This Suitcase is Just Big Enough

This Suitcase is Just Big Enough

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* * * * *

You didn't think you'd ever have to actually do the dare.

By now, you and your roommate know everything about each other, including that you share many of the same kinks. You know the silly and embarrassing pranks she did in school and never got caught for, and she knows that you dearly want to be an owned submissive, but are too shy to actually go out and meet dominants.

The two of you were caught up in a game of Truth or Dare one night that was getting pretty wild, when she gave you the dare.

She dared you to be tied up, locked in a suitcase and delivered to a dominant to be his slave for a day.

You blushed and laughed and said that could never happen. Well, not unless you knew he could be trusted. She just smiled wickedly and told you she'd take care of it.

That was weeks ago. Part of you hoped she'd forgotten. Part of you was secretly disappointed. But now she's dragged out a large suitcase and tossed it on the ground at your feet. She reminds you of the dare. Your promise. You make feeble excuses, your heart hammering. Can this really be happening?

She tells you that it's all sorted out. You don't know the guy, but she knows him well and has played with him before. She trusts him. You'll be safe. And how about that... her suitcase is just big enough for you.

She tells you to strip naked and get in the suitcase. You protest, telling her that wasn't part of the dare. The two of you argue. But as always, whenever that happens, you lose. You manage to convince her to let you wear a bikini. That's still very little clothing, but at this point you'll take what you can get. She tells you that none of your bikinis are suitable. Instead, she makes you wear one of her string bikinis. One of the skimpiest ones. It's a little blue bikini with skinny laces, and is far more revealing than you'd ever normally wear. Before you know it, you are in the bikini and she is tying you up.

She has you put your palms together and then ties your wrists together. Then she ties your arms to your chest. She firmly ties your legs together at the ankles and above and below the knees. Finally she pulls your knees up to your chest and ties your legs to your torso, making you a compact little bikini-clad ball.

Your roommate then makes an innocent face and says she forgot something important. You protest, unable to move, as she darts off to her room. Your eyes grow wide when she returns with a remote control egg vibrator. You shake your head fiercely. She tells you that she just wants to make sure you enjoy yourself and don't get bored. You protest, and she teases you by telling you all the dirty, depraved things this dominant stranger could do to you. You get flustered and aroused until you finally agree. You blush as your own roommate pulls aside your bikini bottoms and works the vibrator into your embarrassingly wet slit. She immediately turns it on. You yelp and give her a dirty look. She tells you she was just "testing" it.

She struggles to get you into the suitcase. She ends up putting it on end, wiggling you into it, and then zipping it up firmly. You bend your head low to fit. It's a tight squeeze. You can hear a padlock click shut. You are truly trapped. You can feel every knot in the rope, tight against your skin. The suitcase presses against you on all sides. Even if you weren't tied up, you would struggle to do so much as wiggle. You are utterly helpless.

You hear the suitcase handle extend, and then you feel movement. Your roommate wheels the spinner suitcase over the hard floor on all four wheels. She's humming happily to herself. She is enjoying this way, way too much. She guides the suitcase out of the apartment, down the hall and to the elevator. Then you hear other people getting on the elevator. Oh no. Do they see something funny? Can they hear you? Should you hold your breath?

Then the vibrator buzzes to life. Oh no! At least it's on a low setting. You bite your lip and make sure to keep quiet, hoping that your body and the suitcase will keep the people in the elevator from hearing the vibrator.

It takes far too long for the elevator to reach the ground floor. Finally the doors open and everyone shuffles out. Your roommate happily wheels you out of the apartment building and down the sidewalk. Every crack in the sidewalk jostles the suitcase and makes you keenly aware of the egg inside you. She uses the remote control to turn the vibrator on and off, experimenting with different settings. You want to yell at her and tell her to stop it, but you don't dare make a noise now that you're out in public.

Fortunately, it isn't too far to the local park. You hadn't known where she was headed, but it makes sense, you suppose. Probably better than taking a suitcase into a random store or, worse yet, her spending an hour at a restaurant with this guy with you very tightly bound in the suitcase the entire time.

