The coming political war

The coming political war

Roland Denis

This is a translation of an article originally posted in Castilian by Roland Denis in La guerra política que viene.

"Calling this government criminal more than for the repression that is deepening every day, but for the mortality that it is creating between hunger and disease and corruption itself is not an exaggeration in that sense at all."

We are in a crisis crisis. The bureaucratic corporate system that was born in the middle of the last decade with Chávez and his conversion to a discursively self-governing but increasingly corporate socialism and absorbed by the privileged leaders of the armed force ratified a state model and an old policy linked to progressivism that it became an old and worn transforming thesis. With Nicolás, these premises are deepened until they become a mafia, institutional and economically collapsed state. The crisis on that crisis is precisely what has already begun to be lived these days sustained in a global strategy led by the United States and which in the end is helped by the internal collapse that is playing out in these days its most horrible hours, all at the gates of widespread famine. Calling this government criminal more than for the repression that is deepening every day, but for the mortality that it is creating between hunger and disease and corruption itself is not an exaggeration in that sense at all.

Naturally, this is going to end up exploding and go to levels of division and chaos that the very evolution of the facts will show us. Whether or not Nicolás Maduro remains in the presidency, which I doubt very much, the sale of our resources and companies is shrouded in nationalist globalism that the most authoritarian anti-Yankee right-wing groups sponsor in the world. The Turkey case is paradigmatic in this sense, although Erdogan remains a pampered puppy for NATO that hides all its barbarities, as well as the support of the European far-right to the Nicolás government.

Nothing is certain except an evident pro-yankee right-wing rise that even the popular classes applaud desperately, cracking the internal units within the state apparatus and leaving this authoritarian model of the nationalist right-wing that it reproduces with greater emphasis every day, to return the brot of liberal democracy of the 4th Republic nostalgias who also -and is already doing so by introducing Zionist cells into the territory- will furiously awaken the fascist unconscious that joins the more conservative society, reservoir of an "anti-communist" hatred that the same media lines reproduce.

Following the arguments of my friend Parra between the increasingly intense red fascism revolving around the FAES together with satrap groups that have nothing of revolutionary work collectives and the fascism of conservative blue robes and their crosses of Christ and David we do not see substantial differences except the declared enemies of each one at this time. Although, paradoxically, both are approaching and becoming the same repressive garbage as collective bodies of emancipatory resistance are reborn, which are the terror of any fascism, whatever its clothing.

The coming political war in terms of confrontation and a universal model was born with the end of the cold war, the partition of Yugoslavia and especially in the civil wars in the Middle East more than ten years ago (with its worst expression in Syria) and the most evident imperialist interference to deepen its destructive character as it works in its favor. It is the same systemic crisis of a capitalism that is losing all productivity and virtual, pure, polycentric and hyper-concentrated accumulation was made. This tends to be so until the end of the capitalist power model, it is its death soul.

Venezuela as the months of a terrifying internal crisis created by the Mafia State all go by; cycle after cycle of the deepening of this Crisis of Crisis seems to be the backyard chosen for the eruption of these mercenary wars in Ouramerica where only the imperial powers take advantage, whatever the color of command over the government. Our only victory as peoples will be outside and at an absolutely clear distance from the State with its own strength and thought. This will be a legitimate polarization, but not between political gangs as it is today, but between the end of a personalized criminal era in its mercenary agents and the synthesis of a libertarian human spirit that refuses to die.

Of course, if we talk about the introduction of a mercenary confrontation in territorial terms we also add industries, fields, oil, mining, and everything that is the network of public goods, this war will have its stake. What is it all about? From a real fight for the means of production (including water and the electrical system) that unlike what has happened in the Middle East, in this case the blood runs inside. All these fascist formulas will seek control and profit under different schemes, some of them privatizers, others more statist but equally willing to deliver to transnational corporate interests that are already discussed in the so-called constituent assembly. While the forces of resistance and libertarians will know how to recognize themselves as a political fact of collective subjectivity and real action completely outside of this bandaic context. Of course I am betting on it, it is a dear assumption after more than more than three decades of struggle. Nothing is more valid than the fight for the means of production and direct democracy than Venezuela. There is no defeated people...