Tommy's Special Blend Ch. 06

Tommy's Special Blend Ch. 06

Chapter 06 - Cousins

Tommy and his mom slept until about seven the next morning and went downstairs. Cindy fixed them breakfast and reminded Tommy to eat and drink plenty today. While he was eating she got her daily dose from him. After breakfast they showered together and Tommy ate his mother to orgasm. They were dressed and ready for the day before Marla dragged herself downstairs at about nine. She didn't speak when she entered.

"Good morning, sis."

Marla turned and looked at him but didn't speak then turned back to the coffee maker. Cindy and Tommy were both grinning.

"Good morning, Marla," her mom said.

Marla turned and looked at her for a moment before turning back to the coffee maker. She still didn't speak.

"Are you upset about something, Marla?" Cindy asked.

"I'm not speaking to either of you."

Her mom and brother chuckled.

"Have we done something to upset you?" Tommy asked.

"I said I'm not talking to either of you."

"I wonder why she's upset, Tommy?"

"No clue, mom. Maybe she's getting ready to start her period."

"I'll bet that's it."

"I'm not starting my period!"

"I thought you weren't talking to us." Tommy replied.

"You two tried to kill me last night!"

"Us?" Cindy asked.

"Yes, us!! I hurt everywhere except my hair and my pussy and I'm not sure about the hair."

"You didn't enjoy it, sis?"

"I loved it, but never fucking again," she replied.

"Never?" her mom asked.

Marla grinned, "Not for a long time at least. Why is my right cheek so sore? It feels like I was kicked there?"

"Any ideas, mom?" Tommy asked.

"Not a clue, honey," Cindy replied. "Have some breakfast then get cleaned up we have guests coming over in less than an hour."

Marla had breakfast then went upstairs to get ready for the day. Tommy was a bit anxious today with the possibility of servicing ten women. He knew that with the help of the drug he could do it but even so he was a bit unsettled. Cindy picked up on it and assured him everything would be fine and that pretty much all he had to do was relax in his chair and enjoy the ride. She reminded him to eat and drink to keep his strength up.

The first to arrive was Grandma Liz. She filled Cindy, Tommy and Marla in on her plan for the day but told them that it could change depending on how things played out. The living room was arranged so that the six younger women would be seated together with their mother's in chairs adjacent to Tommy in his recliner. After a discussion the experienced women would each service Tommy orally while the younger ones watched. Marla would be included with the older women and would go right after Liz and before the other three. The younger women would be invited to go after that. They would also be free to ask questions at any time or work along side each other or their moms. Making them feel comfortable would be one of their biggest concerns. Nudity with the girls would be optional. In addition they would be allowed to service themselves in private rather than the group setting if so desired. No pressure would be put on anyone at any time.

Aunt Charlene was next to arrive with her three daughters; Beverly 'Bev' who was twenty, Bonnie who was 19 and Bethany 'Beth' who had just turned eighteen. Shortly after they arrived Aunt Charlotte arrived with the twins, Annie and Angie who were both eighteen.

Everyone took their seats. All eyes seemed to be on Tommy most of the time. Tommy looked around the room at the women. Aunt Charlotte was short with red hair but beautiful. Her daughters, Annie and Angie, were identical twins. They were tiny and could have easily passed for sixth graders with their petite forms and very limited sexual development. Tommy doubted either needed bras and wondered if they had even started their periods yet. They were both beautiful with their long red hair and perfect complexions. Annie had a pink clip in her hair and Angie wore a lavender one. They were both dressed alike in tank tops and short shorts with matching sandals.

Aunt Charlene was a blonde, likely bleached, Tommy assumed. She too was a beautiful woman but was the tallest of all the women. Bev, her oldest was stunning. Almost as tall as her mom and put together like a swim suit model. Bonnie was also a babe and had the largest breasts of the entire group. She was shorter than her mother and sisters but still tall compared to the tiny twins and Marla. Beth was her youngest. Third in a line of beauties and almost as tall as her older sister. She had black hair and seemed extremely shy compared to everyone else.

Tommy knew and liked them all.

Liz stood in front of the group. "Ladies, we're all here for the same reason today. As your mothers have told you we're all special. We seem to have a gene that makes us that way. It's passed from mother to daughter with few exceptions. Grandma Naomi has it too but she wasn't able to make it today. Tommy has either the same or similar gene. He's the only man that we know of to have it.