It's a warm day out, and for the first time, you are glad you aren't fully dressed. You can feel the difference when the suitcase moves from the sidewalk to the parking lot, and then the paved walking path. Your roommate is wheeling you along without a care in the world, as joggers run by and you can hear families playing games and having outings off in the distance. What is she doing? This better not all be a prank- your thoughts are interrupted as she turns up the vibrator more than before. You let out a tiny squeal and then press your lips tightly together, squeezing your thighs together, trying desperately not to scream as the powerful vibration rocks your body.

After a few torturous moments she turns the vibrator off again. That's fortunate. You were getting close to an orgasm, and there's no way you could keep quiet then. Wait, you hear something. A man's voice. Talking to your roommate. You struggle to hear. You can't hear too clearly, but his voice doesn't sound too familiar. They're just making casual chit chat, talking about the weather and other inconsequential things. But your roommate is still wheeling you along, and both are ignoring you. It's like you're a fifth wheel, with four wheels of your own.

Then your roommate asks the man if he'd like to take the suitcase. He agrees and the suitcase jostles as they switch you from her to him. You hear your roommate murmur something. There's a pause, and then you feel the vibrator turn on again, on a low setting. Then it changes settings to a sequence of buzzes. The vibrator cycles through every setting, with your roommate offering commentary to the man. What? She gave him the remote! Now this man, a complete stranger to you, will tease your pussy at his whim?

That is indeed what happens. The three of you finish a lap around the park, with him occasionally turning the vibrator on or off, usually on lower settings. Then they say their farewells to each other. You feel a moment of panic as you realize she is leaving you with him. Then he wheels you back into the parking lot. You hear a car door unlock and open. You feel his hands pressing against the suitcase and worry for a moment what will happen next. Then you feel the suitcase lift off the ground. He picks up your entire body in the suitcase as if you weighed nothing at all. Then he adjusts you carefully on the car seat and locks it in place with a seatbelt.

He drives off with you and doesn't say a word to you. You can hear muffled car sounds through the suitcase. You don't dare speak a word to him. It's as if you want to keep quiet and pretend you are an ordinary suitcase, and not a scantily clad and very horny and very helpless girl. This illusion is pointless though, especially as he set the vibrator to a pattern of low occasional pulses before he started driving.

What kind of man is he? What does he look like? You try to guess his build and what car he drives, but it's useless.

After a few minutes, the car comes to a stop. If this is where he lives, then he's not too far away. Good. You're getting sore in this cramped position, and your roommate made the ropes tighter than she needed to. This time you expect it when you feel his hands on the suitcase, and he sets you on the ground. He wheels you up a sidewalk and over the bump of a doorway.

Finally! Your mouth is dry. Your heart is pounding. The vibrator is still teasing your pussy. You're extremely nervous, but you are also tense with anticipation. You're sick of waiting and wondering what your owner for the day is like. Now you'll finally get to see him! And you'll finally get out of this suitcase and get to stretch!


What is he waiting for? Why isn't he opening the suitcase? Oh god. What if your roommate didn't give him the key?

Then the vibrator pattern changes. Oh no. He's cranked it up to the highest setting. Oh no! The vibrator buzzes away powerfully. You're sure it can be heard from some distance away, even through the suitcase. You clench your mouth shut and try to hold it back. No no no. You are not going to orgasm in a suitcase in front of a stranger. Gotta keep your dignity. Hold it together...

Your body explodes with passion and you cum, screaming at the top of your lungs, the suitcase shaking from side to side. You feel him grab the suitcase to keep it from falling over.

Wow, that was SO embarrassing. But you really needed that. You relax in exhausted, fuzzy, post orgasm bliss. You hear the click of the padlock opening. Now your owner for the day is going to unzip the suitcase and find his bikini-clad bondage babe. You'll have to tend to his every whim... and that's what you want more than anything.