The inevitable future: the release of charitable debit cards. Part 2

The inevitable future: the release of charitable debit cards. Part 2

Pixel Charity together with international private banks and with online charity platforms (charitable foundations in partnership with Pixel) are discussing the idea of creating their own charity payment card, which is capable of making donation process easier and more accessible.  

The main idea of ​​such collaboration is to make charity convenient, understandable and simple for everyone.

One of the features proposed by the Pixel team is the opportunity to choose the recipient of the donation, that is, the holders of such cards will be able to decide to whom to donate money from the list of those who need financial assistance at the moment.

 "In this concept, we are thinking together with a partnering banks and charity organizations in cooperation with whom we will be able to realize this idea.
"These are not just payment products, but also a program of attracting clients with a noble purpose. It is vital for us that we are able to offer the market a unique tools that simplify and facilitate participation in charity, in particular the ability to choose whom to help," - said one of the founders of Pixel Charity.
"Potentially, the amounts received from these transactions, of course, will not be very large, but because of project’s global scale, there is a high prospective to achieve significant results in any case"

This method is very simple and does not require any additional efforts, and most cardholders do not incur financial costs. They just go to the store, pay for their purchase with a card and save someone's life. Our goal is to use the Pixel card for daily needs and to provide help to people who really need it.