Tips To Know Max Verstappen Rule

Tips To Know Max Verstappen Rule

On May 15, 2016, Max Verstappen rewrote Formula 1 history books at 18, winning the Spanish Grand Prix. In the four years since their first victory, the Dutch have made a name for themselves in the sport. Record books must be rewritten each time, but entire pages are printed at once. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Just three days after their 17th birthday, the Dutch nationals kicked off their official Grand Prix at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix rehearsal at the wheel of Toro Russo. Developed by his father, former F1 driver Jose Verstappen, Max wanted to reach the highest motor racing levels. Following his success in karting, Versatipin jumped to Formula 3 in his first season.

The Verstappen Rules:

In response to the early rise of Max Verstappen News (Max Verstappen nieuws) the FIA ​​issued its first "Versatapine Principle" after 2015, raising the age limit for F1 to 18. It means that Versatile will remain the youngest F1 driver for the future.

In Melbourne, Versatapen was impressed by the solid performance and removed any concerns the FIA ​​had about his maturity. The Dutch player was denied only points for the first time due to engine failure, but the issues will come surprisingly in Malaysia.

For the first time, he started a remarkable season in which he was favorably compared to teammate Carlos Sanz, but it would be more serious to say that what he had in the 2016 season competed with him.

When Red Bull's Helmet Marco decided to knock Daniel Cavite out of just four races in the 2016 season, Verstappen's publicity in the A team was a shock but, at the same time, a slight increase in the game. ۔

Spanish Grand Prix Verstappen has once again made history, with Fari's Cami R رikkنnen being named the youngest F1 winner.

Overnight, Versatile Formula 1 took the lead. New contenders such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Raikkonen had to account for them.

Following the events in Hungary and Belgium, Versatapin revived a more aggressive racing style and soon competed with rivals, especially Arkansas.

The FIA ​​released an explanation of Austin's rules, in which there was a terrible act of breaking.

Ironically, in favor of the Red Bull, another "versatility law" took Ferrari when Sebastian Vettel was fined for defensive measures against Ricardo in Mexico.

The second Versatile principle did not last long. The FIA ​​once again relaxed the rules before the 2017 season to give drivers more track freedom and reduce the pressure on those responsible.

It Verstappen in the early days, of course. It was a strange mistake, but his driving skills were thwarted due to his youthful vigor.