The incident that changed my life for the good 2

The incident that changed my life for the good 2


After Ana had called and asked me to come back to her and make her my cum slut, I was excited. I had thought I would never see her again. I had left her laying on the kitchen table with a mouth full of my cum, a cunt full of my cum, and an asshole full of my cum, while she was passed out. I was very apprehensive how this meeting was going to go.

As I knocked on her door, she was there in a jiffy. She had a broad smile on her face, and pulled me in and as her arms went around me, she gave me a tongue welding, sloppiest kiss I had ever had. As she was kissing me I felt her hand squeeze my soft cock through my pants. I thought this is going well. I can do this. Are we going to work or fuck?

John. Im so glad you have came back. I enjoyed the last time you were here, and I am hoping that we can continue with the work we have accomplished. Can I count on you?

Ana. I still want to work with you and I also enjoyed our last session.

John, you have to understand. All my life I have been very conservative when it came to sex. I never gave my husband a blow job, he never went in my ass, and we only had sex in the Missionary position. You have changed all that in just one evening. Can you teach me to do all the things I have never done in my entire life? I had heard of men ‘eating out women and I wanted to try that. You became very good at that very quickly. Can we continue down the path we started?

I would love to do just that Ana. We will get this house up and running and with any luck, you will be a 100% cum slut before we finish. Where do we start?

Second floor, front left bedroom. Clean and paint. Off I went.

I was surprised at lunch time. We had the regular salami, cheese, rye bread with mustard, but today she had opened a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese and a can of baked beans. It all went down pretty good. Nothing was said about sex.

After finishing two rooms it was time to quit for the day. Ana sent me to the carryout to get the ale. She said that the Balintine Ale quarts came 12 to a case, so just get a case. I did. Ana had warmed up the left over macaroni and cheese and beans, and had the makings of the sandwiches. Again she started drinking the ale like she was dying of thirst. After downing 2 glasses straight, she looked shyly at me, lowered her head and asked if we needed to get our clothes all wet. Knowing where she was going, I said,no Ana. I think we should get naked to start. She smiled real big, jumped up, stripped and headed for me. She surprised me and was naked before me, but as soon as my clothes were pilled on the floor, and sat in the chair, she was straddling me and going for a mouth full of ale. Mouth full of ale, her arms about my neck, and she moved in for the ‘kiss. Tongues intertwined and a mouth full of ale running down our faces. As she went for the next drink, it was getting her boobs wet. That was when she took one boob in her hands and raised it to my lips.

Beer tasting boobs. I was beginning to love beer tasting boobs. After sucking and licking her offered boob, she dropped it and lifted the other. Two hard nipples and her starting to moan. The next mouth of ale got her wet all the way down to her hairy pussy. As soon as it was wet, I started rubbing it. With her sitting astraddle of me, it was gaping wide. I rubbed up and down and my middle finger just slipped inside her. She was with the program. Her head tilted back and moaning like she was in pain. If I had a normal size cock, I would be fucking her now, but with my small cock, it wouldnt reach. She went for more ale.

She got up and reached beside the refrigerator and got a plastic covered soft mat. She laid it on the table and slide her wet ass up on it and took the long neck of the ale bottle and shoved it a little way inside her sweet pussy and filled it up and motioned for me.

I knew what was next. Beer flavored pussy. As my tongue touched her clit, she turned loose with her pussy full of beer. It gushed out and I was sucking, drinking, and swallowing all I could. We both were loving it. As I got down to some serious pussy eating, my finger slid over her wet asshole. She changed her moaning an octave higher. She had stopped dripping more beer, so I spit a big gob on her asshole and my finger slide right in. I heard an ‘oh, and her ass clamped down on my one little finger. I stopped moving my middle finger, and I sucked more on her engorged clit and her ass relaxed just a little. As it relaxed, I started moving in and out very slowly. She was now acting like she was liking the finger in her ass. To make it more comfortable to me, I slid my thumb in her cunt. Still no change in how she was acting.

I knew I had had my cock in this asshole before, and I remembered her muscles had grabbed it and squeezed it and gave me the feeling it was trying to suck me in. She had her fingers in my hair and rubbing her hairy cunt all over my face and her ass was bouncing up and down, This is when I slid my forefinger in with my middle. Two fingers in her ass and my thumb in her puss. Just like a bowling ball. She was going wild. With the hold I had on her I could move her anywhere I wanted.

I felt her ass tighten followed by her cunt squeezing my thumb, and out came the last of the beer, and this time, there was a different taste than just the beer. I continued sucking and licking as she fell back on the pad and again appeared to pass out. I wondered if this new taste was her cumming. I like it and I ran my tongue as far up her pussy as I could go to get all the taste I could.

After this, I didnt know what to do until she would come around. I looked at her hairy pussy. I looked at her ass that was gaping just a little from my two fingers. I wanted some of that tight ass, but I remembered she wanted to become my cum slut, so I decided to wait for her to tell me what she wanted next.

It wasnt long before she came around. She looked like she was doing an assessment of all her holes to to see what I had been up to. She smiled, took another drink of ale and came to me for a wet, juicy kiss.

What have you done to me big boy? Have you had your way with me while I couldnt say no? She was smiling.

No. Nothing Miss Ana. If you are going to be my cum slut, Im going to let you decide what you want next

Lets go to the bed room. I think I know what you want. She went to the night stand and opened a drawer. I went to the sex store in the next city and they said this was the slickest lube they had. I know you loved my butt, so if you go slow and easy, you can ass fuck me.

Thats all I needed to know. I grabbed the lube, smeared it all over my hard cock and tried to get as much as possible in her asshole.

I got her in the spooning position and started sliding my finger in and out of her hole. At first she gave me some wait, just slower. I went slow and was sliding in and out with ease. In went the second finger. Again she knew something was happening. After she was getting use to two fingers, I took them out and moved into position to slide my dick into her most prized possession. She was a little high and had cummed once, but she stiffened when she felt my dick about to go in. I went very slowly and it didnt go in as easy as it had when she was passed out. I had to push a lot harder. I felt my dick head pop past her ass muscle and stopped. I was in. She squeezed down hard, but didnt say any thing. After a pause, she shoved a little back toward my cock. I knew then I was going to get more and more ass fuckin.

I slowly slide all the way in. Her ass muscles were grabbing and relaxing. I love it. She had pushed as far toward me as she could. She started moaning again. I knew her fingers were on her clit and and she was matching me shoving and withdrawing my cock from her ass. We were the perfect fucking partners. We both shoved and withdrew and the same time.

I dont know how it happened, but just as I was about to shoot my load, her ass muscle grabbed me so tight and it just felt like it was trying to milk me. It pushed me over the edge. As I start shooting my load, I was moaning from the pleasure and Ana just started screaming. I shot the first load of the day and it had to have been a large one. She had stiffened just before passing out again.

I was spooning her and had my arms around her and had my hands full of titties. I was still in her ass and I was tired. I just lay there and drifted off to sleep.

Her movement woke me. As I become aware of what was going on, I looked at Ana. She was squatting with her hand under her ass and catching the cum oozing out. As she got her hand full, she raised it to her mouth. She shut her eyes and swallowed slowly. She went back to her ass and got another hand full and this time as she swallowed it, she then licked her fingers and gave a little purr.

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