Top software engineering jobs of 2020

Top software engineering jobs of 2020


Based on demand growth rates all through 2020, the document identified the following 11 top software engineering roles.

AR/VR engineer (1,400%)

Gaming engineer (146%)

Computer vision engineer (146%)

Search engineer (137%)

Machine mastering engineer (89%)

Security engineer (49%)

Data engineer (45%)

Frontend engineer (17%)

Backend engineer (17%)

Blockchain engineer (9%)

Full-stack engineer (5%)

Average engineer jobs salaries

The document also analyzed the highest-paying engineering roles in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, and London.

Average salaries for top engineering roles extended by nearly 13% in London, 7% in Toronto, 7% in New York, and 6% inside the San Francisco Bay Area in 2019, in line with the file.

In every market, machine gaining knowledge of engineers ranked the best in pay, with San Francisco main the list at $162,000 according to year, a 6% boom over ultimate year.

Other high paying roles across markets were natural language processing engineers, protection engineers, and gaming engineers, the record found.

"Every organization is now a technology organization—from financial establishments to retail brands and the whole thing in between—which means all agencies need tech expertise to either innovate their modern offerings or undergo a virtual transformation," Patel said.