Top 9 Ecommerce Traffic Sources

Top 9 Ecommerce Traffic Sources

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One of the digital means for selling your services or products to consumers over the Internet is E-commerce. The prime objective of the eCommerce website with a strong online presence is to produce and convert customers for sales. Further, those only become repeat customers of a specific eCommerce site. With the same proportion to B2C in the retail space, every year B2B online sales through eCommerce websites are increasing. Alone in North America, our web design Los Angeles company is seeing growth rates of double-digit. That’s between 10 and 15%. Our web design Los Angeles is 100% focused on ROI oriented web application development. No more hidden is that consumers and businesses have become more comfortable in the utilization of this medium. To convert a significant percentage of traffic into customers, it is critically important to have an optimized eCommerce website that’s designed well to provide delighting customer experience. This article by SFWPExperts is not only meant to help existing eCommerce website owners, seeking a way to optimize their experience but also businesses who would like to open a digital storefront for their services and products. We are a digital design agency that builds interactive, scalable websites for a variety of industries to make their business digital as well. We can crush web designs in any industry you can throw at us with the technologies and talents that we have.  

Quality Traffic

More likely, this is one of the most important factors that help in determining online store conversion rates. Traffic driven from certain channels converts better as compared to others. Consumer behavior has taken a drastic change in the past decade or more. While consumers purchase their essentials from online stores, they now tend to make informed decisions about it. Having a focused strategy for either of traffic from the search engine or social media is seen as the best practice in the industry. This assures that visitors don’t get directed to your site due to any incorrect pretenses. Our award-winning web design team consistently exceeds the expectations of the clients, spinning one-of-a-kind visual tales told by them and their customers love hearing it. Websites can get the attention of visitors from many numbers of sources. We discuss some main avenues of traffic in those:   

– Through Brand Awareness Directly

– Organic SEO results in Search engines 

– Paid PPC ads in Search engines

– Media Buys & Remarketing under the display networks –

– Social Media referral campaigns

– Social Media paid campaigns during Social Media Marketing

– Referral sites

– Email Marketing

– Affiliate Marketing channels and sharing 

Traditionally, the traffic received from organic search converts the high numbers of customers. It’s so because search engines like Google show the most relevant results to its customers diligently for the search query that’s performed. For eCommerce websites, one of the best ways to attract visitors towards your online store all the time is an effective SEO strategy. Store owners will also notice that and become known - sales conversion from this traffic is greater than what most other channels produce.   

The main goal you need to go ahead with while attracting visitors is to make sure they know what kind of websites they will be visiting in the next step. In the case of PPC campaigns that are running for paid traffic, SFWPExperts recommends creating ads with very precise wording and visuals that will eventually help in attracting qualified visitors. 

Our Los Angeles web design and development team is involved in professional B2B and B2C web design and development, mobile applications, digital strategy, user experience, advertising, social media, content management systems, and email marketing initiatives that pick a business from scratch and places it at the top in the market. The phase of the web design project starts with wireframes that are converted into actionable HTML codes for pre-approved web pages. 

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