The Story of Ann Chapter 10 All for One and One for All

The Story of Ann Chapter 10 All for One and One for All


The Story of Ann Chapter 10 All for One and One for All

Sorry for the delay in getting this chapter to my readers on here, Mother Nature has been sending snowstorm after snowstorm here, which has been keeping us all busy on our ranch as well as we were busy with the holidays. I will include a paragraph from chapter 9 to help set up chapter 10.

There is not much any one of us do that does not bring hurt to someone or at least to ourselves, Sam replied as he came to me.

Sam wrapped me in his arms hugging me. His hand rubbed at my back as he whispered into my ear, Alone we are weak but together we are strong. All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.

His words and embrace gave me comfort and warmth. I was starting to understand why this group hung out together. Alone they were afraid of their past. However together they gave each other the strength, the will and the power they each lacked to break the chains that held them to their past. I was thinking Janet and I rather fit right in with the rest of this group of misfits as we walked into the kitchen.

Silence came to the kitchen as Sam and I entered. All heads turned toward Sam and me as we walked into the kitchen. Janet and Jack smiled at us as the others looked at us as well.

Linda smiled then Scott asked, Well, how was she?

Sam shook his head side to side as he replied, It is a wonder you ever get laid.

Why do you think I enjoy women, Linda said with a little laugh.

All of us busted up laughing even Scott. Sam walked me to the table and sat me beside Jack before taking a seat next to Janet. Jack got up and asked Sam and me how we wanted our eggs for breakfast.

Over, easy or scrambled, Jack asked.

I smiled to Sam then turned to Jack as I replied, Make mine hard as I like it like that.

Jack shook his head as he prepared our eggs. When done he join us at the table once more. The others talked as Sam and I ate. When we were finished, Jack and Janet cleared the table of all of our plates.

Denise stood up as she asked looking to Jack, What are our plans for today Jack?

Jack smiled as he replied, I was thinking about a day of floating down the river on some rafts, smiling at her.

Rafts, You mean white water rafting, Denise said with a questioning look on her face.

No with these, Jack replied as he walked outside onto the patio.

Jack returned with one of those blow up type rafts the type one would use in a swimming pool to lay on to soak up the sun while getting tanned. They were not designed for what he had in mind. Denise looked to Will who looked to Jack. Then Scott and Linda looked at Jack. Sam, Janet and I looked at him as well.

That is unless you all are afraid, Jack said with a big grin.

Hell NO, for together we are strong, all replied loudly except for Janet and I.

Everyone went and got ready for this day of rafting leaving Janet, Jack and me standing there. Janet looked at me as I looked at her. This trip this rafting fun sounded more dangerous than being all about fun.

Jack, you are not talking about using those rafts in that angry river we cross on the way here are you? I asked.

You will be perfectly safe, Jack replied.

Jack, Ann can not swim and she is afraid of the water, Janet said to him.

Jack smiled at her then to me as he replied, Then today she will begin to face her fears.

Jack, I dont … I started to say.

Ann, trust me, Jack said as he pressed his finger to my lips.

Jack wrapped me in his arms pressing his lips to mine. I heard no alarms, bells or whistle. I only heard the sound of rushing water as I saw myself going under drowning in my mind. Jack broke our kiss, as I just stood there still wondering in my mind.

You girls go get dressed, Jack said to us. We both just stood there as he added, Get going girls we are wasting time.

Janet and I went upstairs into the bedroom. We both slipped into our swimsuits. Hers a bikini and mine a one piece. We both slipped on a pair of sandals and returned downstairs. Jack was waiting for us in a pair of cutoff jeans. He had no shirt on, as his chest was bare. He held out something to us as we came to him.

Put these on girls and become part of this team, Jack said to us handing us tee shirts.

Janet and I watched as he slipped one over his head. He pulled it down covering his muscular chest. On the front of his shirt, was written NO FEAR.

Janet and I slipped our shirts on and we walked outside with Jack. We joined the other at the vehicles. I saw that all of us had on the same type of tee shirt with the same words written on the front. We walked to Jacks truck to find the rafts blown up in the back. There was also a huge sack lying back there.

We had to take two vehicles, one we parked down stream near a huge waterfall as we all piled into Jacks truck to go back up stream. The road followed the river and all I saw were white caps and swirling eddies behind each rock. I saw little waterfalls of five to six foot drops. Janet took my handinto hers as she saw the frigthened look on my face.

