The World's First Futa's Daughters 04 - Futa's First Arab Passion Chapter 1: Nova's Cuckolding Wedding Night

The World's First Futa's Daughters 04 - Futa's First Arab Passion Chapter 1: Nova's Cuckolding Wedding Night


The Worlds First Futas Daughters – Futas First Arab Passion

Chapter One: Novas Cuckolding Wedding Night

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

December 23rd, 2038 – Nova Alfarsi

What was it like to be the first futa to enroll in King Njam bin Mohammad program to introduce futas to the Arab world?

Terrifying, I answered, shifting in the seat, my hijab wrapped about my face. It was a colorful affair, chosen by Wahida. But also eager. I wanted to help my futa-mother out. She had this dream of futas being accepted everywhere.

Yes, President Woodward is very eager for it, said Adelia. The talk show host shifted as she sat beside me. She was a beautiful woman with caramel skin, her black hair swaying about her face. I was being interviewed on her afternoon show. Our talk was being streamed across the world. Do you have a close relationship with your mother.

No, I said. Not my futa-mother. But, well, she has so many daughters, she cant know us all.

Is that hard?

I shook my head. I understand. And I had a great life growing up. My mother told me stories of her time with my futa-mother on the cheer squad.

Adelia smiled. I think we all remember those games. She shifted as I heard the audience giggle. So, Nova, did you convert to Islam as well?

Of course, I said, smiling. It was partly what motivated me to accept the offer to go to the Middle East and marry into Talib Alfarsis family. Its been a wonderful experience.

Even with what happened to you? she asked, her eyes pouring into mine.

I raised my chin and answered with confidence, Yes.


July 23rd, 2038

I trembled as I cleared customs at King Khalid International Airport. I slipped my passport into my dress, my heart pounding in my head. I was here. In the Kingdom. I couldnt believe I was doing this. I must be insane to be here, but...

I couldnt help but admire the Arab women moving through the airport. They all had this air of mystique. Graceful and lovely as they were covered up in long dresses, hijabs wrapped around their heads if they werent in the full burqa covering every bit of them but their hands and the small slit in their veil showing their eyes. Unlike the West, women here didnt show off their attributes. No tits spilling out of low-cut blouses, no asses clad in shorts so tight they might as well be painted on, and no wanton eagerness to be noticed.

These women were all mysteries. What were their breasts like? Their asses? Legs? I had no idea. It was a thrill to find out. My clit-dick throbbed in my panties, my pussy itching with excitement as I gripped my luggage, wheeling it out through the airport.

This was my new home. I was so far away. My mother thought I was crazy, but my futa-mother wanted this. The King of Saudi Arabia had promised to protect any futa who married a Muslim man who had at least one wife. Talib sounded excited to have a futa for a wife.

The miracle from Allah, a man said.

My head turned around to a young, tall man with a goatee. He wore the white headdress with the red pattern on it that you saw on Saudi men, a band holding it tight to his head. He wore a suit besides that, a blend of Western culture and his own. He smiled at me.

Oh, Nova, what a treat to see your radiance in person, he said as he reached me. He grabbed my shoulders and kissed me on both cheeks, his goatee rubbing on my flesh.

Talib? I asked.

You sound unsure, he said, taking my luggage from me. Dont I look as handsome in person as I do when we video chatted?

Yes, yes, I said. Its just been a long flight. This is all overwhelming.

Of course, of course, he said, hooking my arm with his. He led me through the airport. I am glad you are here. My cousin is eager to make this whole plan work. Hes excited that I am marrying you.

King Njam is really your cousin? I asked.

Third cousin, he said, nodding his head. Its hard to get a job in the oil ministry if youre not connected to the royal family. So have no fear, your safety is guaranteed.

Theres... a danger to my safety? I asked.

Some are not... as enthusiastic of futas entering the Kingdom, said Talib. They do not accept the miracle of your mother, or think shes from Shaitan.

Ah, I said, swallowing. I lifted my head. Well, I had made my choice. I was here to support my futa-mothers ideas for a world of peace and tranquility. I would be an ambassador, leading the way. I hoped more and more of my futa-sisters followed.

Now, I know you must be tired, but my cousin wishes to get the formalities out of the way, he said as we exited the airport. Im afraid we must have our wedding today before anything can... get in the way.

Of course, I said.

I almost wilted at the heat that washed over me. I gasped as we left the air-conditioned airport into the blistering sunlight of the desert. I had never felt the temperature so hot. The sun almost pounded on my head through my hijab. I swayed for a moment, held upright by my husband-to-be. Before us was a dark town car. He opened the rear door for me.