What the gene does is after we have tasted semen once we begin to crave it. Every one of us has tasted it and we all have that craving. If not satisfied we get anxious, tremble, have difficulty concentrating and other rather annoying symptoms. I believe all of you have experienced those."

She looked around the room and all the females were nodding.

"Grandma, are we going to turn into whores?" Bonnie asked.

"Good question and the answer is no. It can be controlled."

"How?" Bev asked.

"You can satisfy the craving for a very short time by swallowing a man's cum. This lasts a few hours at best. With Tommy having the gene it makes his cum different. A small exposure controls the craving for over twenty-four hours in addition to creating a slight euphoria and after a time it even triggers orgasms. We'll demonstrate that in a little while. There are also drugs that can be used. Charlotte, Charlene and I have been on those for years. They help with the anxiety and make us sleepy but do nothing else to actually control the problem. They're also habit forming."

"How do you use Tommy's cum?"

"We only found out it worked about ten days ago. We take it orally."

"Like a pill?" Angie asked.

"No it has to be fresh. We get it right from Tommy." Some eyebrows raised in the room. "Would you like a demonstration?"

The girls looked around the room at each other then nodded to her.

"Tommy are you ready?" Liz asked.

"I haven't taken the drug yet."

Liz walked to her purse and got out a bottle of liquid.

"Let's start with two hours and production like yesterday."

"Grandma, that's a lot of volume for women who aren't as experienced as you are."

"Good thought. Let's do two hours and half the volume of yesterday."

She opened the bottle and took out the dropper measuring it by the markings on the dropper and put it under Tommy's tongue.

"Hold it in your mouth. It's absorbed right into the blood stream. You should be fully ready in about fifteen minutes." Tommy nodded.

"Men are visual creatures. Much of their sex drive comes from their eyes. We're asking Tommy to cum for at least five of us today. More if you ladies want to join in. That's a task that would be impossible for anyone but Tommy and he needs the help this organic drug provides. I'll be taking off my clothes to try and help stimulate him to produce better. I'd like each of you to consider doing the same when it's your turn."

"Do we have to take a turn, grandma?" Beth asked.

"No sweetheart. It's completely optional. No one is going to make you do anything you don't want to do. If you want to do it in private, that can also be arranged. Your mothers, Tommy and I want you to feel comfortable."

"Are blowjobs the only thing we do?" Bev asked.

"Not at all. When we get together with Tommy we each do that first to get our needs met. After everyone has done that we have some fun. I'm sure some of us will be doing that today too. Have you all given blow jobs?"

Several of the girls blushed. Beth shook her head no.

"Beth, how did you taste cum?"

She was still blushing. "I gave a boy a hand job and he put cum on his finger then put his finger in my mouth."

"And that triggered the craving?" Beth nodded. "After a certain point just the touch of Tommy's cum on your tongue will trigger orgasms. We think it's either at around twenty years old or by the number of times your tongue has been exposed. Have any of you girls given as many as fifty blow jobs?"

Beverly, Bonnie and Marla raised their hands.

"One hundred?" Liz asked.

Beverly and Marla raised their hands.

"Beverly you might possibly orgasm the first time Tommy's cum touches your tongue. Marla does and so do your mother's and I. Would you like a drop after I collect it?"

"It works without even foreplay?" Bev asked.

"It does. If I collect it then touch even a drop on your mother's tongue she'll have a full orgasm from it."

"I'd like to try then. I love orgasms."

"The drop doesn't control the symptoms. It takes a full standard load for that."

"I'll try the drop first," Bev replied.

"Grandma, the drug has kicked in. I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable," Tommy told her.

"Okay, Tommy. Get undressed. Cindy will you adjust the chair for him. Marla please get us a few towels. One of the rest of you get a few bottles of water and juice from the fridge."

Liz quickly removed her clothes, neatly folded them and placed them on the coffee table. Cindy waited for Tommy to get undressed then adjusted the chair as she had yesterday. All of the young women seemed mesmerized by his hard cock. Marla was back in just a moment with the towels and Charlotte brought in the drinks. She handed Tommy one of the juice bottles which he put in the drink holder.

Liz knelt in front of him and began stroking him. Pre-cum was already there.

"Think the pre-cum will trigger today, Tommy?"

"I don't think it will. Something tells me it's a short term effect after a long absence."

His grandmother leaned forward and licked it off. The twins walked over next to his chair for a closer look. They were grinning at each other as they approached. All eyes were on Tommy and Liz. Liz took him in her mouth and began bobbing. She worked for about five minutes.