It will be OK, Ann, Janet said to me.

We finally got to a big parking spot. Jack pulled his truck in and we all got out of it. We all walked down to the rivers edge. There was calm water near the shoreline but fifty feet out it was a torrent of rushing water. Jack, Scott, Will and Sam walked down into the water. They looked around then joined hands as they bowed their heads. They all seemed to be saying a silent pray.

They all raised their heads together as they all cried out, Its a good day to die if we must.

Denise and Linda turned to us as they said in unison, If they go we go.

Janet and I just stood there not knowing what all of this was about or what to say. The boys came out of the water and went to the truck as we followed. They handed out the rafts and got out that big sack. Jack handed Janet and I a raft. We turned and slowly started walking toward the river.

Hey you two, Jack yelled at us.

We turned back to him as he said, You two will need these, holding up two bright orange flotation vests smiling at us.

Janet and I both let out sighs of relieve as we took them from him. Sam helped Janet with hers and Jack helped me with mine. Jack whispered into my ear as he did mine, I told you that you would be perfectly fine. I looked to see that Linda and Denise had on jackets as well. However, none of the boys had any on them.

Jack, why dont you men have jackets on as well? I asked.

Because we are brothers and brothers take care of each other, Jack replied smiling at the other men.

Down into the water we went. We lay upon our rafts as the slow current pulled us out into the river. We paddled to the middle as a group. Jack told Janet and I to use our hands to steady ourselves and to turn. The fast current grabbed each raft as we entered the middle of the river. The rafts we lay upon went shooting quickly down the river. Janet and I screamed as we shot down that river on our rafts.

The current was quick but surprisingly the raft was sturdy in the rushing water. Janet and I watched as the others used their hands to turn and do other stuff on their rafts. The water would go from rough to smooth and I started to find it relaxing as well as cool floating down the river.

I looked down river to see very rough water and a big boulder and a dip coming into my path. I watched the others as they used their hands to steer around the boulder. Their rafts floated to the side into clam water where they all sat watching Janet and me. I was first to go through, I dug my right hand down into the water.

My raft drifted to the right going around the boulder floating gently into the calm water where the others had gathered. I smiled and laughed at the others telling them this was fun after all. Janet came up onto the boulder, her raft hit square knocking her off as her screams filled the air. The current grabbed both her raft and herself. Janets cries for help filled the air as she bobbed up and down racing downstream.

Jack, Sam, Will and Scott jumped from their rafts. Will and Scott swam for Janets raft while Jack and Sam swam to Janet who was screaming as she drifted down river. Jack got to her first and grabbed her by her jacket. Sam grabbed Jack and together they swam with her to calmer water standing her up between them. They both gave her comfort as they held her.

Those two make an unbeatable team, Denise said to me.

Linda paddle over to me and sat up on her raft as she said, Those four make an unbeatable force.

I watched as Sam and Jack waited for Will and Scott. They got to them and gave Janet back her raft. She lay down on it as each took a corner and swam her back to us.

Thank you Jack, Janet said to him as she sat up on her raft.

It was not one who saved you but four, Jack replied looking to the others.

The boys high five each other as I went to Janet. I asked her if she was scared. She smiled at me and told me yes until she saw the others coming to her aid. I asked her if she was all right and she smiled.

I think I had an orgasm as they pulled me back, Janet said smiling.

Jack, what is all of this about? I asked.

It is about team work and working together, Jack replied.

It is about watching the others back, Will replied.

It is about never losing a friend again, Scott replied.

It is about all for one and one for all, Sam replied.

Janet gave them each a kiss on their lips. Jack jumped onto his raft and paddled back into the river. Once again, we each followed him. He led us through dips and turns with churning white water. At each bad spot or rough spot, all of the boys would pull their rafts over making sure all of us got past it safely.

As I floated down that river, I thought about what each man had said. I realized this was like a group exercise. Jack the man a loner who went to war seeking revenge led this group. Will the black man who thinks himself a slave as no white man ever stood up for him before Jack. Scott was full of guilt over losing his friends while he survived. Sam was a man who felt alone because of his broken heart.

All four of these men had something in their past which haunted them. However when they were all together they gave each other the support that they each needed. Alone they were weak but together there were strong. I wondered for a second where the women of this group fitted.

