Things to Improve Employee Work Attendance

Things to Improve Employee Work Attendance

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Your company won't suffer much from the occasional employee day off or sick day, but patterns of absences can create havoc in your work place. With several employees out of the office, production slows, or other employees may have to pick up the slack causing the quality of their work to suffer. While you can't prevent every absence, you can take steps to decrease the number of overall absences.

Create an Attendance Policy

Some employees may show up late or take several days off because they do not understand the company's stance on absences. You need a clear-cut attendance policy so every employee knows what you expect of him. Include reasons for acceptable absences, what you consider unacceptable and any disciplinary action or reduction in pay the employee may face after abusing holiday or sick days. Make sure every employee receives a copy of this policy. Have your supervisors monitor their employees and enforce the policy.

Improve Morale

If your office staff suffers from general low morale, employees will start to dread coming to work. This can increase absences throughout the staff. Spend time each week on boosting morale. Make sure every employee has regularly scheduled breaks throughout the day. Offer group lunches, prizes for completing projects or other incentives. Creating a positive environment that incorporates hard work with down time helps boost morale.

Avoid cheating on time attendance

Setup a system to avoid time attendance fraud. See our tips and tricks to avoid time attendance fraud to save you money.

Reduce Stress

An employee can feel stressed in the workplace, especially if she has a large workload. High levels of stress can lead to avoidance, or even cause an illness. Both of which can lead to frequent absences. Make sure every employee has an even workload and can complete tasks given to them. Create teams to complete projects, rather than assigning one employee to the entire task. Reducing workloads and placing the right people with the right jobs will reduce stress levels in the office.


An employee can have his own special reason for missing work. For example, some employees become bored with their day-to-day projects and start to miss work more frequently. Talk to an employee individually and see if you can do something to improve his individual situation. If you cannot help to improve his attendance, consider taking disciplinary action.

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