The World of Erasthay - The Son of Lust Chapter 5: Pregnant Mother's Passion

The World of Erasthay - The Son of Lust Chapter 5: Pregnant Mother's Passion


"I want you to breed her and your daughters. Frelia and Iliasa need babies put in their wombs. You can fuck them until they're pregnant."

"Master," she gasped, shuddering. "But..."

"I can't do it," I muttered. "Not yet. But I want them pregnant and..." I smiled. "It's hot thinking that you're breeding your own daughters. That you're making more sylphs for me to love so that when I do figure this out, they can grow up and get bred by their brother-uncle."

"Yes, Master," Mother moaned.

Then she turned around and brought her girl-cock to the pussy dripping with my cum. She rubbed the tip of her hermaphrodite-dick into Mother Sianili's sloppy cunt. With a moan, she thrust forward and buried to the hilt in Sianili. My mother's curving belly slid over they sylph's rump, rubbing into that bubbly butt.

The impact swung the sylph forward up my mother's girl-cock. Then she slid back down, Mother Sianili gasping. Her head tossed, her white hair dancing. My dick throbbed as I watched the sight. My dragon mother's sapphire hair swayed down her back. Her big, milk laden breasts heaved as she fucked her bound wife.

She pounded her hard. With passion.

That pregnant belly slid over Mother Sianili's rump again and again. It was so hot watching the mother I'd bred fucking another women. My dick was hard and aching. My balls had such an itch in them to cum.

"You need your dick sucked, Master?" asked Frelia.

My eldest sister moved from around behind me. She was tall and with round breasts, dark-pink nipples topping them. Her violet hair swayed in the wind that only touched her body. Her yellow eyes, the same hue as Mother Sianili's, stared at me with a longing ache.

"Where did you come from?" I asked, surprised to see her.

"I felt that you were I need," she said while our mothers gasped and moaned and whimpered. "It itched in my pussy. So I followed it." She shuddered. "You're letting our mothers fuck."

"Our dragon-mother's going to be fucking you next," I said, pushing Frelia down to her knees. "She's going to pump her baby-making spunk into that sylph-cunt of yours. Just breed you. What do you think?"

"That if you want our mother to knock me up, then it makes me so wet, Master," she moaned. "Force me to be bred by her. Make me take my mother's dick."

She opened wide and sucked my dick, wet with her mother's pussy cream, into her mouth. She sucked on me with hunger as I watched my pregnant dragon-mother fucking her hips forward. Her huge tits heaved. She threw her head back, her moans echoing through the glade, rising above the sloppy sucking sounds Frelia gave my cock.

I groaned, loving my eldest sister's mouth sucking on my dick. She bobbed her lips down my shaft, sucking with greedy hunger. My dick twitched in her mouth as my dragon-mother's ass clenched. She rammed forward again, burying her dick into her wife's juicy cunt.

"I'm going to breed you!" she groaned. "My windy wisp is going to have that sexy, swollen stomach. She's going to have my daughter!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" gasped Mother Sianili, her voice full of delight. "Please, please, my sapphire, ram that cock into me. Make a baby in me. I love you!"

My dick throbbed in Frelia's sucking mouth. She bobbed her head, working that submissive and wet warmth up and down my cock. It was so hot watching my mother fuck her wife. The gold chain bounced along the curve of her belly. Her big boobs heaved, that sweet and creamy milk leaking from her nipples.

I grabbed Frelia's face and slammed my dick to the back of her throat. She didn't resist as I kept going. She swallowed me with a slurping gulp. I groaned as I sank down her gullet, the pleasure radiating through me.

My balls smacked into her chin. It was incredible to enjoy. A treasure to feel that delicious mouth and tight throat wrapped around my dick. I shuddered, my cock twitching and throbbing in her gullet. Her eyes stared up at me with such dewy passion. They brimmed with her submissive delight.

She hummed.

"Yes, yes, yes, just like that!" I panted, savoring the vibration of her passion sweeping around my dick. "Mmm, you're going to make me explode."

She sucked harder. Louder. Such noisy passion swirling around my dick. The ecstasy hummed around my cock. I leaned my head back, my dick twitching and throbbing. I would fire so much spunk into her stomach.

My balls would satiate her hunger.

She swirled her tongue around my dick's base while she kept moaning. Her vocal vibrations massaged my dick. The delight of it surged down to my aching balls. The pleasure was intense. Delightful. It was fantastic to feel.

I drew back. She sucked as I did. My cock's crown slid out of her throat and met the welcoming caress of her tongue. Her cheeks hollowed as she nursed on it. I gripped her violet hair and slammed forward again.

"Yes, yes, yes, my perfect sapphire!" gasped Mother Sianili. "I'm going to cum on your cock. I love your son's dick, I do, but I have missed you being in my pussy."

"I've missed it, too, my windy wisp!" Mother moaned. She glanced at me and beamed. "Thank you, Master, for letting me breed her."

"You've been a good Mommy-slut," I growled. "And the sylph-sluts need to be bred. Don't you, Frelia?"

She moaned around my cock, nodding her head. Her yellow eyes sparkled as bright as the sun.

I thrust into her mouth again. I fucked my dick down her throat, savoring that wonderful heat sliding around it. She moaned again. Swallowed. She massaged my cock with every delight she could, eager to please me. To make me cum down her throat. I shuddered, tightening my fingers in her hair as I rammed to the hilt down her throat again and again.

My balls cracked into her chin as I watched my dragon-mother's strokes increased. She fucked her wife's cunt with harder and harder thrusts. Her pregnant belly slid over Mother Sianili's rump again and again. It was so hot seeing a woman pregnant with my child, round and sexy.

My nuts tightened.

If I couldn't breed these women, then my mother could. I came from her womb. Her flesh was mine. Her blood flowed through my veins. It was the next best thing. Something to give my women what they deserved until I could find the solution.

And I would.

My excitement grew as Mother Sianili gasped. Her body quaked. The wind gusting around her swept over my mother's body. I blew her blue hair upward. She gasped and slammed forward, her pregnant belly quivering.

"My windy wisp!" gasped Mother. "I'm breeding you!"

"Your cum is mixing with your son's!" gasped Mother Sianili. "It's like you're both breeding me. Yes, yes, yes!"

"Fuck!" I growled, ripping my cock out of Frelia's mouth. "Turn around."

"Yes, Master!" she gasped, her voice hoarse. Drool ran down her chin. She spun around, sand kicking up around her knees. She thrust her ass at me, her hairless pussy dripping juices. "Pump your cum into me, Master!"

I fell to my knees and rammed my cock into her. The moment I buried into her snatch, her pussy rippling around me as she came, I erupted. I threw back my head and pumped my cum into my elder sister's cunt.

"Master! Master!" she squealed in delight as my seed basted her youthful snatch. "Ooh, fill me with your love so Mother can breed me with her big dragon-dick!"

"Yes!" I growled, the pleasure slamming into my mind. The heady rush of the pleasure surged over me.

Every spurt of cum into my sister's twat head me swaying. I gripped her hips. I held her tight as I fired all my spunk into her. My orgasm hit that peak. I swayed there, loving the feeling. I swayed from side to side, a big grin on my face.

"Goddamn, that's perfect," I groaned. "Mother, get that dick over here and breed your daughter."

"Yes, Master," she moaned and then pulled her cock out of Mother Sianili's cunt.

I stood up, my dick dripping with Frelia's cream. She panted there and then rolled over onto her back, her large tits piling into two lush mounds. Our very pregnant mother fell to her knees, her futa-cock bouncing and smacking into the bottom slope of her belly. She grabbed her cock and aimed it at her daughter's cunt.

She thrust into Frelia's pussy.

I shuddered at the taboo sight. Mother's hermaphrodite-dick vanished into my sister's twat. Frelia moaned, her face twisting in incestuous delight. Mother's pregnant belly slid over Frelia's smooth flesh. It wouldn't be long now before the sylphs were pregnant.

I just wished I could do it.

I had to find a way. Out there in the greater world, there had to be the magic to do it. I would need something to help me. Maybe I should consult with an oracle. There was one to the north. Past the lands that surrounded our island, the Queendom of Naith and the Free Cities of Grena. Across the Velnak Strait lay the Empire of Shizhuth. The land of the nagas. They were daughters of Las.

Could I breed with them? Didn't they deserve to know my dick?

Either way, in their lands lay the Serpent Oracle. One of the wise demigoddesses who could give me guidance. Help me figure out this problem. I wanted all my women bred by me. It would be glorious. I wanted to leave right now.

But I had to take Pyrriah and Lasla with me. They were my twins. We came into this world together. We had to see this through. And maybe I would take my dragon-mother. Show her off. Let the world see what I had tamed.

The ultimate act of domination.

Mother Sianili, Frelia, and Iliasa could raise the children, hopefully a bevy of daughters who would need their father to breed them when they were old enough. The sylphs would be safe here and take care of the family while I found the way to breed them myself.

It would be a year or longer now. I couldn't leave before the sylphs gave birth to my mother's daughters. I had to see that happy joy.



My pregnant belly rubbed into Lasla's. We were so swollen now. Our breasts were ripe and full of milk. I groaned as Kurtis's cock slid into my pussy. He rammed into me from behind, sliding to the hilt in my pregnant depths.

"Yes!" I moaned, clamping my snatch down on his cock. "Oh, Kurtis, yes!"

"Brother!" Lasla moaned, rubbing her belly against mine. We were so swollen with life. It was so wonderful to have been bred by our brother. "Fuck her hard. Make her cum. I want to lick your cum out of her twat!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned, my pussy clenching down on his dick. "Oh, yes, fuck that cock in and out of me."

Lasla stroked my pregnant belly. She rubbed it as Kurtis drew back his hips. His cock slid out of my cunt. My pussy gripped him. I savored that delight. Then he slammed back into me. I gasped, my ripe form trembling from his cock penetrating me.

He reamed so deep into my welcoming cunt. He filled me up with that amazing cock of his. I loved every moment of it. I savored that delicious dick slamming into my pregnant depths. The very shaft that had started the life growing in me pumped away at me.

I loved it. Reveled in it.

"Mmm, enjoy him, sister," Lasla moaned. She leaned in, pushing our bellies tighter together.

"I am!" I groaned as Kurtis pumped his cock in and out of me.

Lasla kissed me. Her lips sealed on mine. She tasted of salty cum. Kurtis's wonderful seed coated her mouth. My tongue danced around in hers. I groaned as he fucked me harder and faster. He rammed into my pussy. He slammed hard into me. Fast. He fucked his dick into my cunt.

My tongue danced with my sister's. I whimpered into her lips as our brother's big dick stirred up my cunt. He fucked in and out of me with faster and faster strokes. He filled me up with that amazing dick. I groaned, clenching my twat down around him as he pumped away at me.

"Gods, yes!" growled Kurtis. "You're so tight, Pyrriah. You're so hot, too. You're going to make my cock melt."

I squealed in agreement.

A red glow painted across Lasla's features. My hair grew incandescent as my pleasure built and built. We still didn't know why that happened. It was just something special about me. I stroked my sister's pregnant belly as she rubbed mine.

Kurtis's balls smacked into my flesh. His crotch spanked my ass with his every plunge into my flesh. He stirred me up with that big dick of his. He filled me again and again with his cock. It was amazing to enjoy. I was so thrilled to have him in my life.

So lucky to have my brother's passion ramming into my pussy again and again.

Lasla broke the kiss. She slid her body down mine, her pregnant belly flowing the curve of my stomach down. Her breasts pressed into the top slope of mine as her lips latched on. She sucked with hunger on my nipple.