I climbed into blessed cool. I groaned in delight as he closed the door. I shifted in my sight as he stowed my luggage in the trunk. I blinked my eyes and looked around. We were in a Mercedes. The interior was leather, smooth. My hand touched it, feeling the rich texture as he slipped into the driver seat.

Karimi Mosque, he said to the car and then he turned around. I was one of the first to adopt Mercedess self-driving car. Many men in the Kingdom dont want to give up control, but theyre popular with our women.

The car pulled from the airport curve. Because they arent technically driving? I thought women could drive in the Kingdom.

Technically, he said. But, again, some are not nearly as enlightened as me. Allah willing, your presence and those of your futa-sisters will change that.

I nodded, glad I was doing my part for the world. I rubbed my hands together.

Nova, he said. That is an exploding star, yes?

Yes, I said. My mother thought I would be more radiant than her, and since her name is Starr...

Its a beautiful name, he said.

I smiled and nodded, my eyes going to the tinted windows. I gazed outside at the passing streets. More women in veils and burqas and hijabs. It was so exciting. My clit-dick tingled again as I glanced at them, my heart beating faster and faster. I couldnt wait to make love to an Arab woman.

To Wahida.

Despite my tiredness from the flight, I was young. Eighteen. An eagerness shot through me. This was my wedding day, and it was so unlike anything I had imagined. I rubbed my hands on my long skirt, a brown fabric dotted with white flowers. My breasts rose and fell in my bodice, my nipples tingling in my bra.

The car parked itself in the narrow street before the mosque. It stood out from the surrounding buildings, the exterior almost a pristine white. The roof was domed and had a tower thrusting above it topped by minarets. It had a special feeling about it.

I licked my lips. It was different from the Mosque back in Tacoma. This place felt ancient. Like it had been here since the start of Islam. A thousand or more years. I trembled as Talib moved around the limousine. He opened my door and offered his arm.

Thank you, I said, my heart beating faster and faster.

He led me inside, and I gasped to see that there were cameras here. It looked like reporters, including a few women, had waited at the mosques antechamber. The cameras flashed around me. I smiled, trembling. I was the ambassador of futas. I had to be perfect.

It was all such a blur for the next hour. I just kept smiling and nodding. My Arabic was rudimentary. Talib spoke English, but many others didnt seem to. I met Imam Hoosam Karimi, the man who had written the fatwa finding that futas were the divine product of Allah sent to transform the world. Then Wahida appeared, wearing a maroon hijab and blue dress, her delicate face smiling.

My heart beat fast as I stared at my future sister-wife. She was Talibs wife, the woman whom I would unite with. My clit-dick swelled to its full girth as she gave me a chaste hug. I felt the warmth of her body through her dress. She felt petite. I couldnt wait to unwrap her.

To find out how beautiful she was beneath her dress. It would be such a treat to explore.

I wanted to kiss her lips. They were so delicious looking. I wanted to just claim her, to thrust my tongue into her mouth. But we werent alone here. There were the reporters. The imam and his wife. It would be a mistake for us to do anything.

Before I knew it, I was kneeling down and marrying my husband. He held my hands while vows were declared. I promised to be his wife, to love and honor him, while he promised to take care of me. It made my heart pound to say these words.

I wasnt thrilled to seal our marriage with a kiss, I wasnt into men. I was into women. Into Wahida. I wanted to do wicked things with her. I wanted to just enjoy her. It would be amazing. My heart pounded with the excitement, eager to leave the Mosque and arrive at my new home.

Of doing naughty things to my husbands wife.

Isnt she just perfect? Talib said when we were married. He had his arm around my waist, holding me tight while the cameras rolled. King Njam has seen the future. Futas are part of Allahs plan. They are here to revitalize the world. Only fools would not accept it.

And it doesnt bother you bringing a hermaphrodite into your house? asked a reporter. With your wife.

With our wife, said Talib, smiling. That is the point. Our own King shared his queens with President Woodward. Futas are not bound by the same laws as us humans. They are divine beings. This is Allahs will.

To be cuckolded? asked the reporter.

It is not cuckolding, said the imam. He moved forward, breaking away from one of his two wives. I couldnt help but notice the smooth cheeks of the mature woman. She looked so graceful in her dress. She stared at me, this look flashing across her face, her dusky cheeks darkening.

