The Ultimate Project Management Checklist for FinTech p.2

The Ultimate Project Management Checklist for FinTech p.2


Let's proceed with the previous topic and the hidden part of my work – Project management. It's the second part of my checklist. Kindly remind you I'm a certified Agile Project manager and would love to share my knowledge.

Project Manager's Checklist for FinTech by

Set Goals 

Meet with the stakeholders, and discuss the possible outcomes. It helps you to set achievable goals for project plan. Make a comprehensive list from the output, and prioritise the needs. 

Use a SMART principle for your review. The acronym SMART you may decode as:

  • S – specific, significant
  • M – measurable, motivational
  • A – agreed upon, attainable, action-oriented
  • R – realistic, relevant, rewarding, results-oriented
  • T – time-bound, tangible, trackable
SMART principle.

Remember: Make every goal measurable, track various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which depend on your project’s objectives. Controlling KPIs allows to evaluate the project’s performance and make data-driven decisions.

Gather your clients in the one room to determine:

  • Deliverables and objectives (What results they expect from the project?)
  • Key performance indicators (Metrics to determine whether the project was successful, to track performance)
  • Expectations (What problems do the clients expect to resolve with this project?)
  • Scope, budget and timeframe.

The goal is to always set the exact objectives, budget, scope, and timelines. Avoid vague discussions, and write everything down.

Create a Vision 

Without a strong, shared vision, it’s hard to convey the impulse needed to get the project off the ground. From the smaller goals, build a strong vision statement. 

Your vision statement should explain what the project is needed to achieve:

  • Where does the project bring the benefit to the overall business strategy?
  • What project’s outcome is expected?
  • How the stakeholders will benefit from the project?

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