I realized for Denise that it was her size as I saw her float by me. She looked like a small child upon that raft. Yet Jack had placed her high above the other women when he had met her. That had to have given her self-confidence in herself. Linda I believed to be a man trapped in a womans body from the way she looked at me as she floated by me.

I thought for a few minutes how do Janet and I fit into the group. What was in our past that haunted us? Janet belief that a dog could give her more pleasure than a man could. For me, it was enjoying being the slut for all men to use me as they saw fit. However, how was this group going to help us I wondered?

We were about half way down the river when we pulled our rafts into the shallow backwaters of the river. Each of the boys had a watertight bag with them, which they had packed a shore lunch into a course Scott had his bag filled with beer.

We had lunch, drank beer as we all talked about our adventure so far. Each of us girls had run into some type of trouble during our float down to here. Each time the boys came to our rescue working as a team. I found out what Janet meant when they rescued me. Having all their hands on me make my pussy drip and I rewarded each of them with a kiss upon their lips as I felt their cocks pressing into my body or my pussy.

Linda came over to me and asked if I had to go to the bathroom, as she did not want to wander into the woods alone. I told her I would come along. Linda and I walked a little ways into the woods. Linda stopped and turned toward me as she pulled her bottoms down. I started to remove my one piece to pee as she watched. I had it off as I turned back toward her as she squatted in front of me. Her legs folded together then she parted them spreading them wide.

My eyes focused onto the small amount of hair then to her huge fucking clit. It almost looked like a tiny cock hanging down in front of her pussy. I stood there watching as a thick stream of yellow pee gushed from her pussy. Linda looked up to me then followed my eyes to her big hanging clit. She smiled as she took her finger and flicked it across her clit.

Her clit sort of rolled then began to grow away from her pussy. Her pussy lips opened like a set of doors as her clit stood up and outward from her pussy. Linda licked her fingers then took two fingers and stroked her clit as if it was a tiny cock. She pulled on her clit as she looked at me standing there watching her.

Linda looked up at me as she said, My body did not know whether for me to be a man or a woman when I was born so it gave me both a cock and a pussy.

Linda smiled as she added, At least I think that is why my clit is so big.

Linda dripped the last few drops of pee from her pussy standing up looking at me. She stepped from her bottoms then walked over to me. She wrapped me in her arms pressing her lips to mine. She kissed me gently and her lips tasted like honey as I kissed her back.

Linda pulled me against her tightly as her hands went down my back. Her hands grabbed at my butt cheeks as she ground her hard clit against my pussy. Her clit rubbed against mine as she started to pump herself against me.

Her hands pulled at my butt cheeks as she broke our kiss. She moved her mouth down to one of my tits. She took it into her mouth suckling on it as she kept grinding her clit into mine. I took my hand running it between us until I touched her big hard clit.

It even felt like a hard small cock as my hand touched it. I took it into my hand and rubbed it between my pussy lips. My pussy started to leak juices as I did.

Linda removed her mouth from my tit as she took us both to the ground. She laid me onto my back spreading my legs as she climbed between them. She licked her lips, and then I felt the exquisite fire of pleasure as I felt her tongue licking at my pussy lips. I looked down; saw her head moving up and down on my pussy as she dug her tongue deeply into it. I cradled her head in my hands, stroking at her hair, and told her how good it felt.

I gasped out, Oh fuck, oh my god that feels so fucking good, lick me Linda, my pussy is burning, lick me baby!

Linda went at my pussy with her tongue digging deep into it. My pussy started to orgasm as my juices started to flow. Linda started to lick all the juices from my pussy. She spread my lips apart with her fingers, and slid her tongue up between my lips and swiped it over my clit.

My clit was rock hard, bright pink and sticking out, eager for her tongue. I felt her mouth surround me, my throbbing clit encased in a hot, wet heaven of sucking and tongue lashing, and I felt the rush race over me. I grabbed her head and pulled her tightly against my pussy. I felt the build up of an intense orgasm in my pussy.

I let out a cry of pleasure as I felt my juices pouring, flooding Lindas cute face as I grunted, growled and squealed with pleasure. My body shaking and jerking wildly as she licked at my convulsing pussy until my orgasm had spent its last drop of my juices. Linda removed her face from between my legs as she climbed on top of me.

She placed her clit on my open pussy lips as her mouth went to mine. She kissed me deeply and with passion, as I tasted my juices from her lips. I wrapped my legs and arms around her as she started to rock against me.