A tingle raced through me as Talib led me out of the mosque, leaving the imam to deal with the reporters. I shuddered as we slipped outside, my heart racing in my chest. This was all so much. The heat was so intense it almost overwhelmed me. I felt dazed by the attention.

In moments, I was in the backseat of the car with Wahida. She hadnt said a word to me yet. She glanced at me, licking her lips. She had her hands folded before her. They rubbed together. She swallowed, her hips shifting from side to side.

Im not going to hurt you, I told her, taking her hand.

She swallowed again.

Wahida knows that, said Talib from the front seat.

I do, said Wahida. I just... She glanced forward, biting her lower lip. She looked so beautiful. Her lips were just so perfect. I wanted to lean over and kiss her.

I scooted closer to her. I brushed my fingers over her forehead, pushing back an errant strand of her silky, black hair that had escaped her hijab. Her cheeks darkened red. She had this pale, dusky skin. It contrasted with my pale skin.

Im going to be such a good futa-wife to you, I purred. Im going to love you. Show you things that youve never imagined.

Her blush deepened.

I know how to love other women, I kept purring. I have done things with them. Trust me, youll love every minute of it.

She will, groaned Talib. We both will.

Hes going to watch as I do all these naughty things to you, I purred, my finger stroking down her cheek. I turned her head as the streets of Riyadh passed us by. Doesnt that sound exciting?

Wahida swallowed. If our husband wants to... to watch us... I...

You can say it. I leaned closer and closer to her. My finger caressed her jawline. I loved the feel of her. It was such a treat to be able to touch her. That you want to do naughty things with a futa. I have a cock, but I also have a pussy. Were going to have so much fun.

Nova, she whimpered. She glanced at her husband. Talib was watching us, letting his car drive us. I... I... have been thinking of nothing else since Talib told me his intentions of marrying a futa. I have watched videos of your mothers... antics.

Her fucking every delicious woman she can? I asked, arching an eyebrow.

She nodded her head.

I couldnt hold back any longer. I had to kiss her. My lips planted on hers. I kissed her with all my passion. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She moaned as her mouth melted against mine. She whimpered as my tongue caressed her. I stroked her, my tongue circling hers.

She tasted so sweet. This was my wife. I might have married Talib, but it was Wahida I would love. He brought me here so he could watch me fuck his wife. To breed her and put a futa-daughter in her womb.

My dick throbbed harder and harder. My panties drank in the juices flooding out of me. They were trapping in my excitement. My tongue darted around hers, caressing hers as I pictured that joy. The wicked things I would do to her while our husband watched.

It would be just amazing.

My hand slid up her dress, feeling the warmth of her body. She whimpered into the kiss as I came closer and closer to her breasts. I cupped her, felt the delight of her. It would be amazing. I savored the feel of her tit, squeezing her small mound.

A small, little breast.

She broke the kiss, gasping, Nova.

I rubbed my nose against her. Mmm, were going to have so much fun, my sister-wife.

Her eyes blinked. Then she glanced up front. Talib watched us with hungry eyes. She swallowed. Her head turned and then she kissed me again. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. Deep. Hers played with mine. It felt incredible to enjoy. Her passion. Her wild heat.

I couldnt wait for the delights to come.

The car pulled up to a parking garage. Talib broke away while I stopped kissing our wife. He opened his window and swiped the gate, then he drove his car inside. We were in the parking garage of some sort of apartment complex. It felt so modern.

My excitement soared. In moments, we were parked and heading upstairs in the elevator. We rode it to the penthouse. I groaned as we stepped out into the apartment. I hardly noticed, clinging to Wahida. Her cheeks were bright red. They glowed with her excitement. I had awakened something inside of her. A wild passion.

Silk sheets adorned the bed, dark and luxurious. The curtains were drawn. There was such intimacy to the room. I grabbed my hijab, pulling it off, exposing my blonde hair. Wahida looked at me, her eyes wide. She licked her lips as she watched me began unbuttoning my dress.

You have gold hair, she moaned. She stroked my hair as I worked my dress open.

Talib watched us, leaning against the wall. His eyes were hard as his wife quivered with excitement beside me. She wanted me. She ached for me. I would do such hot things to her, give her pleasures our husband never had.

Her eyes widened as I slipped out of my dress, exposing my round breasts cupped by my flowery bra. Matching panties, cut in futa-fashion to hold my throbbing girl-dick, cupped my cock. Her breath quickened as she stared at me. Her tongue flicked across her lips.

She was eager to see her first futa-cock.

Take off my bra, I purred. My panties.

