Three Free Games You Must Play In 2019

Three Free Games You Must Play In 2019

Deanna A. Ramos

The Free to Play player is often stigmatized on the PC or console because of microtransactions, pay to win factors and other barriers that block the fun of playing.

Many great games now follow the Free to Play system and give their players all the fun they can get, sometimes without a single penny. Games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Fortnite are all great tournaments with millions of dollars worth of trophies.

Tournaments and prizes are not what makes Free to Play games dominate the arena, but they are a great value for those games and what they offer their players for… almost nothing. And we all love to play and enjoy for free for sure, personally, 90% of the games on my computer are free to play games or games I got for free in a promotional period!

Unreal Tournament Game:

Unreal Tournament comes with Epic Games and the fantastic game engine Unreal Engine 4, a remake of the Arena Shooter game of the same name since 1999. However, we can't literally call it Reboot or Remake.

Epic Games follows the development of Unreal Tournament Crowd Funding. Which means that the speed of completion of the game development depends on the participation of fans or enthusiasts of the game. Epic Games hopes to follow this method of funding by the game to have some of the characteristics loved by the players of the 1999 version and certainly being funded by the players is the main reason for being Free to Play.

Epic Games intends to make the game completely free, ie without Micro Transactions or any paywalls.

Monsters Hunting Game: Dauntless

We talked before about Dauntless in some detail in an article on our site. The game was first announced in 2017 by developer Phoenix Labs and is the first developer game headed by Jesse Houston and is the producer of several games for the top gaming world such as Riot Games, Ubisoft, and Bioware.

Dauntless is a cooperative action RPG that makes the player control a character called Slayer as they hunt monsters on a planet dominated and invaded by these giant monsters called Behemoths, their only mission is to eliminate those monsters and protect humanity.

The game is based on coordination between team members and studies the movement of the monster well to anticipate his next steps and protect yourself. By hunting these monsters you will be able to develop your character with armor, weapons and more powerful tools to take on bigger and harder missions.

You can classify the game as Free to download games Monster Hunter because the game is largely inspired by Monster Hunter but without the open-world factor.

The game is scheduled for full and final release sometime this year and I am sure it can satisfy lovers of monster-hunting games if they don't want to pay for the biggest rival.

Total War Arena Game

Total War: Arena is the first free-to-play game in the Total War strategy series on the PC. The game offers a slightly simplified version of what we used to be in Total War games but the game's main spirit remains in its exploitation of massive battles and planning.

Total War: Arena battles are 10v10 battles where each player controls 3 units up to 100 soldiers per unit. This means 3000 soldiers per side which are certainly a small number when we look at the size of battles in previous versions of the game.

Developer Sega has collaborated with several strategic gaming experts to work on this release, including Wargaming responsible for World of Tanks, World of Warships and other similar editions.

The game is currently available in the Open Beta stage on the PC, and the categories or Factions currently available are Carthage, Rome, Greece and Barbarian Horde and all these categories have a number of leaders and special units. A good thing to note is that the players' progress will move to the full version of the game, which means that the experience of the game is now very rewarding.

By Reload, Author at Full Game PC