Things you should check before buying antivirus for your mobile device

Things you should check before buying antivirus for your mobile device

Adam Mathews 

Mobile devices are usually considered as more secure than desktop device as Android and iOS gives security over the years. But now the threats are becoming more and more powerful day by day. So installing an antivirus can protect your mobile device from all kinds of harmful threats. Here are some things you should check before buying antivirus for your phone:

·      Good malware detection rate

Always pick antivirus software with high malware detection rate. The detection rate should be more than 95 percent. Many antivirus programs are giving you excellent protection from zero-day malware. Compare malware detection rate of all antivirus programs from independent AV-Test and then pick the best for you.

·      Freeware or paid

Many antivirus programs are offering freeware for a mobile device with good protection. If you need basic security for your mobile device then you can also opt for freeware. Smart scan, junk cleaner, system boost, RAM booster, and some other basic features are usually available in freeware. But if you want to keep your device safe from all kinds of threats and want to access all advanced features then you should probably use paid antivirus.

·      Low system impact

Every software program has some amount of system impact. Always choose light weighted antivirus program which should have low system impact during active screen as well as while working on the background.

·      Easy interface

Always use antivirus with an easy interface. Your antivirus should have easy handling which means easy scan. It should automatically scan every new application during the installation process.

·      Don't pay for what you don't need

Antivirus vendors offer various antivirus suites with numerous features. There can be various features which can be to totally useless for you. Make a list of the features you require and then buy the antivirus. Only pay for what you need and choose the security level according to your requirement.

·      Consider buying a multi-platform and multi-device antivirus program

Today everyone is using multiple devices such as Windows PC, MacBook, iPad, and Android phone. So why not using single antivirus for all devices? Webroot Download can secure your 5 devices together. You don't have to purchase separate antivirus for every device. Multi-device antivirus plans are good for your pocket.

·      Don't worry about Firewall

You should not pay extra for a firewall for your mobile devices. The default firewall of Android and iOS is very strong. If you are getting a firewall with your antivirus then it is good for extra protection.

·      All antivirus programs are not anti-malware

If you want full protection then make sure you are using an antivirus program will kill virus along with all other malware such as spyware, Trojans, adware, etc. Your antivirus should provide you protection from ransomware and other harmful threats.

·      Try before you purchase

Many antivirus programs offer free trial where you can use all features for about 15 to 30 days. You can access and check all the features of the antivirus. Check which feature is useful and which one is not and then pay for only what you need.