Theft Defense Attorney

Theft Defense Attorney

Theft crimes are among the most common charges filed in criminal courts across the nation. Theft charges include burglary, fraud, carjacking, grand theft auto, shoplifting, and theft from a vehicle. This is when you need a theft defense attorney or a shoplifting defense attorney.

Different states have different laws regarding these charges. For instance, theft from a motor vehicle is not considered to be a "serious" offense in all states. Theft from the person is a more serious crime, which includes burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, domestic violence, sex crimes, child molestation, child pornography, arson, drug possession, identity deception, extortion, and many other crimes. The penalties for various forms of theft crimes range on the seriousness of the circumstances surrounding the incident, as well as the amount of money involved. It is important that you In Pennsylvania, for example, there are typically two types of theft crimes.

First, grand theft auto. This is the most serious type of theft offense in the state of Pennsylvania and is considered to be the most common offense. Grand theft auto is the act of stealing more than one vehicle with the intent of using them in your own unlawful activity. If you have multiple vehicles that you are currently driving without their owner's consent, you may have committed grand theft auto. However, it can also involve property theft and possession of illegal drugs. So there are reasons to hire a criminal lawyer.

Second, the most minor of all thefts, Vehicle hopping. In this case, you are traveling in someone else's vehicle and they agree to give you permission to drive their vehicle for a certain period of time without having to pay for it. However, if you are caught with the vehicle, you will be charged with grand theft auto.

These charges are often used by law enforcement officers to apprehend a suspect in an illegal activity. If you commit a grand theft auto or a vehicle theft, you can expect to be investigated and questioned by both local and federal law enforcement agents. You may be questioned about the vehicles you are driving, their location, and the identity of any person operating the vehicles.

Your criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the laws and procedures surrounding these crimes and how to use them to your advantage. This will allow you to get the right kind of deal, which will have a greater chance of avoiding serious jail time and heavy fines. If you have a serious criminal history, it can be difficult to get a plea bargains from prosecutors. A criminal defense lawyer can fight for your freedom and your rights in court.

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