Yes, Talib groaned, squeezing his swelling cock through his pants.

Wahida came closer and closer to me. She almost pressed against me. She reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I shuddered as her lips hovered right before mine. I darted in and captured her lips. I kissed her with passion as she undid my bra. She slipped the straps off my shoulder while our tongues danced together.

Her hands slid down my chest. She cupped my breasts with her trembling hands. Her fingers dug into my flesh. It was incredible to feel her fingers digging into me. Her digits caressed me, teased me. It was the best.

I broke the kiss. Now my panties.

This... she stepped back from me and glanced down. Her eyes locked on my bulge. You really have both?

Find out, I said.

I groaned as, to my delight, she fell to her knees before me. I didnt expect that. It was so hot. She hooked her fingers into my panties and yanked them down. My girl-cock sprang out, thrusting out from my blonde bush. My pussy dripped with excitement as she drew down my panties lower and lower. My clit-dick throbbed with my heartbeat.

Allah be praised, groaned Talib. What a sight. A true miracle. Isnt she, Wahida?

Yes, moaned my sister-wife, her eyes locked on my cock throbbing before her. She grabbed my dick, stroking me. Her fingers felt amazing wrapped around my shaft. This is... a living miracle. She has both, my husband.

She is, Talib groaned.

So are you, I purred, grabbing Wahidas shoulders. I drew her up to her feet and pulled off her hijab, exposing the glory of her black hair. Her strands fell like silk around her dusky, flushed face. Her black eyes were glossy with excitement as my hands shot to the buttons of her blue dress.

The young woman trembled as I worked. She licked her lips, pink and glossy. I opened the front of her dress, her small breasts cupped in a white bra. Her dusky flesh looked so inviting. I pressed the dress off her shoulders, the cloth falling down her body. Her panties were pristine, cut high, her excitement soaking through, forming a dark spot.

I pressed her back on the bed. She sank down as I followed, my futa-dick throbbing before me. Her hand grabbed my cock. She stroked me. Her hand pumped up and down my shaft as she licked her lips. My hands slid up her body to her breasts.

I unhooked her bra as pleasure rippled down my cock to my juicy cunt. My cream leaked out, dribbling hot down my thigh as I drew off her bra. Her hand released my dick as I threw her bra to the side. Her breasts were small and cute.

They were just so perfect. Little breasts that were topped by brown nipples. She had a brown birthmark over her left nipple. Thats cute.

Shes my heart, said Talib from the corner.

Wahida trembled and licked her lips.

My hands cupped both her breasts as she grabbed my dick again. She pumped her hand up and down my girl-dick, sending such delight rushing down my body. My cunt clenched, juices spilling down my thighs.

Our wife has such delicious breasts, doesnt she? I asked, my fingers kneading those small breasts, hearing her whimper. I loved the birthmark.

Yes, she does, Talib said. Hed removed his headscarf, his hair short beneath. He undid his tie as he watched. The dark cloth whisked against his suit as he took it off. I smiled at him as I leaned down and sucked on his wifes nipple.

Wahida gasped in delight as I sucked on her nipple. I swirled around her nub. Then I nibbled on her. She whimpered as her nipple throbbed in my mouth. My hands stroked her body as she whimpered. Talib stripped naked, watching me. I could feel his excitement.

He was getting off by being cuckolded by a futa.

My right hand slid down Wahidas hips to her panties. I slid into them. I was shocked to find her shaved. My fingers caressed her warm skin, reaching lower and lower. I cupped her twat. I rubbed her cunt. I caressed her, stroked her. My fingers slid up and down her shaved pussy lips.

Nova! gasped Wahida. Talib, shes... shes...

Fingering your twat? our husband asked, his voice throaty. Is she making your pussy feel good?

She is, Wahida moaned. I... I... Shes got her fingers in me and shes sucking on my nipples. This... I... Yes, I love this!

Her passion was so intoxicating. Her pussy squeezed around my digits. Her hot flesh gripped my fingers. She felt so incredible. I pumped in and out of her, making her whimper. As she squirmed, her panties squeezed tight around my hand.

I popped my mouth off her nipple. I stared at Talib. He was naked, his dick looking so small as it thrust from his thick, wiry, black bush. He was a muscular man. So different from the soft, feminine delight of Wahida.

Mmm, come make our wife feel amazing, I purred. Suck on her little titties with me.

Wahida gasped in surprise. Her pussy clenched down on my fingers. You want... Talib to.. to...

