The Workflow of the Paytomat Marketing and Promotion Program

The Workflow of the Paytomat Marketing and Promotion Program


Imagine it is 1976, and a good friend of yours asks to help a team of young and ambitious computer scientists and engineers. They don’t have enough money to pay you, so in exchange, they promise a tiny share of ownership in their company, which has a fruity name — Apple Computer. These guys do not look like real business people: no suits, no ties. Their product is housed in an awkward cardboard box. After giving it a thought you decline the offer… Which might have been the best deal of your life.

Young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak examining cardboard boxes

Paytomat is a team of young and ambitious founders, who will change the way we make cashless payments. Do you recall seeing an app with various items for sale (coffee, milk can, a glass of wine) on a touchscreen at a check-out in a supermarket, bar or hotel’s reception? This app is called point-of-sale (POS) software.

We developed a unique system of plugins for existing POS solutions. These plugins enable the most recent generation of ordinary POS terminals (fancy name for a black box housing a computer and a touchscreen connected to it) to become interconnected supercomputers that enable their owners to accept payments in cryptocurrency instead of traditional money.

Ok, so what has to do with me, you might ask? Well, it took people more than a decade to comprehend the greatness of the personal computer. We really want crypto payments to have a shorter adoption timeframe. And that is why we are launching the Paytomat Marketing and Promotion Program (“Promo Program” for short) today.

You can become part of our Promo Program, help us grow our product and community and get decent remuneration, without having to walk out of the room in which you are reading this post right now. Please read this separate post explaining our reasoning behind creating this Promo Program. In this post, we will explain the key elements of our program and give a brief outline of its workflow.

How Will You Get Paid and What is PTI Token?

PTI is the interim token of the Paytomat Ecosystem. The best way to discover it is by reading the Paytomat white paper. In 2019, we will replace PTI with PTM coin — the base currency of Paytomat blockchain. PTI will be exchanged to PTM at 1:1 ratio. We expect the value of PTI to increase until that moment.

What do PTI and PTM have to do with you? We will pay you with PTI, not with fiat money. Why do you need some random numbers in our database instead of the real money? And when will these random numbers become real money?

If you need to earn money for buying a breakfast today — it is probably a good idea to consider other options for earning quick cash. However, if you already cooked your breakfast this morning and are just starting to think in perspective of several months or (better) years, then Paytomat provides you with a great opportunity to join the crypto community while actually helping to create better traction for the adoption of cryptocurrencies as the everyday method of payments.

Using the breakfast metaphor: no, participation in Promo Program won’t buy you breakfast today. Regardless pretty soon you’ll be able to get more than bacon and eggs, in the long term outlook you’ll be able to buy the whole farm.

The public PTI token sale is currently scheduled to start on August 1, 2018 and end on September X, 2018 or when we will sell the last available token. Within several weeks after the completion of the token sale, PTI token will be listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

Currently, we do not plan to freeze the period for PTIs acquired by the Paytomat Promo Program participants. It means you will be able to exchange your PTIs into other crypto or fiat currencies right after they are listed on an exchange. However, we recommend you to have a look at the Roadmap and Go-to-market sections of our white paper and give a second thought to the idea of selling your PTI immediately after the coin gets listed. There are many good reasons to hodl PTI.


Task is a basic element of our Promo Program. While efficiency in the modern computing is measured in hashes per second, we measure the efficiency of the Promo Program in tasks per week. The more tasks our core marketing team can generate per week, the more everyday work, we can delegate to the community. This approach saves manager’s time for essential work, such as building new products and product traction.

Each task has a scope, that is the text of defining what a performer has to do, and a set of parameters, such as: program type, amount of remuneration (in PTIs), due date, complexity level of the task (easy, medium, difficult) and the amount of performers who can participate in the task. The last parameter might limit the task to a single performer or enable it to have an unlimited amount of performers.

Program Participant Roles

Promo Admins or Paytomat Marketing and Promotion Program administrators are a team of people on our side of the table. Promo Admins post new tasks to the system on our behalf, approve task performers and communicate with them while they are performing tasks.

Performer Candidate is a participant of the Paytomat Marketing and Promotion Program who applied for performing a task. The more tasks a Performer Candidate has performed before applying for a new assignment — the better are this performer’s odds to become the Designated Performer.

Designated Performer is Performer Candidate whom Promo Admin approved to be the performer of the task. After the Designated Performer completes the task, she or he should supply the completed deliverable to the Promo Admin. After the Promo Admin accepts the deliverable she, or he, transfers the remuneration in PTIs to the wallet of the Designated Performer.

Program Types

To make life easier for program participants and group certain tasks we introduced program types. The list of program types might be updated in the future. However, currently Promo Program consists of the following task types:

“Content” covers tasks related to creating new texts, videos, illustrations and audios. There are different complexity levels available, to accommodate various content creators.

“Design” groups various creative tasks, such as creating t-shirt prints, messenger sticker packs or layout for our various publications. Tasks here are usually time-sensitive but well paid as well.

“Community” tasks help us grow the Paytomat community in various industrial sectors. They also enable us to build a regional network of representatives Worldwide. In general, the Community tasks are predecessors and enablers of the future Paytomat Decentralized Franchise. Participants who are interested in becoming a part of that franchise in the future should definitely spend their efforts with our Community Program.

“Business” covers tasks that help Paytomat develop its business and verify our business hypotheses. Tasks of this type are the most profitable in terms of amount of PTIs earned. Many of them are also repetitive and do not have a due date.

“Translations” task type is self-explanatory. We offer various translation and proofreading tasks here.

“Bug fixing” covers design or layout bugs and critical code or business logic vulnerabilities. Reporting them might not only earn you PTIs, but a full time position in our QA or IT security team.

Performer Statuses

From when our Promo Admin creates the task, it gets various statuses throughout its lifecycle. While some statuses are designed solely for our team members, there are 4 public statuses, which are visible to every performer and to the general public.

Performer Approval

Approval of performers is an important feature of our Promo Program. An approval mechanism creates competition between performers for the most interesting and most profitable tasks. Approval also helps to filter bad faith performers and limits the possibilities for task manipulations.

The approval process is simple and straightforward. When a Performer Candidate clicks the “Apply” button, Promo Admin gets a notification in our administrative console. Promo Admin can then decide to approve an application by a Performer Candidate or wait until more applications for the task arrive. In any case, at some point Promo Admin will select the Designated Performer and this person will be complete the task and get the remuneration. After performer approval, the task gets “In Progress” status assigned automatically.

Difficult Situations

We hope this post provided sufficient explanation of how Paytomat Marketing and Promotion Program works. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using Promo Program Community on Telegram.

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