The Training of Pixie Pt. 03

The Training of Pixie Pt. 03

Part of the training is that we keep a journal of our activities and thoughts which our ihp can compare with the manual which they and our mentor compiled. Well I will be honest.

After the examination and the tests, I was very worked up. Being treated that way had been one of my fantasies, and it coming true meant using every ounce of self-control to stop myself from doing something that would have disgraced myself. That Miss Penny was at least sixteen years younger than me, and was the sort of trainee I often mentored at my own school, made it even more intense than my fantasies had been.

One of the things which had taken me by surprise was the "in house partners" or ihps as we learned to call them. It was clear from my old rival, Abby, that she had been on the same programme as Miss Penny at her stage of her career, which was why her badge was red, signifying she was in the "dominant's scheme". I was still unsure what the significance of the two streams was, but was hoping, as she led me to our shared suite of rooms, that Miss Penny would fill me in. As I have to be honest, I wanted that in a literal sense, imagining Miss Penny's strap-on jutting from her loins and thrusting into me as I knelt up on the bed.

One of my characteristics is a need for order. Looking at Miss Penny in her uniform, it seemed to me fair to see her as a prefect and me as a girl in a lower year, maybe year 10 or 11. She was taller, prettier, better-endowed and dressed in hose, not socks; her hair was not in pig-tails either.

She told me to sit in the armchair, so I did.

Sitting opposite me, she crossed her legs, revealing that she was wearing stockings. She smiled.

"Well Pixie, later you'll have time to read through the whole programme, which I advise you to do, as you will be tested on parts of it, but this session is designed to help us get to know each other and outline my role in your training programme."

Miss Penny explained that she had been "talent-spotted" by Miss Rose who had brought her to Dame Susie's attention. Her need to excel, her brilliance and her obvious dominant character made her a "natural". The education world needed women of her type to train up to become the next generation of leaders, but it was recognised that not all potential leaders were of that type. There were the more analytical women like me, the organisers and empathetic ones who were needed to leaven out the leadership. But some, of which I was one, were submissive, and the origins of that needed to be explored, and it was necessary to ensure that this tendency did not get in the way of of our ability to perform at the highest level. One of the main purposes of the programme would be to examine my submissive tendencies and to help me deal with them properly.

To my mind that raised a host of definitional issues: what did "properly" mean; in what way could it hinder my performance? I wanted to ask the questions, but did not know if it was my place. But Miss Penny had clearly been well-chosen for her job.

"I think you have questions for me, don't you Pixie?"

"Yes, Miss Penny," I replied. I put them to her.

She explained in answer that she wanted to put some questions to me to tease out the answers. I was to reply immediately with the first thing that I thought of.

"What was you relationship with your mother, Pixie?"

"My mother died when I was born Miss Penny, I never knew her."

"I am sorry to hear that," and she looked genuinely concerned. "Did you have a step-mother?"

"No, Miss Penny, my mother was my daddy's second wife, and by her he had another daughter who was thirty when I was born. She sometimes looked after me in the holidays, but I went to boarding school from the age of five."

"What was your relationship with you father?"

"I loved my daddy, but he was sixty when I was born and died when I was ten."

"How did the girls at your school react to your lack of growth?"

"I was always small for my age, Miss, but by the time I went to Big School at twelve, I was the only one under five foot, and by the sixth form I was by far the smallest. They used to call me "Pixie" and would sometimes make fun of me, Miss."

"How did your shortfall in the tit department go down with the others?"

I blushed at her mention of my tiny tits, and even more so at the memories of how the others had teased me. I had hated communal showers after games; indeed I hated games. I told Miss Penny.

"What did they used to say to you, Pixie?"

"They called me "tiny tits" Miss and said I looked "like a little girl" and that no boy would ever want to fuck me."

"How did that make you feel, Pixie?"

"Squishy, Miss."

For the first time Miss Penny seemed surprised.


"Yes, Miss, you know, wet between your thighs, your kitty."

"So you weren't upset then, Pixie?"

"Not really. I didn't like boys, never have, and the way some of the bigger girls used to look at me as they said it made me feel squishy."

"Have you ever been with a boy or man, Pixie?"

"Never, Miss Penny."

"What!" She seemed genuinely surprised. "Not ever a snog?"

"No, Miss Penny. They are too rough, and I don't feel anything for them."

"When did you first know you liked girls sexually?"

"Always Miss. I suppose in those showers Miss, I loved looking at the bigger girls."

"When did you first have sex with a woman, Pixie?"

"At school Miss. I had a crush on the Head Prefect who used to protect me from bullying. She used to take me to her room and have me eat her out."

"Did she ever return the favour, Pixie?"

"No Miss, though she did let me rub myself until I had a cummie if I did well."

I could see her looking thoughtfully at me.

"Would you like to eat me out Pixie?"

I looked at the smile and nodded.

"Come here then."

I crawled over to her. She was standing.

"Unzip my skirt and take my knickers off Pixie."

I did so. She was wearing sheer black knickers, and as I pulled them down, I could see a spider's web of juices sticking to her cunny as they descended. She smelt so good.

