Top AngularJS Development Tools

Top AngularJS Development Tools

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AngularJS is a most preferable language for the web developers for the web developers to develop a dynamic web application. When developers are going to start to developing a web application with AngularJS then they need of various tools in which they can develop.

Our AngularJS Developers did deeply research on various AngularJS development tools. Here, in this blog we have listed all amazing and best tools which are listed for code generation, text editor, testing and much more.

Top AngularJS Development Tools


Jasmine is a framework and usually it is used with a Karma, about which we will discuss further in this blog. Jamine is a tool which is mostly used for behavior driven development, by the use of it you can customize it to utilize it's potential for the test driven development also.

The behavior driven development (BDD) framework has no any of the external dependencies and permits you to write tests. With the help of karma, Jasmine automatically detects JS classes and functions from your written code. This tool is capable to identify and figure out the unhandled code and notify.


Testing is one of the important factor of the software development life cycle. Testing process becomes very easy and fast with the use of Karma tool. With the Karma test runner you can easily test AngularJS project even projects being developed using another JS frameworks.

Karma allows unit testing, midway testing and End-To-End Testing. With the use of this tool you can try simulating of your project on different mobile screens and web browsers. If you would have to stay guaranteed about the compatibility of our projects with the different browsers and devices; Karma is one of the sure shot tool for you.


Protractor is an End-to-End test framework for the AngularJs applications. Protractor is built on WebDriverJS which uses native events to connect with your application same as user would. Protractor tool runs test of your application in real web browsers and manage it as user.


AngularFire is an official library which connects angular to firebase. Authentication, File Storage and Cloud Firestone services provides angular fire to the connections. AngularFire is using the custom protocol which is called WebChannel which is used for the operates to create real time synchronization.

AngularFire provides 3-way data-binding, flexible API and repid development capabilities ease development. This feature of AngularFire help you to develop the backend of your Angular Application easily. provides accountable, short and evidence based research power by the most advanced machine learning technologies. offers the flexibility to programmers due to the independency of jQuery. Developer can apply directly directive on any of the element and accepts the selectable text inputs.


DJAngular saves you from the server headache troubles you using the development of the content for your AngularJS based applications and web applications. The setting-up of this tool is very easy and simple. This tool produces a re-usable applications which provides you a better app integration with AngularJS.

DjAngular make use of Django and Angular to permits you to create a content for your angular application. It is nice to use DjAngular and create a content for your angular app as per your requirements then integrate separately each of the projects with Django. In short, by the use of this tool you can create AngularJS content per app. 


Moch ia a framework that runs on node.JS and some different web browsers. Mocha is one of the JavaScript testing framework, i.e. known for it's reporting and flexibility. It surely simple testing aid for the AngularJS app developers. Mocha.JS comes with async support, global leak detection capabilities, browser support, and more capabilities. 

You will able to gain knowledge about set-up mocha with the proper library or framework with a little efforts. That's when you can utilize it's complete and proper potential.


In this blog, this is just a list of the tools for AngularJS application development that will heps you in development process of AngularJS. These are some of the best AngularJS development tools that every developers should refer. If you are starting with AngularJS Development or any of the endeavor is set to hire any of the AngularJS Development Company for your AngularJS application development then all those developers set of these tools are helps to make their application or web developing experience smooth and efficient.