Top Five Popular Salesforce Products You Should Check Out

Top Five Popular Salesforce Products You Should Check Out

Adam Mathewz

Salesforce, the best CMS today has many amazing products to help you run your business with efficiency. If you already use Salesforce, you should check out some of their products and implement them in your business. Here are some of them: 

Salesforce Sales Cloud: It is Salesforce's popular CRM tool. It can help your business grow in many ways. You can find customers and gain new customers. It helps to manage your contacts as well. Other than that it has several other features such as a reports and dashboards section, lead management option, workflows and approvals, sales forecasting, sales collaboration, and so on that can give a huge boost to your sales. The tool comes at different prices and options such as Lightning Professional priced at $75 per month, Lightning Enterprise at $150 per month and Lightning Unlimited at $300 per month. Lightning Professional is a complete CRM tool, while Enterprise is a CRM tool that offers high customisation. Lightning Unlimited gives unlimited CRM functionality just as the name suggests. If you are not sure about which one to purchase or do not want to purchase right away, you can also sign up for a free trial. 

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Quip: Quip is a Salesforce subsidiary that Salesforce acquired in 2016. It is a platform for content collaboration. It facilitates the collaboration of content in a team. There are several options, such as document sharing, slides, spreadsheets, so each member of the team can stay up-to-date about the project. It also has a real-time chat facility. The tool is primarily meant to encourage efficiency and productivity int the work by minimising unnecessary tasks and enabling teams to work smarter on a cloud platform. You can easily import documents from Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Evernote and other platforms directly. You can also import documents from email accounts. Quip has two pricing plans- a $10/month plan and one at $25/month. The first one gives you unlimited storage option, integrations and customer support. The second one is for Quip Enterprise. With this one, you can access Salesforce integrations and also enterprise API. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Previously known as Exact Target, it is a digital cloud marketing platform for enterprises. Quite often, companies and organisations send generic emails or messages to all their customers even if they do not like to read it. That is why Salesforce created a marketing cloud so these companies can send messages that are relevant and personalised. It is an automated platform that facilitates marketing across different devices and channels. Marketers can use this platform to send the right messages to the right recipient and build long-lasting customer relations. They can also guide their customers throughout their journey from liking a product to purchasing it. They can interact on a one-on-one basis with their customers and give them unique suggestions and solutions to help them. The more the engagement with customers, the better it is for a business.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud: it an e-commerce platform targeted at e-commerce websites. With this tool, you can manage your e-commerce business needs without any hassle. You can view all your business activities in one place such as your inventory, orders and other activities on your site. It will help in faster brand growth. It has mobile commerce facilities as well ugh as one-touch payment facility and optimised micro-moments. You can also use this tool to convert your leads into customers, and the number is sure to increase rapidly. It is available as B2B Commerce as well as B2C Commerce product lines. The tool facilitates connection with all your customers and help you keep them satisfied. 

Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Einstein is a unique business analytics solution. It is a mobile-first platform. It can work with data from any source. Since it prioritises mobile devices, its mobile interface is highly user-friendly. It also has a highly attractive data visualisation feature. It lets you explore your data instantly. Its cloud speed is fast due to its native integration with Salesforce. If you need a quick and easy business analytics solution, there is no other like this one. 

These were the top rated Salesforce products that you could use for your business. Hire Salesforce developers to effectively implement these products for your business.