Her big hard clit slipped between my pussy lips and as she rubbed it against me, it would rub up into my own clit. Lindas mouth left mine as she went from one tit to the other sucking on them as she worked her hard clit against my pussy. Her clit was running into my pussy as if it was a small dick. I bucked under her trying to take more of it into my pussy. This caused it to pop out and rub against my clit.

AHhhhhh Linda, I moaned out as a powerful wet orgasm came over me.

My pussy squirted then I lost control in mid orgasm as I started to pee uncontrollably. My warm pee splashed against her big hard clit as she moaned with an orgasm of her own. We lie there kissing until we heard.

Hey you two OK in there, Jack yelled.

Be right out Jack, Linda yelled back breaking our kiss.

Linda and I dressed and we walked hand in hand to the edge of the wood line where Jack was standing. She walked me over to him dropping my hand into his as she walked away. Jack smiled at me as she did.

Why didnt you tell me about Linda? I asked him.

Was it not better finding out on your own? He asked in return smiling.

Jack walked me back to the group and they looked at me. I think they were waiting for me to say something maybe even to be disgusted at what I saw between Lindas legs. I just smiled at each of them as I walked over to Linda. I wrapped her in my arms kissing her fully and deeply onto her lips.

I broke our kiss as I said, You can join me in my bed anytime you like.

The other gave catcalls and whistles as Janet looked at me. I went to her and gave her a big hug. I kissed her cheek then moved my mouth to her ear.

I will tell you all about it when we get home, I whispered into her ear.

The boys high five each other and walked back to us girls. We all floated down the river even at the roughest spots I felt at ease knowing the boys were there. Linda and Denise were right they worked as a team not as individuals. They not only looked after each other but us as well. We all had fun and we finally came to where the car was. We exited the river one by one until Jack was the only one left in the water. I turned to see Sam with him as he handed him a life jacket. Sam helped him put it on then shook his hand and gave him a big hug.

Buddy, I think your nuts, Sam said.

Jack just smiled at him as he replied, Yeah but it is going to be a rush.

Sam came up to us all. He walked us down the path a little ways. Once there he turned looking to that great waterfall. He turned back to all of us.

Everyday each of us must face our fears, Sometimes someone gives us the strength to do so, Sam said to us. He turned and looked to that waterfall as he added, I give you that man his name is Jack.

Janet and I both screamed his name loudly as we watched in horror as we watched him going over the waterfall. That waterfall spit Jack out into a freefall. His body seemed to float in the air in slow motion until it landed back hard into the churning waters beneath the waterfall with a big splash. The boys dove in, as he did not come back up from the depths. Janet wrapped me in your arms as we looked to the churning water.

I stood there in Janets arms thinking I had lost the man of my dreams. My heart stopped beating as I stood there looking into the churning, swirling water and no one came to the surface. Suddenly four heads popped above the surface. I breathed a sign of relieve as they all started to swim toward shore.

I ran to Jack as he was getting out of the water. I did not throw my arms around him. Instead, I pushed him as hard as I could back into the chilly water.

WHAT the hell were you thinking? I asked him loudly.

I was thinking how much I loved you, Jack replied with a smile as he stood up again.

I was ready to push him down again when Sam said, You better explain it to her Jack or she will never understand.

I looked to Jack waiting for him to explain. He walked from the water removing the float vest. He took my hand as he told me as a small boy his adoptive father used to bring him here. He always wanted to do that as his father had done it one day.

My father would not let me telling me I was not a man yet, Jack said to me. He smiled at me as he added, Today I am a man.

Jack told me he used to come here often in his teens with his father. His father would ask him if he was ready to become a man. He told me he wanted to do that to make his father proud but he never did because of his fear. He hung his head as he explained he never was able to show his father he was a man. I asked him what fear did have that stopped him.

I am afraid of heights, Jack replied smiling.

Afraid of heights but you fly in the sky, I replied.

Yes but with something under me, Jack said. He looked to the heavens as he added, That was for you father, then turned to the others, Today I faced my greatest fear, and I could not have done it if you all had not given me the strength to do so.

The others came and shook his hand giving him cheers. The women they hugged and kissed him. All the while, Janet and I stood there almost in tears. Jack hugged us both and he whispered into our ears, Someday you two will have to face your greatest fear.

