The answer to the Fake News Witch Hunt

The answer to the Fake News Witch Hunt

Ryo Cook

So here it is. Is this the answer to countless steps against so-called "Fake News" a.k.a. free media? I can't tell it right now, but it's a beginning

It reads like a bad movie plot. The EU calls ISIS and Russian propaganda as the same and condemn it. The politician and old media pressing Facebook and Google to go against those "Fake News" on their platforms. What is Fake News? There are countless stories from old and mass media that are proven to be fake, wrong or throughout propaganda.

Yes, your beloved media like CNN, Springer, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, they all got their fake stories. Some more (just looking to CNN at the moment), or some less. Now there is a multiple border war against the free press. The horrible thing is, by the own media in the fear of alternative media becoming more relevant than themselves. And yes, there are the big, bad Russian news... Umm. Really?

Apparently the EU and the mass media in the USA are thinking YOU, yes you, having no right to decide for your own what's "fake" or not. But that is the essential of free media.

In a free press world, you decide what's fake or not. In a social censoring world, others decide what's fake for you.

The perfect world. "our" news are always correct, the "others" are fake. You know, there has been a Nazi tool in World War II, that prohibited to listen to "Feindsender". Broadcasting stations from "enemy nations". It looks like that the EU, Facebook and Google, just found their "Feindsenders". At the moment you won't get punished by law. But you get discredited, taken away your income from your work, and probably losing audience when banned from Adsense and other ad networks. This is the same tool transformed in the information age.

Information... the most valuable good you have in this age. Now it will be put under siege from governments and from those who don't want to lose their grip on these powerful thing.

Don't stop, don't let them blind you. Keep the information alive, everywhere. On, on Twitter, on your blog, on alternative platforms. If you get banned, open 2 more accounts for that one banned and spread the word. Fake news? Sometimes these "fake news" have more merit than the "accepted news". Because the truth is inconvenient, almost every time.

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