The education of the entrepreneurial artist in Spain

The education of the entrepreneurial artist in Spain

Isabel Villagar
Isabel Villagar, Spanish Vocal Coach

By Isabel Villagar, vocal coach

The cultural market is in a complicated situation due to the economic situation, the decrease of spectators, the lack of public aids, etc.

There are large amounts of proposals, companies, initiatives and quality products, but the distribution channels are saturated.

On the other hand, the legislation regarding artists is obsolete.

The way of managing culture in Spain has followed a model focused on public aid and "all for free" has been very damaging to the sector. So much without recognizing the effort involved for the entire sector to bring a show to light .

The patronage

On the other hand, the patronage law does not really help local companies and institutions really support cultural projects. The rise of micro-patronage or collective financing must take into account, as well as the possibility of collaborating with other companies in the sector that have complementary activities.

And in addition, there is a lack of entrepreneurial and labor training on the part of the artists / creators that impede knowledge of the system in which they move and face major projects.

There is a lack of knowledge about the rights and duties of the musician

Regarding the didactic shows, there are currently many theater companies that make children's shows and various halls and town halls that schedule shows with the aim of forming the audience and as a complementary activity for the teaching centers.

The shows directed to the public of primary (during the academic course) and the familiar public (especially in the period of vacations - Christmas, Easter, summer-.

In favor of this line of services, it must be said that parents usually attend activities that provide educational value and diversity and because they want to share quality time with their children because they have less time to dedicate to them but the offer must have a low price and be very well managed.

In family shows you have to take into account the times of leisure and the price in the offer of the show for the viable sea the assistance of 3 or 4 people.

One could speak of a seasonal market and representations are offered during the school period and family representations on weekends or holidays.

Music as an extracurricular activity

The schools usually schedule extraordinary activities outside the center that must be included in the annual general programming and approved by the school council.

In the case of shows for high school students: there are practically no musical shows that suit their tastes and concerns, so it is a potentially interesting line.

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