On the way home, I thought of what he had whispered into my ear. Once at home while upstairs as Janet and I dressed. I asked her what her greatest fear was.

She looked at me and thought for a second then she said, After today I think my greatest fear is being alone. She came to me and she asked, What is your greatest fear?

I did not have to think as I replied fast, My greatest fear is being without Jack.

Janet and I hugged as I thought about our day. I did not know what Jack was trying to do or prove. All I did know was that without Jack I would not want to go on with my life. Maybe today did not have a purpose other than just a small boy who finally conquered his fears and proved something to his father. However, I had the feeling I was missing the point in all of what happened today. Those thoughts soon left me as the day turned into night.

After dinner, once again we all joined in the playroom. We all danced and drank just as before however Jack was up shooting pool so I had to dance with the others. Scott and Will danced with me together one bumping me from the front and the other from the rear.

My pussy was dripping as we danced. I felt their hard cocks against me as we danced. During a slow dance with Will, I reached down and rubbed at the front of his pants. His cock felt huge as I rubbed it with my hand. He whispered sweet words into my ears telling me how he would worship my lovely white body from head to toe. I did the same thing to Scott when he slow danced with me however, his cock did not feel as big but it still made my pussy twitch.

You Look Wonderful Tonight, came onto the jukebox. Jack took me into his arms dancing me around the room. He whispered lightly into my ear, Who is your choice for your fun tonight.

I whispered back into his, Tonight I want two, as I smiled at Will and Scott.

Our dance ended and Jack took me to the bar. He sat me down onto the bar stool and walked to the pool table. He racked up the balls and picked up three pool sticks. He handed one to Will and one to Scott.

If you two can beat me that there will be your prize for the night, Jack said pointing his pool stick at me.

We all closely watched the game. Jack jumped out to an early led but Will and Scott fought back catching up to within one ball of him. Jack sunk his last ball the eight ball was next. Jack looked at me smiling as Will and Scott hung up their pool sticks knowing he would not miss. Jack gave me a little wink as he called his pocket. The eight ball ran true straight toward the pocket and fell into it. Everyone watched in disbelief as the cue ball followed the eight ball into that pocket as well.

Sometimes you win sometimes you do not, Jack said smiling at me.

Will went to Denise and she told him to go have fun. Scott went to Linda and she told him he has better be good too me. The two men went to Jack and they shook his hand then they each took one of my hands.

They led me upstairs to an empty bedroom. They undressed me as we kissed then lay me naked onto the bed. I watch as they both undressed and climbed into the bed with me. I lie between them as their hands ran over my body. They caressed my tits making my nipples grow hard and rubbed at my pussy making it wet.

Scott kissed me as Will suckled my tits. Then Will kissed me as Scott suckled my tits. Once again, they seem to work as a team sending pleasure through my body. My hands went to their cocks taking them into my hands. I pumped and pulled at them as they had their way with my body. Scott moved down between my legs as Will moved up toward my face his cock dangling in it.

I grasped his big black cock in my hand pumping at it as it grew in size. It was close to 9 inches I thought as I moved my mouth to it. Scotts tongue licked at my pussy as my own tongue licked at the head of Wills cock. I ran my tongue around the fathead of his cock taking it across the head of his dick. I flicked my tongue at his pee hole as pre-cum started to flow from it.

Will looked down at me smiling as he said, You sure do have a pretty mouth Ann.

I opened my mouth and encased it around the head of his cock. I started to suck as I worked his cock into my mouth. I had half of it into my mouth before I drew my mouth slowly back up his cock tightening my lips around it as I did. I pulled my mouth from his cock with his pre-cum stringing to my lips.

AHhhhhh Scott, I moaned out as I felt his tongue running in and out of my pussy.

Will straddled my chest as he spit into his hands. He smeared his spit between my tits. Will then laid his big black cock between my breasts. I took my hands to the sides of my tits smashing them together surrounding his big black cock with my white fleshy tits. Will started to move back and forth working his cock between them tit fucking me.

His cock would poke from between my tits and I would flick my tongue at it licking at the head of his cock. Scotts tongue was digging at my pussy as I felt his thumb on my clit. He rolled his thumb at my clit making it swell. I moved my mouth closer to Wills cock as it slipped from between my tits. Each time his cock came out, I took just the big head into my mouth. I sucked hard at it as he pulled it from my mouth. A popping sound came from mouth each time he pulled his cock from my mouth.

