The US plan to fight Russia REVEALED in 2019 Report

The US plan to fight Russia REVEALED in 2019 Report


In 2019, RAND published a document 250-page document entitled: Extending Russia: Competing from Advantageous Ground


Below is a brief synopsis of the document. 



The document puts down in black and white exactly what has happened, and is happening (as of March 2022) in the geopolitical struggle taking place in Ukraine—Caucasus—western Eurasia regions. It lays out, brazenly, what US policy in this regard shall be.

It shows us directly that our suspicions were not only correct, but that what some refer to as "conspiracy theories" are no longer such. They are reality, sanctioned from the very highest levels of government. 

The key strategy outlined here revolves around the aspect of the weakening and “bleeding” of the Russian Federation. There is nothing new to speak of herein; however, the cynicism of the ideology is apparent. What is also apparent is the extent to which the United States (and to a lesser extent, her allies) has thought about the subject. The document is not merely the result of a last-minute brainstorm, but rather a decades-long policy, now articulated. 

What is truly key here is the following: what RAND had stated - and published, as early as 2010 - on the matter of Ukraine, has all happened.


The “bleeding” of Russia shall be achieved with the use of the following measures: 


  • Hindering Russian natural gas exports to Europe by opposing pipeline renovations and manipulating world oil prices
  • Encouraging the brain-drain and seeking to exacerbate further Russia’s demographic crisis; 
  • Providing lethal aid to Ukraine; 
  • Promoting regime-change in Belarus; 
  • Using disinformation to diminish foreign and domestic support for the RF’s leadership; 
  • Increasing the size of the US nuclear arsenal (the fact that this breaks several treaties between the US/RF is not mentioned); 
  • Exploiting tensions in the southern Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan);
  • Challenging the RF’s presence in Moldova
  • Controlling the Black Sea, ultimately preventing the RF from claiming territorial waters around Sebastopol.

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