Three ways to earn tokens, for which you do not have to fall into a debt hole

Three ways to earn tokens, for which you do not have to fall into a debt hole

How we make ICO

You still haven't heard anything about all the benefits of the airdrop campaign, and for you it's just a button on your Iphone? Then read the text below as closely as possible, because it is with its help you can earn cryptocurrency without overstretching any of the muscles of your body.

To begin with, what is airdrop. This is a free distribution of tokens to absolutely everyone for a very simple algorithm of actions. Usually, the company that distributes free coins by airdrop will not ask you for a long testing of bugs, nor the translation of whitepaper into seven languages of the world, nor thinking about the design, advertising in their own social networks. Nothing that can make you cry from exhaustion like Kim Kardashian.

No need to learn complex spells, search unicorn horn or carry the ring to Mordor. All you have to do is to create a crypto-wallet. In order not to suffer with the choice of the desired cryptocurrency, the transition to its official page and registration of the wallet there, we can go the path of least resistance. Take MyEtherWallet (MEW) - one thing, and create an account there. Converting from the stock exchange in MEW any number of Ether and waiting drops. There are other blockchain platforms that deal with the same algorithm, but MEW is the most popular web wallet that supports most tokens.

By the way, FLOGmall has already held its airdrop-campaign and, it is said, its members have already caused violent flows of friends' envy, because already at the end of the ICO they will have the n-th number of our tokens and half-kingdoms in addition.

Method number two. A bit more complicated, but from this - no less pleasant. It is necessary to sweat a little:  adjust the internal compass on search of free distributions and bonuses.

Many companies in the course of advertising strategies arrange massive free distribution of coins. Mother Teresa-style way to tell about the project to a wide range of users. Most cryptocurrency startups have a marketing budget (seriously?!) and free distribution of tokens is one of the popular ways to spend it. If you hang in our telegram for a long time, you already know that FLOGmall allocates 75% of its budget to carry its idea to the masses. And our users who have logged onto the stage of pre-ICO can already see the bonus tokens in their accounts, to go there day and night, to admire and show others. All you had to do was to register on the site, deposit any amount in Ether, let it be your favorite number, mom's birthday, or the number of posts of your president, and wait. Someone additionally asks for a subscription to communication channels, such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, but you already know that FLOGmall was born to make life as easy as possible for its users.

The third way, the final one. You perform simple tasks, but it is worth noting that you receive insignificant money for this. There are a number of projects that are ready to pay you small amounts in a crypto currency equivalent for a number of simple actions: viewing advertisements, performing tasks, like posting about project on personal social networks and even playing games. You can play dice, casino, play solitaire, watch commercials at least for days, and you will get tokens for this. That's all, friends. Now you have several magical ways to try to earn a couple of tokens. Sleight of hand and no fraud!

So, and why are you still sitting in the telegraph?

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