Those are different sites

Those are different sites


If a subdomain looks like a separate website, supporting it is optional, we will not accept issues if it is not supported.

In my opinion these are sepparate sites that happened to be living under same domain. Yep, checklists doesn't say anything on exactly that case (because it's a bit unusual/ridiculous idea), but I think subdomains part can be applied here.

There's why they are sepparate/unrelated sites:

1) How can I go here from main page? What links do I need to follow on page to get in /casa/ path? Also, how do I get back to main site from /casa/ one?

2) Site has sepparate domain (that is indeed redirects to /casa/ path, but still):

3) There's separate account system:

Don't worry, they do not share accounts/data — I've checked that by registering account in one, you can try to recover the password with following email: — it would fail for /casa/ site because they don't have accout with such email, while main site would say that mail with info on recovering password was sent.

4) There's separate social networks for this site:

Main site social accounts:

5) Sites editorial offices/teams are physically located in completely different parts of Spain

Good 500+km apart.

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