Please you? I asked. Hes your husband. He should be eager to make love this amazing body you have.

Allah be praised! groaned Talib. He stumbled forward, stroking his cock.

I winked at him. We would be sharing Wahida for the rest of our lives. She was our wife. I shuddered, eager for this treat. I sucked on Wahidas nipple while fingering her juicy twat. Her pussy squeezed around my fingers while her hand tightened on my girl-cock.

She pumped her hand up and down my cock, my pussy juices dripping down my shaft. Her hand caressed me as I loved her nub. The bed creaked as Talib joined us. He leaned down and nuzzled into our wifes other breast.

He sucked on her nipple.

Wahida gasped, her pussy clenching hard about my fingers. Her juices soaked my digits. I pumped them in and out of her depths, making her squirm and gasp. Had she ever had an orgasm? I wanted to give her so many of them.

Talib groaned as he sucked on her other nipple. We loved her together. We suckled at her dark nubs, making her moan and gasp. She shuddered on the bed, her body wiggling from side to side. We pleasured her while I thrust my fingers deep into her twat.

Oh, Talib! she moaned. Nova! This is incredible. Im going... Im going to... Im going to orgasm.

I ripped my mouth off her nipple and thrust my fingers deep into her twat. My thumb slid beneath her panties to find her clit. I massaged her bud as I stared into her dark eyes. She whimpered, her eyes squeezing shut.

Cum! I moaned. Dont hold back, Wahida. Just explode. Youre such an Arab beauty.

She whimpered. Her body arched. Talib sucked on her nipple while my fingers plundered her juicy cunt. Her eyes fluttered. And then she gasped out in delight. Her pussy convulsed around my digits. Her cream gushed out, bathing my hand.

I gave my wife her first orgasm.

I kissed her. She moaned into my mouth. Her tongue danced with mine. Our lips worked together as she squirmed through her orgasm. Her pussy writhed around my digits. Her hand tightened on my futa-cock as she experienced her pleasure.

I broke the kiss, listening to her whimper and mewl in delight. Her eyes fluttered as she squirmed on the bed. Her pussys spasms slowed to a stop. I pulled my fingers out of her panties, my digits coated in her juices. I inhaled them.

Tangy delight.

Mmm, our wife smells delicious, Talib, I said.

He popped his mouth off her nipple, his eyes wild. His nose twitched. She does. Thats her womanly passion.

Uh-huh, I said and popped my fingers into my mouth. I sucked the tangy cream off my digits, reveling in the flavor of them. My lips sealed about my digits, my heart beating faster and faster as I nursed on them.

She licked her lips, her hand stroking my girl-cock.

Mmm, does that excite you, huh? I asked her. That Im tasting you.

It does, Wahida moaned, her hand stroking up and down my cock. Im wondering what... She swallowed and glanced at Talib.

Are you wondering what I taste like? I asked, such heat surging through me.

She nodded her head and licked her lips again.

I smiled at her then I stretched out on the bed, my round breasts rising and falling. My futa-dick throbbed over my belly. My pink nipples ached atop my breasts, begging to be played with. I fought off the urge to grab them and twist.

Come and taste me, I purred. Love me with your mouth.

Wahida glanced at Talib, her body trembling. He nodded, his eyes as glossy with lust as hers.

The slender Wahida rolled onto her hands and knees. She settled between my spread open legs. Her black hair fell down around her delicate face. She stroked her hands down my thighs, wicked sensations rippling down my body to my cunt. My snatch clenched and my futa-dick throbbed with eager anticipation.

She licked her lips as she lowered her head. I groaned as she nuzzled into my blonde bush. This Arab beauty took her first swipe of pussy. I groaned, my girl-cock throbbing and twitching as her tongue ran across my folds. Such a wicked delight surged through me.

Ooh, Wahida, yes, I moaned. Run that tongue up and down my folds. Ooh, yes, yes, just tease me. Love me.

Love her, our husband groaned.

I glanced at him than a wicked shudder ran through my body. Mmm, why dont you take off her panties and return the favor?

He blinked at me.

Shes got a juicy pussy, I purred. Love her. Eat her out. Show her how much you worship her, Talib.

He swallowed. Our wife moaned into my pussy, her tongue fluttering up and down my folds. My futa-dick throbbed and twitched. Her hand grabbed it, stroking it as she feasted on me. I watched Talib, his chest rising and falling.

Lets share our wife, I purred. This is why you married me, yes? So Wahida would be wild in bed. So you could have the thrill of watching her do naughty things. Well, itll be more fun if you play, too.

