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27 Oct 2006 Your answers to these types of questions can reveal a great deal about your personal leadership style. Some leaders are very task-oriented; Page 1. The Managerial Grid. C o n ce rn fo r Pe o p le. Concern for Production. High. High. Low. Low. Creative Property of The Vision Council. The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid. Leadership Self Assessment Questionnaire. Below is a list of statements about Managerial Grid. In their book, The Managerid Grid (1964). Drs. Robert R. Blake and Jane S. Mouton, formerly professor and associate professor respectively in The managerial grid: an analysis of the significance that this orientation holds for management and organization development. Musgrave, Alvin William. 2 Jun 2009 Description. Leaders may be concerned for their people and they also must also have some concern for the work to be done. The question is Managerial Grid and Leadership Style Questionnaire. Instructions. The objective of this exercise is to recognise your preferred style and lead to discussion. The Blake Mouton Managerial Grid. Source: June, 2016. Leading People and Producing Results. When you recruit a new member to your team, 30 Mar 1998 The Managerial Grid: A Model of Leadership Style The Grid model predicts specific core leadership approaches or styles when leaders Blake Mouton Managerial Grid. It is a practical and useful framework that helps you think about your lead- ership style. It plots the degree of task-centeredness.

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