I gasped, my cunt clenching down on Kurtis's cock ramming into me. My milk flowed into my twin sister's mouth. I shuddered, reveling in that wonderful delight of my creamy treat flooding into her mouth.

"Yes!" I moaned. "Oh, Las's mighty cock, yes!"

"Is she...?" Kurtis grunted as he slammed into me, driving that amazing cock into my pussy.

"Uh-huh!" I moaned, the red glow from my hair growing brighter. "She's nursing. She's suckling up all that delicious milk. Oh, yes, yes, that's amazing!"

My orgasm built and built as she suckled on me while Kurtis hammered my pussy. He rammed that big dick into me over and over again. He buried hard into me. Fast. He pummeled my cunt with that huge cock. My nipple throbbed, the milk squirting into my sister's hungry mouth.

I shuddered on my side, my pussy clenching about my brother's cock. My sister's boobs and pregnant belly rubbed into my swollen stomach. I shuddered, my milk flowing. Kurtis's strong chest rubbed into my back. He stroked the side of my stomach as he plunged into me.

"Gods, yes!" he groaned. "Let me feel that pregnant pussy convulsing around me. I want to feel that twat spasm!"

"Yes!" I gasped. "I'm so close. Lasla's suckling so hard. She's drinking my milk. Oh, Kurtis, she feels amazing. I'm going to cum. I'm going to explode on her. Oh, yes, yes, this is what I need. This is amazing. Kurtis! Kurtis!"

He growled and slammed into my pussy. My nipple ached as Lasla suckled on it. The pleasure shot down to my pregnant twat squeezing around our brother's huge dick. My flesh rejoiced. The rapture burst through me.

"Kurtis! I love you!" I howled as I came.

"Pyrriah!" he groaned and buried into my spasming cunt.

His cum pumped into me. Spurt after spurt of his jizz basted my snatch. It was incredible to feel. I reveled in it. That wonderful delight slammed through me. My mind melted. My thoughts brimmed with such ecstasy. I melted with it. I groaned, spasming on the ground as the pleasure rushed through my body.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped, the heat rushing through me. It was spectacular.

His cum dumped into my pregnant depths. My pussy convulsed, milking him dry. Lasla suckled for my nub. She gulped down my breast milk as my round belly rubbed against her. I squirmed between my brother and sister as my incestuous rapture hit that amazing peak. I hovered there.

Kurtis fired the last of his cum into me. My orgasm died into buzzing bliss.

My spasming pussy slowed. I panted as Lasla kept nursing from my nipple. She sucked with hunger on me. I groaned, the bliss of my orgasm sinking into every bit of me. I panted, my eyes fluttering.

My daughter kicked inside of me.

I smiled at that. I rubbed at her as a contraction rippled through my pussy and cervix. Then another contraction. I blinked. What was going on? Kurtis pulled out of me. He rolled onto his back as he breathed heavily.

"Come ride my cock, Lasla," he said. "Let me see that gorgeous body of yours work up and down my dick."

Lasla popped her mouth off my nipple. "You just want to watch my pregnant belly heave."

"And those ripe tits of yours," he added then chuckled.

I smiled as Lasla awkwardly rolled over onto her hands and knees, her pregnant belly almost touching the floor. She groaned as she struggled to stand. I smiled and rubbed at my belly as another contraction rippled through me. It felt almost like heartburn. I shifted, my brow furrowing.

Then I gasped. Pain burst in my guts. I threw back my head as I felt a liquid gushing out of my pussy. Not an orgasm. I groaned, contractions rippling through my nethers. I gripped my pregnant belly and moaned.

"Something wrong?" Kurtis asked.

"I think..." I panted. "I think I'm going into labor."



My mother and sisters all went into labor by the end of that day.

My dragon-mother delivered the fastest, presenting me a sister-daughter we named Velyianira. She had light-blue hair and blue eyes. I stared down at her in awe, holding my child for the first time. My desire to breed every one of my sisters swelled in me. And out in the world, there were more of my sisters.

