The Way to Avoid Getting Banned From Google AdSense

The Way to Avoid Getting Banned From Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a great program for men and women who want to create money from their sites. There are lots of powerful stories of people making thousands of dollars per day and there are many tales of people making an average income. If you currently have an account with Google AdSense then congratulations as it's not that easy to get accepted! The important thing is how to keep your account approved and not get banned. unbloack facebook ads

Countless users complain that they have banned by the program and dropped their account with some fantastic money inside and claim they did nothing wrong!? Nicely Google is a huge company and they have a reputation to care for so I'm convinced they won't banned anyone with no reason, I'm sure that many people who got banned never read the TOS which Google AdSense produced clear!

The number one reason users get banned is fraud clicks, never click on your ads and in the event that you accidentally click on your ads which happens with many of us send a report describing that you inadvertently clicked on your ads so that they do not think you're trying to do something fishy.

Copyrighted content is probably the number two reason that consumers get banned, you're only harming yourself by talking different folks content and publishing it on your own site it will get you banned from search engines that would indicate no visitors and it'll get you banned from AdSense.

Be sure of what you publish in your website, reactivate google ads Don't write about firearms, pornography, drugs, alcohol, hacking, violent, gaming, etc. because that will get you banned in no time.