Tips To Adjust CBD Oil Dosage

Tips To Adjust CBD Oil Dosage

The acceptance to use cannabidiol for medical treatment is still in its infancy. Due to the legality issues associated with cannabis, scientists and medical professionals found it challenging to perform lengthy or long-term research. Even though, medical marijuana is getting legal in many states, physicians are finding it hard to prescribe CBD oils or capsules. A couple of reasons can be -

·        There is no RDA or recommended daily allowance or universal dose guidelines available.

·        Medical schools never include CBD therapy in the pharmacology course.

When you discuss cannabinoids, a single universal truth must be kept in mind.

‘Every person differs’

Plenty of variables like age, diet, weight, genetics, metabolism, product consistency, environment, condition severity, etc. need to be considered. This makes it impossible to prescribe a universal dosage. Research has also tried to offer a CBD dosage calculator but it offers a rough estimate to the public.

It is suggested that start with a minimal CBD oil dosage and gradually increase until you get the desired results. Recently, after a wide analysis of variety of CBD products an official serving standard was created.

‘Official serving standard suggest users to take 25 mg CBD, twice daily’

The amount has to be increased by 25 mg after 3 to 4 weeks until you experience symptom relief. If symptom worsens, then reduce by 25 mg.

Opt for a CBD brand recommending dosage you trust

There are a plethora of CBD manufacturers and brands in the market, which is overwhelming. When you look closer, you will find that vendors use different extraction techniques or differ in their source materials.

Nevertheless, several recommend fraction of dosage, while a few suggest excessive amounts. Who is offering the right recommendation? Therefore without any hassle of all this technicality choose a reliable CBD brand and start with a serving standard suggest users to take 25 mg CBD, twice daily. Increase or decrease as needed.

Get to know about CBD overdose

As there is no lethal dose for CBD established until now, there have been reports that humans can tolerate CBD as high as 1500 mg/day. It is 30 times more than the serving standard. Some of the side effects with CBD high dosage or extended usage include -

·        Dry mouth

·        Sedation

·        Mild LBP

·        Reduce in p-Glycoprotein

·        Decrease in T & B cell activity

·        Decline in cytochrome P450 enzyme activity

Major exception about CBD’s negative effect on the CYP450 enzyme in the liver activity can be compared with more than 60% pharmaceutical drugs that undergo metabolism with this enzyme.

Like CBD, even grapefruit juice causes the similar CYP450 liver enzyme’s inhibitory action. It is sensible to research, consult with your doctor and find the best way to ingest CBD for your medical condition. Information and education are your best friends in your mission for healing.

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