The stranger who wanted Her - Part 1

The stranger who wanted Her - Part 1


But I hope you will. You’ve probably seen me before, as our eyes have crossed. Perhaps you even took a second look at me. I certainly took a second look at you. I am writing you this letter, not because I am not man enough to go up to you and talk, but because this is the first impression I want you to have of me. I want you to know right now how much you turn on this stranger you’ve never met.

I saw you once, as we crossed paths in the gym. That’s what people do at the gym, I suppose. They gawk at each other, checking out the competition in some cases, eyeing the beautiful bodies passing by in others. In my case, it was the latter, and I was really taken aback by you. I have never felt such intense excitement from seeing a woman pass by me. Normally I would go and try to make conversation with you. But I was so struck by how sensual you were without even trying, that I was quite honestly speechless.

I watched you walk towards me first. Your beautiful blue eyes felt like they pierced me as you briefly looked at me, as if you had taken a part of me with you just by looking at me. I admired your beautiful face, as the faint smile you gave me lit it up. I couldn’t help but look at your breasts, slightly perking out of your tank top, drawing my look away from anything else onto them. As you passed, I could smell your scent in the air, a mixture of a light perfume with a delicious natural womanly scent. After you passed, I turned around, first smiling at your sexy long hair, wrapped in a high pony tail, and then indiscreetly admiring your tight butt and legs as they stood out on your work out leggings. By the time you had left that room, my cock was rock hard at the mere sight of you, under my clothes. I wanted you so badly. Or rather… I want you so badly. It’s throbbing with excitement just from writing you this.

I went home that night and couldn’t stop thinking about that. You are so sexy. Never in my life had I felt so attracted to someone just by looking at them. I thought to myself how I could just tell that if we were to have sex with each other, it would be amazing. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with you that night. So I fantasized about it. I want you to know what I thought about right before I shot the biggest load of cum I’ve ever had. I want you to know what I want to do to you (…).

HER: "This is crazy", she thought. "I can’t believe this person I never met is writing so personally to me… and yet I really want to keep reading." She could feel herself getting excited at the thought of this guy she didn’t even know getting so hard for her. And to think he had been eyeing her as she walked by, so close to her. And that he had cum to her. "Mmm", she let out faintly before excitedly continuing the letter.

LETTER: "(…) I imagined you in my room, just as willing and excited for sex as I was. I roughly pinned you against a wall, and we kissed each other hungrily. My hand had slipped down between your legs, rubbing your pussy against your thin work out leggings. My cock sprang alive inside my jeans, and I quickly pressed it right against your pussy. I knew you could feel my hardness through that light layer of clothes, as I saw you bite your lower lip seductively, as you looked straight into my eyes and let out a very slight moan. It was your way of telling me you wanted that cock.

I picked you up in my arms and threw you onto the bed, with your back against it. You signaled me with your finger to come over to the bed, as you spread your legs apart. You rubbed your pussy through the fabric for me (my cock throbbed at that), and simply said "Lick me." I obeyed, taking off your leggings promptly. I had to take a moment to look at you, laying there on my bed in your panties, about to have your pussy licked by me. You didn’t want to wait, though, and took off your panties yourself. Your beautiful shaven pussy was an amazing sight, and smelled divine, making me even more turned on than before. I didn’t want to wait either. Putting myself between your legs, I tasted your sexy little cunt. Mmmm, it was so delicious. I kept on licking at it in different ways, trying to see what you liked. You squirmed and moaned as I did so, and I began to touch your clit with my fingers as well. You liked that. Soon enough, I had figured out how you wanted me to rub your clit, and your moans kept getting more and more intense. Your juices would drip out of your pussy, and my tongue would eagerly lick them. I didn’t stop. I knew you wouldn’t want me to from the way you pushed my head more and more against your pussy, and how happily you moaned as I rubbed your clit faster and faster. You came so loudly, moaning increasingly more intensely, moving your legs in pleasure as my mouth would take in all that juice dripping from your wet cunt. I was so excited to fuck that little hole I had just been pleasuring.

I lifted my head from your pussy and looked at you. I told you, "I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to shove my cock in this slippery pussy and ram it in and out as hard as I can. Would you like that?". You responded with a moan and said "Mhmm, I want that. Let me see that cock before you shove it in me." (…)

HER: She had stopped caring that this stranger was telling her all these perverted things, and by this time, she had already made herself cum twice just reading through this part. But she wasn’t satisfied. She had had cock in her enough times to know that that is what she was longing for right now, and that nothing else would satisfy her equally. She related to the stranger’s fantasy, as all she wanted at this point was to be filled up with a nice hard cock.

