The WebTalk Foundation

The WebTalk Foundation

Independent WebTalk Affiliate

After WebTalk share up to 50% of revenue with you, 10% of the remaining profits are going to charity via the Webtalk Foundation. Your SocialCPX dashboard will even allow every user the ability to donate to our foundation and join us on our mission if you so choose to do so.

The WebTalk Foundation's mission is to "help the world go non-profit", and again like everything else we do, we found a next level way to help change the world.

We are tracking our revenue by country so 10% of our profit can go back to the countries where we generated our revenue.

Webtalk Ventures will collect 10% of our profits to invest into real estate.

Non-profits will be able to apply for a grant to receive new hospitals facilities, schools, orphanages, after school clubs, parks, rec centers, etc.

As long as you are a non-profit with a great cause looking for a home to give back to your community, you'll be able to apply for a grant anywhere in the world.

If the facility doesn't exist, Webtalk Ventures will build one or buy one and then donate a long-term lease to the Webtalk Foundation to issue out the lease grants to other nonprofits.

There are several reasons we choose this model:

1) It's so we know that 100% of our donations are going to serve those in need

2) Charities have a hard time going to 3rd world countries because governments seize the land they buy and kick them out. They will not be able to kick out a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation

3) The real estate appreciates, which will compound our charitable assets

4) Webtalk is about helping local communities thrive on a global level and there is no way better to do this than to put our money where our mouth is!

Thank you for joining us on our mission to change the world!

Please join WebTalk today. Joining is only possible via invitation. You are welcome to use my FREE invitation here, and you do NOT have to follow or connect to me after joining, that is entirely up to you!

You can also read more about WebTalk here.