Today's Recommendations - A Youtuber Bot

Today's Recommendations - A Youtuber Bot


Today's Recommendations is primarily a channel for quick content recommendations, encompassing books, series, films and games. In the background, it is a statistical and programming experiment, since the content is generated by a bot gathering resources from various sources. In addition, the same bot analyzes some general parameters of the channel (such as average viewing time) to automatically adapt the new content. For example:

Videos daily or whenever there are no bugs.

1. Is that so? An automatic content creator?
No, the bot does not do all the work alone. He selects the content from some available lists - my recommendations -, searches for related images / videos and assembles the files for editing. Miracles only with Jeje.

2. How does the robot adapt the content using statistics?
An example of improvement is that, if the average viewing time is less than the average duration of the videos (within a certain period), the next "generated" videos will have a reduced total size. These changes are scheduled to happen weekly or every ten days.

3. Where is it?
Yes, the code will be released as soon as it starts showing less crude results. But if you want to know how it works, here's:
1) The content is selected from three possible lists, one for each type of recommendation.
2) The bot will search the internet for images and / or videos using the name of the recommended works.
3) The narration is taken and adapted from Wikipedia automatically. However, the bot only captures the first paragraph and generates an audio file, clearing tags and non-Latin characters from the text. This part always needs correction / adaptation, sometimes the entire section is just a list of stakeholders.
4) Mounting, rendering and programming the video are still done by hand.