The Story of the World's Biggest Lost Winnings

The Story of the World's Biggest Lost Winnings


Whenever we have a bad day, there are people who are not making millions of dollars because of one small mistake, like filling in their lottery ticket late or by mistake, or because their slot machine malfunctioned, or because they bought the wrong ticket, or because technology failed them at the moment when they were about to have the luckiest moment in their lives.

The Greatest Wins and Losses

Of course, everyone is aware that gambling is called gambling for a reason, and any sensible person who plays at a popular casino like 22bet will also include the possibility that they might lose. Yet there are some events that turn out so unluckily in the end that everyone feels sorry for the person who has been dealt. That's why, we've rounded up some of the more personal and tragic cases where someone could have won big, but luck didn't go their way.

The Millions of Mistakes

  • One player lost $357 million by not filling in the ticket correctly.
  • A man with a found lottery ticket was short of 1.3 billion because the ticket was originally bought by a minor.
  • A player lost £715 million for the least risky pick in a combi bet.

The Broken Slot Machine

A player at the Wild Creek Casino in Alabama thought it was the luckiest moment of his life when he saw the $1.37 million jackpot on the screen after a spin. After recovering from the shock, he was about to cash in his winnings when he was told that the ticket was invalid and the machine had malfunctioned, making him ineligible for any winnings. The player had to leave with no prize.

The 12 Billion Mobile App Bug

Imagine a situation where you carefully pick the winning numbers, then later realize to your excitement that you have hit all of them, only to find out later that you didn't buy the ticket for the draw. How awful does that sound? One British couple who actually had the above happen to them waved goodbye to over 12 billion. They bought the ticket through an app that showed no errors when they bought it, but were eventually told by the operator that their ticket was not in the system, so they had no chance of winning.

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