Allah defend, but you are a wanton thing, Nova, he groaned, moving.

I am, I moaned. Just the way Allah created me.

I shuddered as Wahidas tongue fluttered up to the base of my cock. She kept licking up my shaft, climbing and climbing. I groaned, my toes curling. Our husband knelt down behind her, drawing her panties off as she lapped up to the tip of my girl-dick.

I groaned when she reached the tip. Her tongue flicked against the spongy crown. She danced around it, teasing me. Pleasure flowed through me. This wicked treat that had me shuddering. I groaned as her dark eyes stared into mine.

How did I taste? I asked her.

Tart, she moaned. Like strawberries and... Talib!

I smiled, seeing his eyes over her curving rump. He must have his mouth nuzzled into her shaved flesh, licking our wife. Wahida moaned again then she sucked on the tip of my girl-dick. Her lips sealed around my shaft, her mouth engulfing more and more of me.

Mmm, yes, yes, Talib, I moaned, Wahida sucking on my dick. Her cheeks hollowed. Get her pussy wet for my cock. You see how much bigger I am? She needs to be ready for me.

She will be, he groaned. My heart will be ready.

I smiled then gasped as Wahida sucked harder.

Her fingers stroked my pussy lips as her mouth bobbed up and down my girl-dick. She sucked with hunger, working her mouth up and down my cock. Her tongue danced. Two different pleasures spilled through me. My ass clenched and my back writhed.

Her fingers found the entrance to my cunt. Id never taken a cock in me, but I had used fingers and dildos. I groaned as she thrust a pair of digits into my juicy depths. My cunt clenched down on them, molding to them as her mouth sucked hard on my girl-dick.

She bobbed her head, sucking hard and with passion. I groaned and gasped as she plundered my pussy and blew my dick. The two different, yet equally wonderful, delights spilled through me. Her tongue caressed me. Her digits teased me.

Oh, Talib, shes hungry for my cum! I licked my lips. Mmm, shes good at sucking cock. Do you make her suck yours?

Of course, Talib moaned. My heart loves pleasing me. As much as she loves pleasing you.

Oh, I think she loves pleasing me more, I moaned. Shes so enthusiastic. She wants my cum flooding her mouth. My toes curled and my pussy clenched down on her thrusting fingers. Oh, yes, yes, Wahida. Ooh, Talib, keep licking her. Get her pussy ready for my big dick. Im going to have so much fun fucking her.

Yes, he whimpered.

My body squirmed as the pressure built and built in me. This wild pressure swelled in my ovaries. I came closer and closer to exploding. To experiencing that wonderful moment of my orgasmic bliss. She sucked so hard on my cock. She loved me.

She thrust her fingers faster and faster in my pussy.

Wahidas dark eyes locked on mine. Her flushed cheeks hollowed. My Arab wife loved me as our husband devoured her pussy. She wiggled her hips, clearly enjoying it. She sucked with such hunger. My ovaries quivered, the pressure building and building.

It was a treat. I couldnt wait for the explosive release. It would be incredible. A mighty detonation of rapture shooting out of my cock. I whimpered. My pussy clenched around her digits, increasing the pleasure building and building in me.

Wahida! I moaned. Im going to cum! Drink it! Drink all my jizz! Dont spill a drop!

No, dont, my heart! groaned our husband.

This cuckolding surge ran through me. It was so hot to be here. To be enjoying this. Arab women were so sexy, and I would enjoy them. My pussy clenched around Wahidas thrusting digits. She rammed them to the hilt in me, her mouth sucking hard with hunger.

I erupted.

My cum fired out of my girl-dick. My pussy convulsed around her digits. Hot flesh spasmed as she moaned. Her cheeks bulged with my cum, then she gulped it down. She swallowed my futa-jizz with hunger.

Pleasure fired from my girl-cock and rippled out of my pussy. Ecstasy and rapture. Two different, but wonderful delights. It was amazing being a futa and experiencing this passion. I whimpered on the bed, squirming back and forth. My body trembled, the pleasure rippling out from my pussy and firing from my dick.

Oh, Allah, yes! I moaned, my pussy writhing about her fingers. Suck down all the cum, Wahida!

Yes! Talib groaned. Do it, my heart! Please our new wife. Your futa-wife!

She is! I gasped. Keep eating her. Get her ready for my cock. Im going to want her badly. Im going to fuck her hard.

My body trembled through my orgasm. The heat surged through me. I groaned as my heart thundered in my chest. This wicked, wanton, wild passion consumed me. My eyes fluttered. I groaned, my body trembling on the bed.

