Tommy's Special Blend Ch. 02

Tommy's Special Blend Ch. 02

Chapter 02 - Experimenting with the Recipe

Tommy went to Trader Joe's that day and picked up a bag of coffee and the reusable K-cups. He had an erection much of the day just thinking about how they would be used.

He wasn't the only one affected either. Both his mom and Marla had been horny all day. Marla had been horny for the last couple of weeks but it really hit Cindy hard at work. She went to the bathroom at work twice during the day to ease her desires. In Marla's case, Tommy's comment the previous evening about having her collect the cum kept her wet all day, even worse that she had been. She also had to relieve herself during the day.

Mom came home from work first.

"Hey, Tommy. Are you home?" She called up the stairs.

Tommy was watching porn.

"Yes, mom," he called back. Tommy got up and locked his bedroom door.

"Will you fix me a cup of your decaf?" She yelled.

"In just a minute," he replied loudly.

He was almost ready to cum when she had asked. The thought of collecting cum to feed to his mom set him off and he had a large load ready and in the cup in minutes. He capped the cup, and went down to the kitchen. Tommy made her coffee and just used half of the cup's contents in case she wanted another. He took the coffee to her in her room. Her bedroom door was open so he entered without knocking. The table next to her bed was right next to the bathroom door. As he set the coffee on the table he noticed movement in the bathroom. He looked in and saw his mother standing there in her panties looking in the mirror. He quickly looked away and left the room.

Tommy knew he had an attractive mom but had never really noticed how hot she really was. For a forty something she looked better than most of the women he had seen in the porn. His erection was back in no time. He began masturbating and noticed his cock was a bit sore from all the abuse in the last few days. He decided to hold off until Marla got home to give it a little, much needed, rest.

As soon as Marla arrived she came to his room.

"Marla, we've got to do something. I'm wearing out my dick. Mom wanted coffee after work."

"I was thinking about that today. The last cup I made her had less than a third of a full load but she said it was perfect. At lunch I picked up one of those ice cube trays that makes tiny cubes. We just need to fill up one of those and freeze it. We can put one cube in her coffee. Problem solved."

She showed him the tray she had picked up.

"Marla, there are about 90 cubes in that thing."

"Yeah, I counted. That'll give us a full month supply. Each one is 5 ml. That should be perfect."

"How much do I cum at one time?"

Marla didn't answer.


"About 5 ml."

"Jesus, Marla. You're talking about 90 times to fill that fucker. I hope you have a plan B."

"I used less than a third of a sample this morning for the last cup. I think we should put 1 ml in each, add some food coloring and water to fill them. Then we can freeze them."

Tommy sat for a minute calculating.

"That's still 18 times. You're going to need a better plan than that."

"If you give me two samples every day for mom, that's 10 cups of coffee. She had 5 cups today. That means we're getting ahead."

"And I'm getting raw. What about your sample?"

"I experimented a bit. I do best with a whole specimen every day."

"So we're still at three times a day. I'm not going to have any skin left on my dick in a few days."

"Do you use lube?"

"Rarely, that shit makes a mess."

"Then we have to figure a way to reduce strokes."

"To do that I need better motivation."

"What motivates you?"

"You taking that last drop off with your finger did. Shooting in your mouth did. Watching you and mom drink it does."

"Would it help if I showed you my tits?"

"Probably, but with most anything else the newness will wear off."

"How about if I massaged your balls while you jerk off?"

"Same thing. It'll probably help for a while."

"Then let's try that. Can you get one for me now?"

"I can try. Massage my balls for a minute first. Let's see if that's going to help."

"Okay, drop 'em, bro."

Tommy stood and pulled down his pants. Marla cupped his nuts and began massaging. He could feel himself nearing almost immediately but it felt so good he wanted to delay things. He stroked very gently. As she was massaging a drop of pre-cum showed up on the end of his penis. Marla used a finger on her free hand to wipe it off and put it in her mouth. Tommy came instantly and half of his cum landed on her face before she could get her mouth open. She wiped that into her mouth.

"Warn me next time so I can be ready."

Tommy laughed, "I didn't have any warning. It went off all by itself."

"We're still going to need mom's later."

"Yeah, I know. Can we try doing it this way later?"

"What triggered it so quick?"

"You eating the pre-cum but the massaging helped a lot too."

"Okay, we'll do that later."

"There's still half a load in a cup in the fridge if mom decides on another cup of coffee tonight."

"See, we're getting ahead already. See you at dinner."

Marla walked to the bedroom door then stopped and turned to him.

"Thanks, Tommy."

"I'm glad I can help."

Marla came back to his room just before bedtime. They collected another using the same technique but this time he was right on target and the entire load went into her mouth.

Tommy did a bit of checking on the internet and found a covered ice cube tray with the small cubes but with only 24 spaces. This at least was a manageable size for his semen collecting. It would only require five specimens. Marla brought home a small syringe for measuring and some brown food coloring for the mixture. They decided that over the weekend they would see if this system was workable. That would still require that between Friday evening and Monday morning he would need to cum at least 10 times. He wasn't optimistic about the numbers. Marla kept encouraging him and by Saturday afternoon she had begun removing her blouse completely during his attempts. As they got the extra specimens Marla would add food coloring then take 1 ml of semen and 4 ml of water then put the mixture in the ice cube tray and store it in the freezer. They tested the coffee Sunday morning and it seemed to work as well as the fresh specimens. Once frozen, the cubes were put into a freezer safe container and could easily be taken out one at a time. They even showed mom how to make the coffee, add once cube and her creamer. She was thrilled. Her mood had been wonderful but she did seem to squirm a lot rather than sitting comfortably to watch TV or a movie.

