Tips on how to pace up your WordPress Site

Tips on how to pace up your WordPress Site

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Website owners will end up losing potential subscribers if they do not increase the site. With the quick load of a website, Web Application Development Services enhance an online browser’s experience. Your customer can spend more time reading the contents of your site. Due to this, search engines like Google consider page loading speed to be a critical factor while allocating ranks to websites on their result pages.

There are certain tips that help WordPress Website Development Services increase the speed of your WordPress site. Some of them include the following:

1. Select a reliable host

While launching your website, shared hosting can help you save cash without compromising on quality. Your potential online subscribers can experience slow page loading speeds and constant disruptions during strong internet traffic. Shared hosting solutions are notorious for getting website IPs blacklisted. While searching for a proper host with an excellent reputation in the market, WP Engine is designed mainly for the WordPress websites.

2. Use only caching plugins

Caching plugins helps Web Application Development Services in improving the time it takes your website to load. These are complex to use and helps you get some really good ones free of cost from They play an instrumental role to speed up your WordPress site. These plugins are simple to install and use on your website.

3. Optimize and Reduce the size of your image files

Your image files can take up a considerable amount of both space and time. Due to this, visitors can download your website. WordPress Website Development Services should take the necessary steps to reduce the size of your image files. WordPress has convenient tools which enables you to compress the size of such files.

4. Take steps to reduce HTTP requests

While an internet user goes through the pages of your website, the web server sends specific files to the browser. Typically, it includes an image, JavaScript, and cascading style sheet (CSS) files. These files can reduce the overall speed of your website. Minimizing the sizes enables you to improve the time taken by the online users to download your site. It helps you achieve this goal by installing W3 Total Cache, which allows you to combine your JavaScript and CSS files into one.

5. Make use of content delivery networks (CDN)

Internet users can browse through the website from different locations around the world. Time taken to download your website will differ according to how away they are from your host site. However, Web Application Development Services can easily overcome this problem by opting to hire a content delivery network service. It helps you to upload a webpage that an online user wants to browse from its nearest data centre.


These tips will certainly help you to increase the speed of your WordPress website. Moreover, people believe that it does not require too much of your time and effort, but implementing these optimizations may not be for everyone. They are essential to attract more subscribers and enhance your website’s search engine rankings.