The Taken

The Taken

It wasn't anyone looking for me, it was David and Javon, shoving John into the trees. Jovan slammed him hard against one of the trees as David looked around warily. He turned back to John.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, asshole?!? You are going to fuck everything up! You said you were down with the plan! You knew what to do, we worked this out for MONTHS! You go off script the second you see her! We told you how important it was that they all think we are from different places! You are going to give us away! She is already terrified and suspicious of you, it was one of the first things she said to me! She thinks you are behind all this! What the fuck man?!?"

"They are here! Why does it matter? We can do whatever we want with them now, we don't have to make them believe shit! She won't even give me a chance, I just need to show her how much I love her!" John hissed angrily.

"That was not the plan! We brought them here so we could fall for each other normally! We could each have our dream girl, fall in love then get rescued! If you do this, we can never leave this island!"

"I don't care! Let's just take them to the bunker! We can live there just fine!"

"Dude, shut the fuck up. You do not mention the cave or the bunker," Javon said angrily. "I will put you in the fucking ground before I let you fuck this up for the rest of us! Just because you couldn't fucking stay on script! Months of planning and setting up wasted because you just had to be a fucking creeper!"

"I have waited long enough! I have waited longer than all of you! Do you know how long I have wanted her to just notice me? All of you just picked random hot girls when we decided to do this, I was the only one who already had mine picked out!"

"And now she hates you! If you had just stuck to the script, let things happen like we planned out, she would be in your arms by this weekend when we set off the roaring in the speakers. No! You had to be an asshole and fuck it up! Now what? She'll kill you before she lets you touch her. You're going to have to trade," David spat. "You take June. I will take Kai, she trusts me."

"No! No way! I LOVE her! I will just have to show her things can be good!"

"It won't work!" Javon said, shoving John harder into the tree. "Leave her the fuck alone. Back off. Trade off. Take June, she's hot as fuck and too much of an airhead to figure things out. She's a slut too, she will have no problems after the rest of us are coupled up to fall into your arms."

"I don't want that stupid whore! One of the reasons I like Kai is because she's so smart! She isn't just hot, she is smart and clever and her body is perfect for me, I love it! I love her!"

"She hates you! She hates you and there is no way it is ever going to happen!"

"You guys just worry about the girls you brought here, I will worry about mine! Just stop intervening and let me get her alone."

"No! That will fuck up our chances with our girls! Man, seriously, if you don't back off her I will put you in the ground. You said you were on board! You said you understood everything!"

"I do! I did! Until I had her in front of me. I just had to try and make a connection with her."

"How did that fuckin work for you? Leave her alone. Take June."

"No! I will back off, but I am not giving up on her. You guys all worry about your girls and leave me to mine."

"John, she trusts me, she likes me. I like her too, more than I like June. Her and I could be happy and I would never upset her or hurt her."

"No! You leave her alone! I brought her here for me! You brought the idiot."

"I didn't know she was an idiot! She was just the hot girl that lived across the street and left her apartment windows open. It doesn't matter John, she doesn't like you. You should let her be happy with someone."

"I am not letting you have her! It's not going to happen!"

"Dude, she fucking stabbed you," Javon said.

"I don't care! I will find a way, you all just worry about your own girls!"

"At least let her decide. If she comes to me and wants me, let me have her," David said gently.

"No! You try and take her and I will blow this whole thing wide open!"

"And I really will fucking bury you here, man," Javon hissed. "You fuck up shit with Tamika and I will end you. Count on that mother fucker."

"Kai is mine," John said, trying to shove Javon back. "We each got to pick and I brought her! She is mine. What would you do if he was trying to talk you out of Tamika?" John asked Javon.

"He isn't going to take her man. He is letting her make a choice. Just calm down. You have till this weekend to get yourself under control or he gets to put his hat in, you got it?"

"I fucking have it. Let me go. I need to go find her."

"Shit man, are you serious? You are not going to go find her! Leave her alone! Back off her for a couple days, give her time to settle down. Just do as she says. And dude. Wow. The girl is a fucking boss, isn't she?"

"Why do you think I like her so much? She's awesome."