Wahida sucked the last of the cum from my cock. She popped her mouth off my girl-dick and stared at me with glossy eyes. She wiggled her hips back and forth, grinding on our husbands licking mouth.

Oh, hes devouring me! she moaned. Hes eating me, my wife.

Good, I purred, cupping her face. Just explode on him.

I lifted her head and sat up. Her lips dripped with my pussy juices. More stained her chin. My cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth. As she moaned from the delight Talib gave her, I kissed her hard on the lips.

My tongue danced with hers. I tasted the mix of my salty cum and tart pussy. I trembled, loving her. She whimpered and moaned. Her hips wiggled back and forth. Then her hands grabbed my tits. She squeezed hard and gasped into my mouth.

I could tell she was cumming.

Her tongue danced with mine as Talib lapped at her pussy. My cuckold-husband readied our wife for my big futa-dick. I was so eager for this. I was still hard. Different futas inherited different aspects of our futa-mothers passions.

I had her stamina. I could fuck and fuck and stay hard for hours.

I broke the kiss. Wahida trembled. Her eyes burned bright as they stared at me. She licked her lips, trembling. Then she whimpered. I could see the passion burgeoning in her. That need to be filled by a real cock.

Say it, I whispered.

Nova, my wife, she groaned, her hands squeezing my dick. I need you in me. Making love to me. Im your wife. Youre my futa-wife. Let us consummate our passion.

Yes, Talib moaned.

I smiled and kissed Wahida again. As Talib watched us, I pressed my new bride down on to the bed. My pale breasts pressed into her small, dusky tits. Our nipples caressed. It was incredible to feel. A delight that had me shuddering. I couldnt wait to savor every moment of loving her. I would make her cry out in ecstasy.

Our tongues danced as she shifted beneath me. Our nipples brushed, sending excitement shooting down to my cock and pussy. My girl-dick throbbed and ached, pressing into her hot flesh. I groaned as my tongue dueled with hers.

Her hand slid between our bodies.

I whimpered into the kiss as she grasped my cock. She squeezed me and guided me to the shaved entrance of her pussy. I groaned at the feel of her juicy lips. Talib sat beside us, stroking his little cock like a good cuckold-husband.

I slammed my girl-dick into my new wife.

Wahida moaned into the kiss as I sank into the tight, hot depths of her pussy. Her silky cunt gripped me. Her twat wrapped around me. It was incredible to enjoy. I sank deeper and deeper into her. I savored the experience of being in her. That wonderful moment of penetration. That sweet delight of savoring her juicy cunt wrapped around my futa-dick.

It was incredible. Everything I hoped for when I agreed to this marriage.

I drew back my hips. My cock slid through her juicy depths. Then I thrust forward. I pumped my shaft away in her pussy. Her juicy snatch gripped me. I groaned into her lips, loving her with my every stroke. My dick plunged in and out of her.

Fuck my heart, groaned Talib. Oh, Nova, yes, yes! She loves it, doesnt she?

I broke the kiss and purred, Do you?

I do! groaned Wahida. Youre so huge. Oh, Talib, our new wife has such a huge cock. Shes stretching me wide open.

Good, good! he groaned, stroking himself. Enjoy the miracle of Allah. Savor her divine cock buried in you.

Yes! howled Wahida.

Her pussy clenched around me. She enjoyed my dick. Her pussy massaged me with every plunge into her pussy. Our flesh smacked together. My bush grew soaked with her juices. They dripped out of her, lubing the way for my thrusting cock.

I stared into her dark eyes as I savored her body. She shuddered beneath me while her hands grabbed my rump. She dug her fingers into me, her pussy clutching my cock. I groaned, thrusting harder. Faster. I pumped away at her. This amazing passion surged around me.

The ache built at the tip of my girl-dick.

Yes, yes, yes! she moaned, trembling beneath me. Oh, Nova! Oh, youre futa-cock is in me! Its amazing! You are truly one of Allahs miracles!

And youre just delicious, I moaned. Im going to cum in you. Breed you. Youre going to have my futa-daughter.

Yes, Talib moaned, stroking his dick faster. He watched us with hungry eyes, the rhythmic slapping of his masturbation mixed with the sound of my flesh smacking against Wahidas.

Wahidas pussy grew hotter and hotter around me. Her twat gripped my girl-dick. She held me tight, massaging me. Teasing me. This wonderful passion surged around me. I groaned, my heart beating faster and faster. This delight spilled through my body.