LETTER: (…) I unbuttoned my pants, and stripped them off. I had a huge bulge on my boxers, and it was clear that my cock was throbbing hard, as you could see it twitch inside. You sprang up and bit my underwear, taking it off almost expertly with your teeth and hand. My cock bounced up and down, completely hard and ready to be used on you. You said, "I’m going to want to suck on that for you some time, but right now I need your big cock in me. Fuck me. Use me. Do whatever you want to me. But just shove that in hard. Right now." You put it in your mouth and gave it a suck, but quickly put yourself on all-fours for me to fuck you, after taking off your tank top. I rubbed my swollen head on your pussy lips, which were still dripping with your cum from moments before. I took off my shirt, and then took off your bra, while teasing your entrance with my dick. I wanted us to be fully naked as I took you.

I put my hands on your hips, and tried to press my cock into your pussy, but your tight hole resisted me getting in at first. I tried again and forced it in, feeling that tightness surrounding me. We both let out a moan at the same time. Mmmm, that felt so good; the combination of your tight walls gripping on my shaft, the unbelievable warmth of your young pussy, and the feeling of that slipperiness that I knew was there because I had just made you cum. I knew you were too turned on to care if I hurt you or not, so I started thrusting right away, shoving my cock deep inside with each thrust. You let out a little moan of pain as I went deep at first, but pulled your ass back at the same time; you wanted me to continue going deep. So I started fucking you. I went hard and fast. I pulled your hair, sometimes a little too strong; but you didn’t care. You were getting what you had asked for. We were both getting what we wanted. That tight pussy was being destroyed by my hard cock, as I rammed it in and out faster and faster. I slapped your butt several times, only to hear you respond with a moan and beg "Harder. HARDER!". You arched your back against the bed so you could reach over with your hand to your swollen clit, which you started to rub. In the back of my mind, knowing this was my fantasy, I imagined you saying "Don’t you dare stop. Shoot your load of cum in me. I’m your slut tonight." And so I kept going and going, each thrust harder than the one before, not caring about anything other than my cock exploding inside you, this beautiful sexual woman I was having my way with. And then I heard it: the now familiar moans, increasing in height with each one, indicating you were cumming on my cock. Just as I felt the first contraction of your tight pussy on my cock, I knew I couldn’t take it anymore either. I felt that rising feeling inside me, spreading quickly through all my body. My cock swell as much as it could, and then I shot a load of cum in you. And then I felt it again, and load after load was being shot into your used up pussy, until my cock was drained and you were filled up. I kept thrusting back and forth, both of us breathing heavily at the intensity of it all. I pulled out so I could see my cum drip out of your pussy. I hugged you from behind, sitting up with you, and kissed you, with my hand on your pussy spreading my cum on your lips at the same time. We grinned in happiness from the passion of that moment; and because we both knew we wanted more that night.

This is what I wanted you to know. But I also want you to know that I’m not sending you this letter just because I want you sexually, even though I obviously do. I am interested in you. I want to get to know who you are as well. So now you have a choice. Keep this letter as a memory, something that happened, ignore it and move on with your life. Or go on a date with me, and find out what we can be together.

If you want to go on a date with me, here’s my number: xxx-xxx-xx. Text me or call me. I really want to go out with you.
If not, then I hope I at least made you cum =).
- Stranger (Josh)

HER: She read the letter again, one hand always rubbing her clit, sometimes stopping to put two fingers in her pussy so she could at least feel slightly filled up. This time she had the biggest orgasm of the night, which quickly progressed through her whole body, making her squirm for a while and then tiredly doze off for a few seconds. But when she woke up again, she felt nervous. This guy, whoever he was, had somehow gotten a hold of her address and sent her this letter, probably through the gym she guessed. She was a little worried he was some sort of creepy stalker, of course. But somehow, she didn’t feel like that was the case. She was nervous not because of that, but because of how wild she felt reading all of that; she really wished she was the woman in that fantasy. And yet, she had no idea what to do with all of this. Angelina went to bed thinking about Josh, her admirer, already feeling horny again despite how much she had came that night. What a crazy day. She peacefully fell asleep soon after.

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