By Sunday afternoon Tommy was really sore. He was able to get it up but his motivation to deliver quickly had dissipated. While sitting on the side of the bed watching, Marla put her hand in her pants and got her finger wet from her continuously soaked pussy. She took the wet finger and dragged it across his upper lip just beneath his nose. The aroma took him over the top. She began repeating this at every sitting. On Monday he went back to just twice a day. This allowed Marla her supply and kept them ahead for mom.

The following weekend Marla checked the stock. Mom had been using about twice as much as they had anticipated. Marla decided she had to figure out a way to get her to cut back. While at the grocery on Saturday she got a chance to discuss it with her.

"Mom, how much coffee do you drink every day?"

""Pretty close to 10 cups a day. I really love that coffee. I crave it sometimes."

"That's a lot of caffeine, are you sure that's healthy?"

"All but two are decaf. I'm not getting anymore caffeine than I was with the old coffee."

"Tommy's having a hard time keeping up with making his special ingredient. Any chance you might slow down a bit on the coffee?"

"Do I need to buy supplies for him? I really don't mind since I'm the one drinking it all."

"No, his biggest ingredient is something organic. He's afraid the source is going to dry up. Just try and cut back a little. Maybe just plain decaf in the evenings or something."

"I think I can do that."

"Thanks, mom."

"Do you know what's in the special ingredient?"

"I know there's water and food coloring but whatever else there is comes from Tommy."

"I wonder what got him interested in making coffee? He doesn't even drink it."

"That's a good question, mom."

It was a good question, and Marla knew the answer. But there was no way in hell she was going to tell her mom. Marla would keep a close eye on the cube availability. Tommy was keeping up but barely. Marla also knew that she was going to need to come up with something new to keep him motivated.

By mid-week Tommy was having trouble. Marla had resorted to sitting with him in her panties only. That helped for another week before the panties had to come off. The idea of where this was leading both terrified and excited her but she needed her daily dose and knew she'd do whatever necessary to keep the supply chain open. The next time she refilled the ice cube tray she cut the cum dose to 0.5 ml. It was obvious this wasn't going to work within two days. Mom was jittery and her bitchy self had returned quickly. The next two days she made her mom's coffee with a full 5 ml dose of semen. Mom was fine by the third day. At least she was sure of the dose now. Tommy had to collect extra specimens on the weekends to keep ahead in the cubes. Marla even tried reducing her doses to just half of what he collected for her but she was miserable and returned to her previous allotment quickly.

Her next step in helping with the collections was trying to use her hand but since Tommy's cock was already sore that didn't help. The feet were also a dismal failure. She decided that a tit fuck would be the next logical approach. She wasn't ready to allow him to put himself inside her but knew that if the tit fuck worked at all it would only work for a few weeks at best. The first attempt was clumsy for both but they quickly developed a technique that worked for them. Within a few weeks that wasn't working very well.

During one of their visits she lay down on the bed facing him with her mouth in front of his cock and her pussy near his face.

"While you're jerking off I want you to touch my pussy. Don't put your fingers in me just touch me on the outside." Marla came quickly and that really made a difference to Tommy. He came right after she did. It was awkward collecting her mom's share in this position but she got fairly good at it. Marla was really enjoying this but she realized that Tommy was still doing all the work. Tommy noticed it too and was getting a bit frustrated. It was becoming very one sided to him.

When this technique began to show signs of failure Tommy suggested they talk.

"Marla, it just isn't working anymore. Don't get me wrong, you're a babe and I'm enjoying it but it's becoming work. I don't think that's how it's supposed to be."

"Yeah, I know. There's a spot on your cock called the frenulum. I've never done this before but in Cosmo I read you can make a man cum just by stroking that spot. You want me to try it?"

"We need to try something."

Marla had Tommy roll onto his back and laid down between his legs with his cock in front of her face. She licked her thumb then took hold of his cock and gently ran her it over the frenulum. Marla frequently collected the pre-cum as it seeped out with her thumb then licked it off. Every time she licked her thumb Tommy nearly came. She had Tommy stroke himself gently as she worked with her wet thumb. It worked but really did little to make it easier for him or speed things up. Within a week she knew what she had to do next.

The next time they were together she started out the same way. When the first of the pre-cum appeared she licked it off. Tommy erupted immediately. If Marla hadn't had her mouth already open she would have missed a good part of it. It not only worked for Tommy but gave Marla a free hand to toy herself to orgasm. Tommy really liked her tongue method and suggested that she use her tongue in place of her thumb on the frenulum. This technique was successful for weeks before it went stale.

"Tommy, we're going about this all wrong."

"Whadda you mean?"

"We're taking a sexual act and trying to make it something clinical. There's a line I drew when we started that I wasn't going to cross but now I realize we have to. We're committing a sexual act and we need to treat it as such. The only thing we're getting out of this is cum and frustration. Starting today I want to approach this as a man and a woman should."

"I still don't follow you."

"We need to start with kissing and foreplay, the way normal people do. We're both having orgasms but we're also leaving unsatisfied every time. We need to get each other worked up first then let our bodies tell us what to do. We need to throw out all the stops."

"You mean we're going to have sex?"

"Well, yes. I don't know how far we'll take it but we're both in a rut as things are now. Are you with me?"

"Sis, the closest I've ever come to sex is what we've done. I've never been with anyone."

"That's another reason we need to pick it up. We've been at this for months and I've let you down. If a girl offered herself to you would you know what to do?"

"No, I'd be pretty much like a fish out of water."

"My point exactly. How about I teach you how to make love? We'll still get our orgasms and my cum but we'll also walk away satisfied and feeling fulfilled. What do you say?"

"I'm willing."

"Good, come her and kiss me.",0,0,0,42,535