"Grandma, I'm going to cum." She looked up at him and winked.

When he exploded she took the first three shots in her mouth as her orgasm began then he shot another ten streams onto her chest and breasts. When she recovered she used a wet cloth to wipe Tommy then walked to Charlotte.

"Everyone that wants one help yourself to a drop or two from my chest. We'll all take them together. That's how grandpa used to like it."

All of the older women, Marla, Bev and Bonnie took a small amount.

"Tommy, give us a three count," Cindy suggested.

"One, two, three. Go," Tommy said.

They each touched their tongues and with the exception of Bonnie they all came. Tommy had never seen such a sight. Five women having orgasms at the same time. When they had all recovered Liz looked at Bonnie.

"How many bjs have you given?"

"Probably close to eighty or ninety," Bonnie replied.

Liz walked to her and took her hand palm up then collected the semen on her chest and breasts putting it in Bonnie's palm.

"Every two or three minutes get just a tiny bit and touch it to your tongue. I suspect you be writhing with the rest of us pretty soon. How are you doing Bev?"

"Grandma, that was so cool. I'll take a six pack for now and one to go."

"You'll have to collect it yourself. There are four in line ahead of you."

"I'm in no rush."

Marla stood and undressed. She did a little tease like they had all done the previous day. Marla walked to Tommy and knelt. Bonnie was religiously taking her drop ever couple of minutes. Tommy was already hard. Marla went about her task with vigor. When Tommy came she repeated what her grandmother had done, swallowing the first couple of jets then letting them land on her chest for the rest. She walked around the room giving samples as Liz had done. Everyone except the twins took some this time. Bev took two, grinning. Marla gave Tommy a nod.

"One, two, three. Go!"

Beth and Bonnie didn't cum but the rest all did. Marla went to Beth and put as much as she could collect in her palm. Beth began the two to three minute regimen also. Charlotte went to Tommy next and followed the same pattern as all the other had. Even her twin daughters took samples this time. As Charlene approached Tommy, she heard commotion and turned to see Bonnie in the throes of an orgasm. Everyone watched her as she recovered. The temptation was too great for Bev. She took the drop she had secreted earlier and touched it to her tongue having an excellent orgasm of her own. Everyone was looking at her when she recovered.

"Would you believe that was an accident?" Bev asked.

All the women laughed. Charlene undressed and knelt before Tommy. Her results were the same as the others and she also shared then split the remaining cum between her twin daughters. Cindy undressed and did a real tease as she did so. After kneeling she looked into his eyes.

"I hope you saved some for mom."

"I always have some for you, anytime, anywhere."

"Take me to lunch tomorrow and give me a taste in a restaurant."

"Count on it, mom."

"Cindy, you're such a whore," her mother told her smiling.

"Mother, I'm not a whore. I'm my

son's cum slut. Why don't you meet us for lunch tomorrow?"

"Let me know where and when," Liz laughed.

Cindy began her slow bobbing. Tommy put his hands on her head and pushed her down. She had shown him that the night before as one of her favorite things. Tommy was happy to oblige. He came quickly deep in her throat and she took the entire amount as she came with him. Marla had warmed the washcloth and handed it to her. Bev was standing behind her when she stood. Ready to put on a show for Tommy, and everyone else.

When Bev began undressing it was sensuous. Hotter than anything he had ever seen on the internet. She even gave him a lap dance. Finally she knelt in front of him.

"Ladies, were going to take about a thirty minute break now," Tommy announced with a smile.

"Like hell you are!" Bev replied as she took him in her mouth.

All the women laughed. Bev was good at this and her enthusiasm showed. Her warm up had already gotten him close and it took no time to bring him past the point of no return. When he came, Bev came too. It was her biggest yet. His load was too much for her to swallow as he came and a lot of it landed in his lap. As soon as she began to recover she leaned forward to clean him with her mouth.

"Wait about a minute and it'll make you cum again," Tommy suggested.

She waited then licked up the first area. She did cum again. Waited a couple of minutes and repeated her orgasm. This one put her on the floor. Marla took the cloth and finished cleaning him.

"Holy fuck! Holy fuck! That was amazing," Bev whimpered and laughed. "Don't leave, Tommy. I'll be back again."

"I'll be here. Mom and I have something special for you next time, better get some rest," Tommy grinned. His mother winked at him.

