The results of the work 17.07.2018 - 17.08.2018

The results of the work 17.07.2018 - 17.08.2018


The general state of the market and its capitalization

The last month in the world, crypto-currency and block technology has been accompanied by a lot of loud statements and news. Every news, whether it is positive or negative, leaves its mark on the history of cryptology, our world is changing right now.

From the latest news, we can distinguish the following:

  • High-ranking politicians in Brazil are starting to consider bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment;
  • Swiss banks are gradually starting to work with crypto-currencies;
  • Countries such as Spain, Iran, Venezuela generally see in the crypto-currencies the opportunity to improve their economies, and perhaps avoiding crises;
  • Kim Dotkom and Robert Kiosaki see the future behind crypto-currencies and in general call for its purchase.

However, despite a lot of positive news, the whole market of crypto-currencies remains in a downtrend, and the total capitalization of the market falls every day lower. At the moment, the market capitalization of the Crypto-currency is $217 341 309 299.


In general, the forecasts for the near future are far from being "rainbow". The SEC once again postponed the decision to adopt bitcoin-ETF and according to the calculations of the lawyer Jake Czervinski will be able to postpone his decision several more times until March 4, 2019, and this is an occasion for additional manipulation.

In the future, probably we will see $ 4,800-5,000 for one bitcoin. Accordingly, altcoins will also update their price minima in dollars. In particular, the head of BitMex, Arthur Hayes, predicts the price reduction of Ethereum to $ 100. As for the situation on the crypto-currency market itself, bitcoin returned its dominance over the Altkoins (51.7%), and their prices approached the prices of 2017.


What conclusions can be drawn from this information? And the conclusions are as follows: we manipulate the crypto currency market by 95%; at the moment we continue to be in a declining trend, but have already overcome most of it; soon there will be a "crypto crisis" (probably not all projects and tokens will survive, so be on the alert!); after the crisis the old cycle will end and a new one will start - which is the positive news! :)

In a falling market, the trading strategy is somewhat different than when the market is on the rise or growing. Therefore, in recent months, our trading strategy has changed. In particular, it was divided into 2 directions:

  1. Accumulation of Bitcoin is the most important direction, because bitcoin is the foundation of our fund. Often, the auctions are in a pair of BTCUSD.
  2. Accumulation of Ethereum and other altcoyins - this direction was formed on the basis of negative transactions in pairs to bitcoin and air. At the moment, we are increasing the volume of coins and tokens, which in our opinion will have a perspective in the future ("prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter"). The portfolio includes the following assets: GRC, AION, SNC, WINGS, MNX, EOS, ETH. Our analysts make a high bid for the development of the Ethereum network, and therefore its cost, so our traders make a considerable number of transactions in pairs to ETH.

We are forced to admit that by the end of this month the trade deposit of the fund sank by 2%.


Today, the moment when weak players leave the market, in the end, only the strongest will remain. We remain and even small failures will not drive us from the path to our goal. The future is 100% (but it's not certain) behind the block and you decide whether to move with the times or stay behind.

Study, analyze and then just act, or trust us - those who already have experience.