She sat at the end of the bed and drew me between her firm thighs. She had a small, blonde landing strip, and her outer lips were plump and juicy. The scent overwhelmed me.

As my fingers touched her to part her lips, she moaned so sweetly, and I could see her wetness glistening. Gently parting her folds, I moved my tongue slowly upwards, from her entrance to her clit, which was already partly unhooded. Applying my lips gently, I sucked her into my mouth, feathering her clit with my quick tongue. She pressed my head against her, pushing into my face. Her hips bucked as she felt the effects of my licking. Releasing her clit for a moment, I licked steadily up and then down her folds, before, getting her to rise so my hands could cup her arse, my tongue dipped down towards where her girl goo was collecting around her arsehole. I licked it, moving my tongue around it before folding it so that I could press in.

"Oh myyyy, you are such a dirty little bitch, how could you know?"

Her voice faded into a groan as I pressed my nose into her entrance at the same time.

"My clit, ohhh fuck, rub it, fuck, Pixie!"

Never one not to oblige, I slid my tongue all the way up to her aching clit and, lavishing it with her own juices, pressed it upwards and massaged it - just as I slid a wet finger into her lubricated arsehole. She was a squirter, I discovered, as my face face splattered with her girl goo. Her thighs gripped my face as tightly as her arsehole did my probing finger.

I waited for her to come down from the orgasmic high, satisfied that I had shown her what I could do.

Holding my face in her hands, she made me look up to her smiling face.

"Golly, Pixie, you really are a good pussy-licker. You deserve a reward. Would you like to cum like you did for the Head Girl at school?"

I looked her in the eyes, conscious that I must have looked a mess.

"That's for you to decide Miss Penny. If I had a choice, I'd ask to wait until we can spend longer together and I can give you more."

She stoked my face tenderly.

"You are the most extraordinary, giving creature, Pixie."

With that, she kissed me, and licked her own juices from me, before kissing me again.

"Yum, I do taste good. I want to taste you my Pixie. But now, back to our schedule."

I handed her her knickers and skirt and helped her into both. I was very conscious of how wet my own knickers were, but that, as I had indicated, could await further developments. Composing herself, Miss Penny got back to business.

"Pixie, why did you come on this programme? Don't tell me it was for the career progression, give me the truth."

"The career aspect was a good excuse Miss Penny, but I did it to please Dame Suzie."

Miss Penny smiled. I think she had known the answer all along.

"Do you love Dame Suzie, Pixie?"

"Define love, Miss Penny? But yes, I admire her and far, far more. I think I would do anything to please her."

"So, what would be your ideal job?"

"Deputy to Dame Suzie, Miss Penny."

"Are you telling me you don't want to take her place, Pixie?"

"I am Miss."

"Is that not a professional weakness, Pixie? This programme is for aspiring CEOs, after all."

"No Miss, because every CEO needs an able deputy, and acting in that role can be the best preparation for leadership as it teaches you the value of delegation and consensual leadership. Charismatic domination goes only so far -- and is usually best left to the bedroom."

That made Miss Penny laugh.

"So how did you cope with being the smallest and flattest at school Pixie?"

"By being the best academically, Miss. I have a good memory, I work hard, and I was blessed with a quick understanding of things. From the start I was top of the class, the "swot" if you like."

"Didn't that make you unpopular?"

"Only with some Miss, I always helped other girls with their Prep, and they liked that. So if there were some who picked on me, I had plenty of people who would pick back."

"The theme that sticks out here Pixie is that you like helping others. I have just had a splendid example of that. Why did you become a teacher and not an academic?"

"Because I like teaching Miss, and I like helping others. I could have become an academic, but it seemed a more selfish vocation."

"Do you have a partner or girlfriend, Pixie?"

"No Miss."

"Do you want one?"

"Only Dame Suzie Miss."

There, I had admitted it. They say the confessional is good for the soul, and I had to admit to feeling better after this session.

"I am so glad I am working with you, Pixie. You are a joy. I will share this with Miss Rose and Dame Suzie, but I'd like you to write up your own account. It's something you will have to do periodically. We want your perspective to feed into the programme."

"Yes, of course, Miss Penny."

"You seem to have adapted so well to calling me Miss, even though you are older and a head teacher. Why is that?"

It was the key question, but I gave the first answer that came into my head, as instructed.

"Because I am a good girl and like to please."

She kissed me:

"You may want to wash your face and change your blouse before supper, Pixie," she laughed, "unless you don't mind everyone smelling me on you."

She kissed me. I felt sad when she left.

So there, Dame Suzie, and Miss Rose, these are my reflections. I have been honest here, Dame Suzie. I don't expect you to return my feelings, and one reason I have never been open about how I feel, is that I'd rather imagine there was some chance of your feeling the same for me than to be told there wasn't. I hope this won't impact on our professional relationship, but I promised to be truthful, and I am being.

It feels good being Pixie again. I'd thought it would feel odd, not least with Miss Penny, as she is so much younger than I am. But I can see why she is on this programme. She put me at my ease and allowed me to feel comfortable spilling the beans, so to speak. She seems to me unusually insightful for a "dominant" and in so far as what I report here goes on her report, I'd say that so far she is a Grade A* associate.