"She is smart," David agreed. "She found in a few hours what we were planning on accidentally finding over several days."

"She's mine," John said again, glaring at David.

"You have four days," Javon said, letting John go. "Get back to camp and help weave fucking walls."

"Why? We are going to find the caves soon, and the bunker, why bother?"

"Appearances asshole. Just do it! Fuck you are a dense mother fucker!" Javon said incredulously. He pushed John back towards camp and they all left.

I sat there feeling stunned and betrayed. I was an idiot. Of course it was them. But how had they done it? And how had they even met? We were all from all over, all of us girls. How did they put this together? And what should I do now that I knew? Tell the other girls? What would the boys do if the girls knew? They would never let us go.

I sat there trying to work it out for over an hour before I finally got up and moved down through the trees to come out further up the beach so I could walk up the beach. Like I had been nowhere near where they had gone to talk.

John saw me and took three strides towards me before visibly forcing himself to stop. David stepped past him as I approached.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Sure," I said, trying not to let my anger show. "I am fine now. Hey girls? I wanted to go and try and get a bit of a bath as much as I could. You all want to come? David, can you make sure all the boys stay here?"

"Yeah, sure. Everyone is back, they have more stuff for you to go through?"

"It will keep. I want to wash up, I feel gross."

"No problem, we will all stay right here. In fact, boys, everyone up on the platform. Everyone, up, now. We will stay up there till you all get back, ok? You too John, go."

I gave him a professional, blank smile, then led the girls into the trees towards the little pool and waterfall. I watched carefully, making sure we were not being followed.

"You ok?" Heidi asked softly.

"Fine," I whispered. When we got there, I pulled the dress off and washed it, sitting in the shallow water and the others did the same thing. I leaned in close. "I need to tell you all something, but first you need to understand something. If you let on that you know, things are going to go really bad for all of us."

I told them what I had overheard, how we had gotten here, how each of the boys had picked us to bring here and try to live out some fucked up fantasy.

"That is so fucked up," Tamika said angrily. "We should call them on this BS!"

"No! We can't! Right now, they want to win us and save us. We have to play along. The sooner we are in love, the sooner we get out of here. If we let on that we know, they will keep us here forever. We will never leave this island."

"We can escape!" June said, her eyes huge.

"No. We can't. They have this all planned out. I don't know how they got us here, boat, helicopter, whatever, but we have no way of getting it to us if they don't want us to. We have to play along."

"That means you have to play along with John," Heidi said, frowning.

"Or I can attach myself to David," I said, blushing. I hadn't told them what had been said about June, or that David had brought her. "He told John he would switch for me since I hated John so much."

"So who would get John?" Missy asked, half panicking.

"I don't know, all I know is Javon brought Tamika," I lied.

"He did?" Tamika asked, her eyes lighting up.

Nicki looked pissed.

"I think Marco brought me," Salome said quietly. "He has hardly let me go since he found me. And I have been good with it, thinking, you know, he was keeping me safe."

"Anyone else have any ideas?" I asked.

No one spoke up and I nodded. I stood and washed off quickly, then pulled my dress on wet. It's not like it was showing more than it already had been dry. We all started back.

"Remember, say nothing and act normal. Try and feel out who brought you and cozy up to them. Let's play this right and get home, ok?"

"I don't know if I can," Missy whispered.

"You can, we will help you," I said, half hugging her. "We will all help each other."

Walking back into camp was tense. The boys started climbing down as soon as they saw us. I went right to the pile and started sorting again. It felt fruitless now that I knew there was a bunker that was probably full of supplies, but I acted like it was important.

I felt someone move up behind me, close and I tensed, not knowing if it was David or John.

"Need me to do anything?" John asked softly.

I tensed more, hunching in on myself. "Gather those plastic bottles and go wash them and fill them," I snapped.

He gathered them quickly and left without another word and I let my shoulders relax.

"You ok?" David asked softly, coming up next to me.

"Yeah. I think I can use this plastic sheet here as a net if I slice it the right way and weight it to stretch it open. Catch fish maybe. We can use that grill lid to cook with if we can make fire. That is something I don't really know how to do. Someone else will have to work on that."

