest question and also Norton has various internet security features that keep your network fully secure.

Keep your Operating System and software updated

Many people think updates are only for adding new features. But many updates are for security purposes. New updates are like security patches for your older version. So whenever you see an update of your Operating System; install it immediately. You should also update your software programs regularly.

Use good firewall

If you talk about built-in security; Windows is considered less secure than Android and Mac. But Windows 10 provides good security features. If we talk about internet threats then you need a personal firewall. The personal firewall monitors all your incoming and outgoing traffic. The firewall ensures that no hacker is accessing your device and no data is traveling outside the device without your concern. Whenever you access the internet; make sure your firewall is enabled.

Use the latest version of web browser

Web browsers are the application that allows you to search the internet. There are various web browsers available on the internet. But you should always use a secure web browser. Whenever you see a new version of your web browser; get it immediately. Securing a web browser is necessary as people save their account passwords in it. If someone hacks your web browser then he can easily access your all accounts.

Always browse secure websites

While net surfing; you should always try to access secure websites. You can check for the SSL encryption (lock sign in the URL)while opening the website. If you have antivirus then whenever you click on a malicious URL; it will alert you. Please listen to your antivirus and do not access malicious URLs. These kinds of websites can install spyware on your PC. Spyware silently monitors all your data and then sends it to the hacker. So, if you want to be safe; stay away from malicious websites.

Install reliable software

Whenever you get bored; you install a new online game. But do you check whether the new game is secure or not? There is various software that can be harmful to us. While installing any program; read about it. Check its number of downloads, reviews, and ratings. You should never install any program with low reviews and ratings. Always install programs that are fully secure and reliable.

Do not go for third party download

While purchasing any game or software; you may see various deals like 20% discount etc. If you are getting a discount on the third party website then do not purchase it. You should always purchase software from their original website.

Use strong passwords

Keeping a strong password is the basic rule of security. If you have a weak password then anyone can hack it. So, if you are locking your account with a password then make sure you are using a password which is hard to guess and crack.

Some other good tips of better security are using a VPN while accessing unsecured internet, keeping data backup, monitoring your device activities, scanning PC regularly, etc.