"Anyone else before a short break?" Liz asked.

Beth stood and walked in front of him.

"Is it okay if I keep my bra and panties on, Tommy?"

"Of course. I want you to be comfortable, Beth," he replied.

Beth took off her blouse and shorts.

"Beth, you're beautiful," Tommy told her.

Beth blushed then knelt in front of him. She may have been shy but she knew how to give a blowjob. Tommy came in just over five minutes. Even though Beth had never cum from the drop she did when the first load entered her mouth and seemed to continue for minutes. While recovering she laid her head in his lap. Tommy stroked her hair. She raised her head and looked at Tommy.

"That was my first orgasm."

"How did you like it?" he asked.

Grinning, "I'll be back too." She stumbled a bit as she tried to stand. Liz helped her up. Marla wiped Tommy up.

"Anyone else?" Liz asked.

Bonnie started to stand then sat back down. Her sisters grabbed her arms and pulled her up. She smiled sheepishly and walked to Tommy. Bonnie took off her clothes and knelt. She took Tommy in her mouth and began very slowly bobbing. It felt good but wasn't getting the job done.

"Just a little faster," Tommy recommended.

She increased her speed and Tommy rewarded her with more than she could swallow. She also came hard then went back and sat between her sisters. There was cum on both sides of her lips and on her chin. Bev took her finger and wiped it off her chin.

"Open your mouth, Bonnie," Bev told her.

When she opened her mouth Beth and Bev licked the cum off her face as Bev put her finger in her sister's mouth. All three sisters came at the same time. They seemed to squash Bonnie as they did. All three collapsed together.

"Annie, Angie, would you like to go?"

"They'd like to go together in private after we have a snack break. Tommy looks pretty exhausted."

Everyone looked at Tommy. He did look like he had been ridden hard and put to bed wet.

"Okay, let's break for about thirty minutes. Tommy, are you okay?" Liz asked.

He grinned, "I'm good. Just a little winded. Feed and water me and I'll be back in the game coach."

During the break Cindy relieved him once. The drug seemed to be wearing off. The twins kept up with their two or three minute cum testing as they had since given the specimen by their mom. They were running low so when Cindy had relieved him she replenished their supply. During lunch there wasn't a quiet moment.

"Did anyone else get high from that?" Bev asked.

Everyone but the twins nodded.

"Is anyone else going to fuck him besides me?" Bev asked.

Marla, Liz, Cindy and Beth raised their hands.

"Mom, what are you going to do?" Bev asked her.

"I'm eating someone's cream pie. Any volunteers?" Charlene replied. Several of the women raised their hands.

"Bonnie, how about you?"

"I'd like to eat Bev's," she replied.

"I don't believe you," Bev replied.

"You will in a little while."

"How about you, Beth?"

"I'm not sure yet. I really liked sucking Tommy."

"Aunt Charlotte, you're the only one that hasn't said."

"I'm going to see how it goes with the twins first."

"Grandma, I think I need some more drops," Tommy requested.

Liz got the bottle and gave him a second dose.

"How about you Tommy? Anything you want to do?" Bev asked.

"Survive the afternoon," he replied. Everyone laughed. "I'm ready whenever the twins are. I want to take my time with them."

He looked at the twins. They looked at each other and shrugged then stood to go upstairs. Tony took their hands and walked them to the master bedroom.

"Well, while they're upstairs, I'd like to eat some pussy. Actually I'd really like to eat Beth's pussy if she doesn't mind," Cindy said.

She looked at Beth who was blushing.

"I've never done that before," Beth replied.

"I promise I won't bite you, Beth." Cindy stood and took Beth's hand. "Let's use Tommy's chair. He won't mind."

Cindy walked her to the chair and put her into position. Beth was blushing the entire time. Cindy kissed her on the lips lightly and Beth responded by offering her tongue. Cindy took things slow. She had her hot and breathing heavy well before removing her bra. By the time she got to her panties Beth was soaked. Several of the others had also paired off.

"Is it okay if I slip these off, Beth?" Beth nodded.

Cindy slipped them off then began licking the insides of her thighs. Beth was squirming. Cindy moved slowly making sure there was no area untouched but her clit. When Beth was ready, Cindy began circling her clit. Beth literally exploded. Her legs locked Cindy to her and she came for a long time. When she relaxed her legs Cindy moved away from the clit but continued sporadic licks and kisses. It took a few minutes for her to recover.