All those daughters of Las created by his spunk falling across the world. Dryads, werewolves, mermaids, naga, rakshasa, maenads, harpies, and more.

Not long after, Pyrriah presented me with twin daughters. They were both so perfect. We named them Kurilia and Verilia. They both had black hair and blue eyes. And they looked identical to the daughters Lasla birthed me.

My kinky sister outdid all the women. She had quadruplets. They just kept coming out of her much to our shock and delight. Nala, Tala, Sala, and Zala looked so much like Kurilia and Verilia they all could have been born from the same mother. The six of them were as close as sisters could be. It was hard to tell them apart, but their mothers somehow always knew.

Over the next months, things were hectic. Thoughts of going out into the world were swamped by having to deal with seven newborn babies. The three women always seemed to be nursing. At the same time, Sianili, Frelia, and Iliasa's stomachs grew rounder and rounder as they drew near to their deliveries.

My dragon mother had bred them all.

They came eight months after my seven daughters were born. It started with Iliasa going into labor. She gave birth to my sister-niece whom we named Yesilia. As she nursed her daughter, a blue-haired and blue-eyed bundle of joy, for the first time, Iliasa cooed, "Your brother is going to force you to be his sex slave when you're old enough. Yes, he is. You're going to love it. Just like me."

I smiled at her.

Two days later, Frelia delivered Aureli. She had violet hair and blue eyes. She looked so adorable, too. The following day, Mother Sianili slipped into her labor. Hers was short and easy. She had given birth to at least three daughters before. My newest half-sister wailed when she was born. She had strong lungs. We named her Tulili.

I never told anyone about my desire to go out into the world. It had mostly been forgotten as we took care of the girls over the coming months. I didn't breed any of my women. Something about nursing women usually not having children until they were weaned, but I also didn't want any more yet. Maybe I had some control when I bred or didn't breed a woman.

After all, I was a demigod.

Soon, my seven daughters were crawling and even struggling to walk. They were getting so big. Before I knew it, it had been three years since I had first started fucking my sisters and mothers. The time had flown. My daughters were talking in babblish sounds. They were being weaned off breast milk and onto diets of crushed berries and mashed sweet potatoes. They were energetic. Always running around. My new sisters were crawling everywhere, getting bigger and bigger.

One night, I felt restless. I slipped out of the camp, everyone sleeping. That was becoming a more common thing getting a full night's sleep. The wind rustled through the trees. I could hear the tide coming in, waves washing on the beach.

A song drifted through the air.

I frowned and followed the trail down to the beach. I was naked, not uncommon. We often didn't wear clothes. Sex was something that my family and I enjoyed when we felt the need fall upon us. The song that I followed had my dick swelling.

Feminine. Lovely.

I stepped out onto the beach. The moon was full, silvery light sparkling on the lagoon. The waves washed against the shore, a slight glow about the froth. A hint of azure to it. Out beyond, in the waters, were three heads, wet hair clinging to feminine-looking faces.

I blinked. No one came to our island.

"It's him!" one gasped, her song breaking off.

"Yes, yes, it's him!" another said.

"Brother, we've been looking for you for so long!" the third said.

I gasped. Brother?

The women swam to the shore. As they did, I spotted tails breaking the surface of the water. Mermaids swam at me into the shallows. They rode the waves in and washed up on the shore. They stared up at me, their tresses plastered about their faces. They each head different color hair. One had blue hair, another purple, and the third green. Their skin was pale as mine and their faces...

They looked like Lasla and Pyrriah. Their bodies weren't the same, their tits ranging from small mounds to large delights, but those facial features were arresting. They were my sisters. Daughters of Las.

"We've been looking and looking for you," said the blue-haired one.

"Just swimming and swimming!" shouted the green-haired one.

"Our father needs you, Kurtis!" gasped the purple-haired one. "You have to save him. You have to save Las!"

To be continued...

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