AHhhhhh, I moaned as my first orgasm came over my body.

Scott rubbed fast and hard at my clit never taking his tongue from my pussy. My pussy throbbed then released its juices right onto his tongue. Scott just kept lapping at my pussy like a dog lapping at water. Will moaned as he removed his cock from between my tits. He wrapped his hand around it as he pumped it with his hand.

AHhhhhh Shit ANN, he moaned out as I watched him milk his cock.

A huge splash of cum came shooting from his cock. It flew over my face as it landed in my hair. The next splashed landed on my forehead and the next two big splashes landed in my open mouth. Will just kept beating his big black meat pumping cum out from it. I moved my mouth to it sucking on it as he worked his hand back and forth on his cock.

I sucked the last bit of cum from his cock. Will pulled it from my mouth as he leaned down and kissed me upon my lips. His tongue licked at my lips until I opened my mouth. His tongue shot into my mouth as he French kissed me deeply. Not only did he have a big long cock but also a long tongue as well.

Will broke his kiss rolling from my chest. Scott removed his face from between my legs. He scooped my legs up into his arms placing them onto his shoulders as he moved up in the bed on top of me. He jabbed his hard cock at my wet pussy a couple of times.

On the third time, his cock entered deeply into my pussy. I moaned softly as he started to fuck me deep and hard. Our bodies smacking together filled the room as he drove his cock even deeper and harder into me. His cock seemed to rub into my g spot as he fucked me giving me great pleasure.

Fuck me, fuck me harder, I screamed.

Scott did as I had asked. He fucked me deep and hard until his sweat was dripping down onto my tits. My pussy was foaming my cream around his cock as I was having orgasm after orgasm. My head was rolling from side to side as I moaned lost in my pleasure as he fucked me.

AHHHhhhh ANNnnn, Scott moaned out loudly.

He drove his cock deeply into my wet pussy. He held it there as I felt it swell then start to jerk as cum splashed into my pussy. I started to move under him, as I did not want the fucking to stop. Scott pulled his cock from my pussy and moved from between my legs.

She is all yours Will, Scott said as he got off the bed.

My legs were still high in the air spread wide. I ran my hands down to my pussy. My pussy was soaked with my juices and cum from Scotts cock as it started to leak from my hole. I ran my hands at my pussy collecting our wetness onto them.

I smeared that wetness onto my tits as I watched Will climb onto the bed with his hand pulling at his once again hard black cock. I moved my hands to my mouth where I licked at the wet sticky mess on my hands. Will removed his hand from his cock as he slipped both hands under my buttocks. He flipped me over onto my stomach.

His hands pulled at my waist pulling me up onto my hands and my knees. Will rubbed his big black cock at my pussy once or twice. He then placed the head of his cock into the entrance of my pussy. Will did not push it in any further; he just held the head of his cock in my pussy. I felt him making his cock jerk in my pussy.

I tried to back my pussy back onto it. However, Will held me back from sliding back onto it. He was teasing me with his cock. I was not in the mood to be teased as my pussy wanted fucked deep and hard once again. I tried again to back my pussy onto his cock to force it up into my pussy.

Fuck me WILL, feed that black cock to me, I screamed looking back to him over my shoulder.

Beg for my black cock you white slut, Will replied as I felt his hand smack my butt.

When Will called me a white slut my body tingled as shock waves coursed through my body. His hand came down across my ass as he told me to beg for it again. Will smacked my ass once more and I felt my pussy begin to have a deep orgasm.

PLEASE FUCK me, I need your black cock in my pussy, I am your slut use me like you own me, I moaned.

Thats being a good little slut, Will replied placing his hands onto my hips.

Will buried his cock deeply into my pussy with one mighty push. His long black cock touched the very back wall of my pussy. He withdrew then slammed it back deeply into my pussy. My tits shook violently as they hung under me as Will started to pound my pussy from behind.

Will buried his cock once more as his big black hands reached under me to my tits. He grabbed my tits with his hands. He pulled at them as he went back to fucking me hard from behind. His fingers tips wrapped around my hard nipples. He pinched at my nipples as my pussy had one big very wet orgasm.

His cock slipped from my pussy as my juices splashed from my pussy. Will removed one hand from my tits. He took his cock into that hand and beat it upward against my pussy. My pussy reacted by squirting again only this time harder.

