The best and most beloved superheroes of the World

The best and most beloved superheroes of the World

Since we were little, we have grown up with the image of several superheroes, feeling great admiration for them, since the cartoons and animated films, even interpreted by real actors that are seen on television and / or in the cinema, are full of feats and acts Amazing heroics of the different characters.

For this reason, even when they grow up, there are many people who continue to consume all the superhero related material, not only because it takes them a trip to the past when they were children, but because they are still amazing stories that delight anyone to see.

It is not surprising then that great fans, no matter how old they are, usually buy t-shirts, sweaters, posters, and of course action figures such as those found in the superheroes store, especially if they are the most beloved superheroes as:

• Batman: also known as the dark knight, Batman's story is captivating, since little Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents. Since then, he decided to fight crime by adopting a disguise and using millionaire resources for it.

• Superman: this is one of the favorite superheroes of people who like this world. This man who adopts the name of Clark Kent, was sent to earth before Krypton, where he was originally from, exploded. Upon reaching the earth, I develop super powers that we already know, such as super strength, flying ability and speed.

• Spiderman: In the story of spiderman, we see an ordinary teenager who, unfortunately or rather, fortunately, is bitten by a radioactive spider that provides arachnid powers to Peter Parker. From then on this young man begins to relate to his powers, and adopts a suit to perform as Spiderman.

• Wonder Woman: she is one of the most wonderful women as her name in the world of superheroes indicates. Being the first superhero, it is understandable because it is the most beloved. Daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, this woman is tremendously powerful, with abilities like healing, speed, great reflexes, I knew strength and ability to fly.

• Iron Man: Tony Stark is a millionaire man who is behind the Iron Man suit, which was built after he was kidnapped by a militiaman to make weapons for this, however, what he builds is the red armor, and partly golden that we all know well.

• Captain America: he is a great favorite for being the representation of America as a man of his forces. Captain America was a common soldier who was serving in the Second World War, until he took the famous super soldier serum, which allowed him to evolve in many aspects, and become the superhero we want.

Of course there are many other superheroes like Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange, or even mutants like Wolverine and more that are less known as for example Shazam, Catwoman, Supergirl, and there are for all true lovers of the world of superheroes, but those already named They are the most loved by people.