Tips for Hiring a Lawyer in Dubai

Tips for Hiring a Lawyer in Dubai

Linda Hudson

Going through a divorce? Starting a business? Injured in a car accident? Facing a lawsuit? In any of these types of situations in Dubai, hiring a lawyer to represent you or to advise you is always beneficial. But what’s more important is being smart while making a choice. The following tips will help you in hiring the best lawyers in Dubai:

Do Your Research

Do your research and talk to more than one lawyer before choosing the one to represent you. But make sure to find out whether you’ll be charged for an initial meeting. Be prepared with a brief description of your problem. Ask the lawyers about their experience, their fees, chances of success, and expected duration of resolving the issue.

Know Who You're Dealing With

Lawyers usually have specialization in a particular area of the law. Make sure the attorney you choose has relevant experience in cases similar to yours. Also, look for recommendations from family, friends or co-workers if they’ve hired a lawyer for a similar reason. You can also check with the state and local bar associations. Some groups offer lawyer referral services for their members.

Fees and Costs

Before beginning any work, you must ask what will be the cost for the services you’re being offered. Also, ask whether you will be responsible for other fees or charges. The Bar Association advises that lawyers should explain their fees, preferably in writing, and within a reasonable time after beginning with your case. Whereas some state bars require lawyers to put their fees in writing before taking the case. Your lawyer may ask for extra charges for copying documents, courier services, court filing fees, etc. Make sure you understand how much and what you’ll be charged and for which service

Know the Real Deal

Once you’ve made your choice, make sure you both know what you've agreed to. Ask your lawyer how often you’ll be getting updates from them? Have you understood all your options and what all information and documents you need to provide? What will be the total cost? If you have doubt about anything, make sure you ask for clarification. Although 100% success cannot be guaranteed, it is essential to discuss how they’ll approach your case. You should be comfortable with your lawyer. Be upfront with them on all the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation. You may also ask for a written agreement with your lawyer.

Keeping these tips in mind will surely help you in hiring the right lawyers in Dubai for your issue.