"Yeah, I can ask around. Where do you want it?"

"On the beach. Make a pit in the sand, use rocks to make a pit. Umm, try to keep it higher than the tide comes in? But we don't want it near the trees."

"Makes sense. You want me to stay close?"

"I am ok, but you can if you want to. There is probably something you could be doing, but whatever."

"Let me tell the others to make a pit and see if anyone knows how to start a fire," he said, stepping away. He was back in less than a minute, dropping down to sit next to me on his knees. He had his shirt off, I noticed and a decent body with a nice four pack. It made me wonder why he had to kidnap a girl. He was attractive, had a nice body, seemed super nice and charismatic. I didn't get it. What was wrong with him? "You wanna talk about it?" he asked softly, picking up a large shell and turning it in his fingers.

"Not really. It wasn't that big of a deal, I guess I overreacted. It was just a kiss. Yeah, he said something stupid, and he touched me, but I guess that doesn't deserve me stabbing him. This whole situation is just really messed up and he is acting so weird about it. Like he's not upset to be here at all, almost like it's normal to be here. Expected even. And he is entitled to me somehow."

I watched David's face carefully and he blushed and stared hard at the ground. "I don't know what his deal is. I think he is just dealing with all of this by attaching himself to you. Like maybe if he helps you or distracts himself with you then the rest won't be so bad."

"Maybe. I still think he is acting off. Like he knows more than what he is telling us. Maybe I should talk to him, try and get information from him."

"I can if you want! I mean, that way you won't have to."

"He might talk to me. I don't think he would talk to you. Unless you think it would set him off? Make him think there was a chance?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I think he would see it as you offering him a chance. He is finally backing down a little, I would hate it if he started being a jerk again."

"Maybe you are right. Do you think you could make sure he stays away from me? Maybe stay close?"

"Sure! Yeah, I can do that."

I half smiled at him, unable to summon a real smile. I felt sick to my stomach. "So tell me about home," I said, sitting down with a sharp rock and the sheet of plastic.

I sat and cut and listened to him talk as I worked. He organized the other things into their own piles as I did, keeping his hands busy. John returned and hovered a moment, but I ignored him as I continued to cut. He went and set the bottles with the others, then I felt him sit down nearby. Not close enough to call him out, but close enough to hear David talking to me.

I finished and sat up. "See, we stretch it, pull it open like this and it's like a gill net. We just need long poles on the end and weights on the bottom to stretch it open, then we can put it in the water and hope something gets stuck."

"That is pretty genius," David said, smiling.

"I will find some poles," John said quickly, getting up and going into the trees.

I went through the rocks and found a triangular one and began trying to chisel down the edge to sharpen. My intent was to make something like a hatchet, but I wasn't strong enough to get it chiseled down. I went to Javon and told him what I was wanting to do and he and Brody both started working on it. The girls were still weaving walls and they all looked spooked except for Tamika who was staying close to Javon and talking and smiling happily. She, for one, was glad to be there. She had no issues picking up her role.

I looked at Brody and decided to toss the dice. "You and Tamika are super cute together," I said to Javon. "What about you Brody? You have your eye on someone?"

He blushed and shrugged, looking over his shoulder at the girls. "I think she kind of likes someone else," he said, almost sadly.

That meant he had brought Nicki. She was the one who was upset and mooning over Javon.

"Maybe you should talk to her. Ask her to go on a walk," I said brightly. "Or ask if she would just walk with you to the waterfall when you finish so you can rinse off. You never know unless you try, right?"

"Yeah, I guess. What about you? John has it pretty bad for you."

"I have no interest in John. I will try not to lose my temper

again, that was a little uncalled for, but I don't want him to come near me again."

"He won't," Javon said quickly. "I noticed you and David have been talking a lot too. He ain't as obvious as John, but I think he likes you. The way you talk to him, I think you maybe like him too?"

"He is easy to talk to and he doesn't seem to be trying so hard. He seems nice enough, but my interest is in getting us food, a place to sleep and then out of here if I can."

