Tools that makes full copy of your team drives (Update: It is useless now)

Tools that makes full copy of your team drives (Update: It is useless now)

Update: We fucked up. No free unlimited storage anymore :(

Everything below are useless and are for archive purposes only.

Useful tools for mirroring stuff in google drive:

You may wonder how to mirror stuff from a team drive to another team drive, or how to bypass the 750GB google drive copying limit. You may want to backup your own team drive, since you may fear that the data might be lost. You may want to mirror collections from public folders, but they are too large to be copied.Then these tools will be useful to you:

But wait, what is the 750GB copying limit?

Google has a 750GB copying/uploading limit per 24 hours per account. Here is how you can bypass the limit and copying hundreds of TBs of data.

Folderclone: (Recommend!)

Comment: Easily to set up and use. Allows copying from team drive to team drive. Copying speed is fast. But it will be better if you set all your folderclone service accounts to your google groups and add them instead of using the create service account command. (For guide of adding service accounts to google group, you can read the Gclone guide below.)


Comment: Allowing copying from team drive to team drive, and you can put all your service account into a google group. But the copying speed is slow especially if you have large numbers of files.

-Remember to read the guide below to understand how to set up Autorclone

**Guide for setting up Autorclone:

Gclone: (Recommend!)

I personally use gclone to do all my copyings!

Reminder: You have to set up Autorclone first in order to set up gclone.

Comment: The fastest copying tool, have all autorclone advantages but very fast in copying. Set up is a bit more complicated, but when it's done. It will be very easy to use.

Tips: Remember to read the set up guide below carefully when setting up gclone! Or else errors will occur.

You have to set up autorclone first before setting up gclone!

**Guide for setting up Gclone:

If you have any trouble in setting up autorclone or gclone, please ask in Autorclone telegram group:

If you have any further questions on any of these matters, feel free to ask in my telegram group: