Time to Shine Pt. 02

Time to Shine Pt. 02

When Ellie got home to her adoption centre, her mood instantly plummeted when she saw the two Russian twin bitches as loud as ever, in the way of Ellie and her room. She asked Katina and Annika to move and they ignored her so she just pushed through them to which they both stuck out a leg and tripped her. She dealt with this every day so she knew not to reciprocate.

When she got to her room one of the social workers said her roommate Mia was extremely ill so she'd have to sleep on the couch. This was insanity; not only did she have to sleep on the couch where sone of the kids hang out until 2 in the morning, but those kids were usually the twins. Ellie had to admit they were her type, but she hated them with a passion. She honestly couldn't tell them apart, looks or personality wise, but they seemed to have a special bond between each-other which no-one else had. They had also recently turned 18, but they acted like 12 year olds, and Ellie couldn't wait for Uni.

She lay down on the couch thinking about what to do when one of the social worker's gave her of her clothes. Ellie had nowhere to change so she was forced to undress in the living room, which wasn't a big deal, until the twins had to make it one. They both stood their and laughed, speaking foreign words mocking her.

Ellie had enough. She had to do something back. But she didn't wan't any heat for it so instead she just thought of something that would reward herself too.

As it got later in the night it came down to just the twins and Ellie sitting on two couches watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Again, annoying.

Ellie was under a light blanket ready for bed whilst Annika had Katina lying on her, and clearly they weren't shy; they wore matching white tee's with just their white panties to match. Annika had her feet placed on the coffee table in front of them, which almost gave Ellie a perfect view of her pale feet. Even though she found the pale blonde girls attractive, she actually felt a bit revolted simply because of how they treated her. But that wouldn't stop her now.

Ellie, sick of the bickering on TV, Froze time. She missed this silence.

She stood up, frustrated, and walked over to the twins. She got straight to the job and raised both of their tee's over their heads. She started by twisting and turning all four of the twin's nipples. She then decided to start licking them, and really she almost enjoyed it as much as licking Ceira's sex. When she finished she put their tee's down and lay back on her couch. She didn't see much of a reaction from either of them but now their nipples pierced their tee's which turned Ellie on knowing that she made that happen.

Two minutes later Ellie stopped time, and this time she decided to get a better look at Annika's feet. Ellie questioned why she liked feet, but she actually guessed it might have been years of the twins often forcing Ellie to massage them. She loved feeling them but hated that they enjoyed it. She knelt down and stretched Annika's toes between her finger's, and started to sniff them. She put her noes into the sole and slowly rubbed her face around the soles. Ellie, almost nervous, licked Annika's soles, and that's when she noticed she also had nipples poking against her shirt.

Ellie got back to business and played with the twin's nipples more this time. She wondered how close they were and decided to test it by putting Katina's hand up Annika's shirt to just below her bare boobs.

When she started time again, Katina didn't react as much but Annika obviously felt her sisters hand and her wet feet so she jumped a little. A minute later Ellie could swear she saw Katina touching Annika's boob through her shirt, and the longer she watched the more she saw that she was right. Katina was playing with her sister's nipples. They both continued watching the show so Ellie decided to be more aggressive. When she froze time and approached the twins, she realised that their panties had little wet patches. "Perfect" Ellie thought. She moved them so she could easily access the goods and revealed both their perfectly naked, identical pussies.

Ellie put her full focus on one girl at a time. She didn't want to make them cum straight away so she just teased their clits enough to get a bit hornier. And when putting them back in place. She placed Katina's other hand on top of Annika's wet panties.

When time restarted Ellie thought she might have overdone it. They both made a high squeak when time restarted, but they didn't cum yet. Ellie watched Katina's hand intently hoping she would make another move. Eventually Ellie saw Katina's thin fingers slide under the band of her sister's panties. Ellie was getting unbelievably horny now, and it was worst since she hadn't got herself of in about a week.

After a while Ellie saw Annika wince once or twice at her sister's fingering. Even though Ellie hadn't stimulated Katina as much, she could tell she was just as horny as her sister.

Ellie looked at the clock and it was midnight now so she thought it was time to end it.

She whispered "Freeze" and walked over towards the girls. Even though Ellie wanted to make them cum, she still wanted to punish them, so she decided, seeing how their panties were, practically soaked now, she might be able to make them squirt all over the new couch they were sitting on. Ellie grabbed the girls and ripped their clothes off them, literally. Standing in front of these two gorgeous, naked girls. She was determined to enjoy this. She started with Annika, seeing as she would be the closest to cumming. She placed her back on the couch and spread her legs. She started by playing with her clit but then started to lick her sex as fast and hard as she could. Tis time, she also started to finger her hole, and even though Ellie was not a sex expert, she knew exactly where her 'G-spot' was, so she targeted that specifically whilst licking her at the same time. She continued this for. a solid 15 minutes almost collapsing from being so tired. She decided she didn't have the energy for Katina too, so instead Ellie grabbed some thin rope from the storage cupboard, and tied both the nude girls wrists and ankles. Ellie then placed Katina's face right on Annika's vagina and made sure her mouth was as wide as possible. She then tied them together so that it would be difficult to detach herself from Annika. She then hogtied Katina on the couch just like her sister. Just for the sake of the rest of the kid's sleep, she placed their soaking panties into Annika's mouth and tied it around her head.

Ellie sat down, looked at what she had done and was almost scared to see Annika cum so hard. Ellie guessed that the sensations were stronger if they all happened instantly, possibly even doubled. So she imagined that Annika would feel 30 minutes worth of licking and fingering at her G-spot in one second. Now Ellie was afraid she might have a heart attack. There was nothing she could do now anyway so she just decided to watch what happened.

Through both their wet panties, Annika screamed enough to wake the whole neighbourhood for a solid 30 seconds non-stop. Annika's whole body convulsed and shook like she had been possessed and whilst tied up she couldn't go anywhere. Ellie watched as Annika's eyes rolled into the back of her head, her toes curled and best of all, she definitely squirted, for almost 10 seconds Katina got a mouth-full of her sisters love juices, and Ellie almost thought she might drown, but since Ellie had tied her up all she could do was swallow more and more of her sister's squirt. After all the squirting and screaming ended Ellie was worried about Annika, because even though she looked like she had passed out with drool rolling down her cheek, her body spasmed every so often for about 5 minutes.

Feeling guilty Ellie cleaned up the mess, untied the twins and threw away their clothes. Ellie still left them naked because it made her feel powerful, and when she unfroze time Katina started to choke up some of Annika's cum. Ellie pretended to be asleep, but listened to Katina try to wake up her sister. Eventually she did wake and they both went back to bed.

Ellie realised how powerful her ability really was, and decided not to do what she did to Annika to anyone else, unless they deserved it.