I would explode in her. I would flood her with so much cum. It would be incredible. I grunted and groaned, slamming into her with every hard plunge of my cock. I filled her again and again. Her pussy clenched around me.

She felt incredible. She massaged me. Teased me. I rubbed my nose against hers as our nipples caressed. Sparks burst from us. The pleasure surged down to my pussy and my throbbing cock every time our nipples kissed.

Oh, Talib, yes! she moaned. Im going to orgasm on this cock.

Cum! I moaned.

Yes, yes! she gasped. Cum! Im going to cum on this amazing dick! Oh, Talib! Oh, Nova! This is incredible. I am so glad you exist. You are a miracle!

A miracle! echoed Talib, his voice throaty. Cum on her cock, my heart. Explode on her dick!

Wahidas eyes widened. Her dark depths stared up at me. Then she shuddered. Her pussy convulsed around me. I thrust hard and fast into her. Her pussy was a juicy delight massaging my girl-dick and driving me wild.

I loved it.

Yes, yes, yes! I gasped, trembling on the bed. Oh, shes cumming!

I am!

Her pussy writhed around my plunging futa-dick. Every time I buried into her, I savored the feel of her rippling flesh. She sucked at me. The bliss flowed down my cock to my pussy. My cunt grew juicier and juicier. My ovaries tightened.

I savored her spasming. Her body shook, bucking up into mine. I pressed my temple against her forehead, staring into her eyes. They brimmed with such wild passion. Her pussy convulsed harder around my cock.

Cum in me! she moaned. Oh, my futa-wife. Breed me. I want your daughter! I want your cum in me!

Yes, yes, yes! I gasped, pumping hard.

I buried into her flesh. I slammed to the hilt in her. Every inch of my clit-dick was engulfed in her convulsing twat. Her flesh writhed around me, teasing me. This wicked heat built and built in me. I groaned as I stared into her eyes.

Then I erupted.

My cum fired into her pussys depths. I gasped out as the rapture shot through me. The pleasure surged out of my cock and into her juicy cunt. Her convulsing snatch milked me while my own twat spasmed, juices gushing out of me.

Oh, Allah, yes! I moaned.

Breed our wife! Talib moaned, his voice throaty. Yes!

Was he cumming? It sounded like it. I shuddered, my futa-dick spurting blast after blast of jizz into Wahidas cunt. My new wife squirmed beneath me. Her pussy milked me. She wrung out every drop of spunk out of me that she could.

I surged up to the pinnacle of rapture. I hung there as her pussy massaged my futa-dick. My ovaries unloaded the last spurt of cum while the ecstasy washed out of my cunt. Stars danced around my vision. This incredible delight filled me.

Wahida! I cried out and then groaned as the world grew dizzy. Oh, damn... I... I...

The intensity of my orgasm spilled over me. I blinked my eyes and then I collapsed on her. All the travel it took to get here finally caught up with me. I closed my eyes and I felt the wonderful peace of sleep tug me down.

I dreamed.

I slept.

I recovered.

I dont know how long I slept, but it was the sounds of women laughing that drew me out of my sleep. My futa-dick was hard. I blinked as I sat up in the bed, the black sheets falling off my body. I smiled as I remembered my wedding night and breeding my new wife while our husband watched.

I stretched, the talking drawing my attention to the door. My futa-dick was hard with my morning wood. I rolled out of bed and saw my suitcase was open. In the closet beyond it, the slatted doors left open, I could see some of my clothes hanging in there. Beside it was a dresser.

I found my thin, linen nightgown inside the top drawer and drew it on, my blonde hair spilling loose over my shoulders. My futa-cock pressed against the front of it, my erection hard and obvious, as I opened the door and peered out.

Wahida and two other women were sitting around a low table sipping tea. They had a carafe of it steaming on the marble table between them, the liquid a deep, dark red color. Wahida turned her head and smiled.

Good morning, Nova.

Morning, I said. Allahs blessing be upon you.

She smiled at me. I stepped into the room and felt the other two women staring at me. I recognized them both. The mature, first wife of the Imam and the younger, second wife. They both had their hijabs off, their black hair spilling about their faces.

They were both so gorgeous. My futa-dick throbbed as I felt their eyes on me. Something sparkled in the younger womans dark depths. My pussy itching with a wet heat, I sauntered towards them, my futa-dick throbbing against them.

Welcome to our home, I purred. We barely met. Im Nova Alfarsi.

To be continued...

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