The scheme of earning a Tfuel token + a script to increase income.

The scheme of earning a Tfuel token + a script to increase income.

Friends today I would like to share with you an excellent passive scheme for earning a TFuel token, at the time of writing the price of the token is 0.18 cents Coinmarketcap it is also traded on most major exchanges such as Binance. The project has very large investors in the face of companies such as Google and Samsung. I will show you how to install nodus on your PC + install a script that will proxy (share) your traffic is divided into parts, thereby increasing your revenue several times. The average earnings will be from 4000 to 9000 tokens per month. The essence of the node is to cache the network stream through your network connection and does not affect the operation of the system (it does not load the computer at all).

So let's get started:

To get started, go to the official website of the Theta Network project and create a wallet.

We come up with a good password, save it in your head or on paper.

Then click Download Keystore, there will be a jump of the private key from the wallet, it must be saved in a safe place. We will need the key to enter the wallet. ATTENTION if you lose it, you will lose access to your account.

Next, you will be asked to save 12 words to restore your wallet when you reinstall the system or for other reasons. Also write them down in a safe place. ATTENTION if you lose these words, you will not be able to restore your wallet, so be sure to save them.

After that, click continue and go directly to your Theta wallet, your account number will be displayed at the top.

Next, install the node itself on the PC. Go to the main page of Theta Network and click on Join Today

Next, download our node under Windows (it is under Windows because the script is written for it)

Install it on your computer, go to the desktop, copy your wallet number that we created earlier and paste it into the node. You are ready to display this on the screen and start passive earning of TFuel tokens.

The node itself does not load the system at all and you can mine tokens on any computer, just collapse it into the tray and go about your everyday business.

Now the most important thing is to install a script that will allow us to increase our income several times. Download the script LINK (password tfuelscript), then unpack to the desktop and run. Done, the script will not be displayed as it runs in the background and proxies traffic for the node at the network level, you do not need to do anything else, just keep the PC turned on or run the node and the script again after turning off-turning on the PC.

What is my interest: Part of your income of 5% will be automatically credited to me while the script is running, and it will not affect your personal income. Be sure to share my scheme with your friends and acquaintances. I hope my scheme will help you realize your dreams.