"What if you can't?" Brody asked. "What if we are stuck here and we are all each other has? Like, forever?"

"Then that is a bridge I will cross later. For now, food and shelter. Yeah? Thanks for working on these, I will be back in a while. I am going to go find some other things I need."

I left them there, then went down the beach before going into the trees. I wanted to find a club-like sturdy stick to fasten the stones to. I was less than ten minutes into my search when I found the first and I started looking for another.


I spun, looking back at John, hefting the club, but he was well back.

"This long enough? Thick enough? For the net?"

"Yeah, it's fine. Take it to David and find one like it."

"What are you doing?"

"Finding handles for the makeshift axes."


"The others are closeby, looking as well."

He gave me a small smile, looking down, then back up at me.

He knew I was lying. Shit.

"I guess I should take this back to camp. Or I could hang with you and we could look for both of them together, since we are kind of looking for similar things?"

"Go ahead and take it back to David. I told him how to affix it and he can be working on it."

"Sure. My leg is ok by the way. Hurts some when I walk but it's not bad. In case you were wondering."

"I'm not sorry. You shouldn't have put hands on me, that's not ok. You should go now."

"You going to club me with that?" he asked, gesturing to the stick.

"If I need to."

"Do you think me and you could talk? Without you swinging that at me?"

"I don't think we should. I think you should just go."

"I think we should..." he shot forward, not finishing his sentence, tackling me to the ground and clamping a hand hard over my mouth as he held me down. "I think we are going to talk," he whispered, pressing his lips to my jaw as he spoke. "We are going to talk and a whole lot more. I am going to show you why I am the best guy for you. Stop struggling, Kai, I am a lot bigger and a lot stronger. I forgive you for stabbing me, ok? Just settle down, I don't plan on hurting you. Be still Kai, just stop fighting. Look at me. I want to talk for now. Ok? Look at me! I just want you to give me a chance, ok? I know how to make you happy. I have watched tutorials and videos and practiced on other girls, I know there is no guy here better than me. Plus I love going down on girls, I have dreamed of licking your pussy and making you scream my name. I have dreamed of it for so long. I want to show you Kai. I want to show you so bad. Since the first day I saw you at freshman orientation all those years ago."

I went still under him and glared up at him until he eased his hand off my mouth slightly. "You say you have wanted me for three years? You have known me, who I am for that long? Did you bring me here, John?" I knew it would be weird if I didn't ask. Now I had to bank on the others saving me, playing it off that he did everything.

He hesitated, then half smiled. "It was serendipity. We were both taken, but when I saw you here too, I knew you were here for me. For me, not David. You know why David is here, right? He has no dick. It's smaller than a pinky and no girl will date him after she sees it."

"How could you possibly know that?" I asked in shock, before I thought about it.

His face reddened. "He told me. We all talked a lot about a lot of things. Anyway, he likes June, he said so. Can't you just give me a chance, Kai? I will make you feel amazing, I can show you. Let me show you!"

"John! John, slow down! You know it isn't all about sex, right? Girls aren't nearly as into sex as guys are. I..."

"You say that now, just wait until I make you come for me," he said heatedly, leaning in close and kissing my neck.

"Girls want romance and to be shown how much a guy cares. No girl wants to go straight to bed, she wants to be won first. Me especially. I need to know a guy truly loves me and wants me as a person before I would even consider having sex with him."

"I do love you! I have always loved you."

"Those are just words. I need proof. And I need time to fall in love too. Reasons to fall in love."

"What kind of proof? And how, you won't let me come near you!"

"Because you scared the shit out of me, John. Coming at me all super intense, touching me, saying crude things to me. I'm not that kind of girl. I don't even kiss on the first date and you forced me to kiss you. For me, romance is slow and beautiful, not a switch I can turn off and on," I said. I needed to convince him to back off and slow down before things went wrong quickly.

"But I want to show you how great it can beI I want to show you how hard I have worked to make sure I can make you happy. Let me show you?"

"John, please. I am not intimate with anyone unless I am in love with them. Can you at least try to win me over first? If you don't then it's just rape and no one could ever love a man who raped them."