AHHhhhhhhhh, I moaned wildly as I tried to get his cock back into my pussy.

Will finally shoved his cock back up my pussy. He started to fuck me deep and hard as his hands went to my hips. I drove my hips back toward his cock as he fucked. I buried my head down into the bed as he fucked me even harder. His cock was causing my pussy to fart each time he drove it deep into me forcing the air from my pussy.

His hand smacked at my ass as he said, Yeah slut make that pussy talk.

Will just kept fucking me hard from behind. It actually started to hurt but it hurt so well as orgasms raced through my body. I felt a hand on my head then my hair pulled as my head lifted from the bed.

It was Scott lifting my head by pulling my hair. He was in front of me on his knees as his cock danced in my face. He took his cock into his hand and slapped it against my face. I tried to take it into my mouth however; he kept moving it from my mouth.

Scott laughed as he said, Damn Will, Jack has himself a real fucking slut.

Yes I am Jacks slut now let me suck that cock, I replied almost begging.

Scott slipped his cock into my mouth. He placed his other hand onto the back of my head. He started to move back and forth fucking my mouth with his cock. He worked it slowly in and out until he was running the whole length in and out of my mouth. I just sucked at it as he did.

Scott was in front of me fucking my mouth; no let us say he was skull fucking me as he was pushing my head onto his cock as he drove his cock up all the way into my mouth sending it almost down into my throat. I was breathing heavy through my nose. Will was behind me pounding the fuck out of my pussy as he slapped my ass.

I am not for sure how many orgasms I had. However, my pussy was dripping juices as my mouth was dripping with my saliva as the two men fucked me at both ends. The two slammed their cocks toward me working as a team. When Wills cock entered my pussy from behind Scotts cock was pulling from my mouth.

Suddenly both men slammed their cocks forward and held them there. I felt Wills cock jerking as cum filled my pussy. Then Scotts cock blasted a huge load of cum deeply into my mouth. It was such a big load that I could not swallow it all. I started to gagged then choked on it as my mouth filled full of cum from his cock. His cum shot up my nasal passage and started to pour from my nose.

Oh shit sorry about that Ann, Scott said as he pulled his cum dripping cock from my mouth.

Will pulled his cock from my pussy as I fell down into the bed. I was coughing and wiping at cum as it flowed from my nose. My pussy burped then farted cum from it. I had to be a sight laying there with cum running from both ends.

Scott sat me up in the bed as the last drop of cum dripped from my nose. Will gave me a towel that I used to wipe my face. I blew my nose onto the towel spilling even more cum from my nose. I looked at the two men as they stared at me.

Please dont tell Jack, I said to them begging.

Will and Scott looked at each other then Scott asked, Dont tell Jack what?

How much I enjoyed you two using me like the slut that I am, I replied hanging my head as I started to cry.

I explain to them how I have this uncontrollable urge to be treated like a slut from every man I meet. I told them it had to do with the gang rape when I first met Jack. The two men wrapped me in their arms. Will from the back and Scott from the front. They laid their heads on my shoulders next to my ears. The two men gave me comfort as they whispered softly and sweetly into my ears.

Your secret is safe with us Ann, we will never tell him, they both whispered into my ear kissing and licking at them as they did.

Scott and Will used me as their slut the rest of the night. I sucked their cocks. They both took turns fucking me as I begged them to use me. The night ended with me riding Wills cock and Scott fucking me up my ass. It hurt like hell as it was my first true DP but my juices squirted wildly wetting both men and the bed.

I fell asleep between them in the bed after our night of fucking. I awoke the next morning alone in the bed. I sat up and realized what I had done with the two of them. I had not only allowed them to use me but also had told them my secret. I thought that they were down stairs telling Jack all about last night. I wrapped myself in a towel and left the room.

I went into our bedroom to find it empty. I went to the shower where I once again took a long hot shower trying to wash away my sins. As I did, my mind flashed to that gang rape and to the events of last night with Will and Scott. I thought how sick I was as I felt my pussy started to tingle. I turned the water off and stepped from the shower.

I dried off then slipped my robe on as I left the bedroom. I walked down the stairs slowly hearing talking and laughing coming from the kitchen. I stopped at the end of the stairs peeking out into the kitchen. I saw Jack, Janet and Sam. They were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and talking. I took a deep breath and walked into the kitchen. It grew silent as I went to the coffee pot. I poured myself a cup of coffee and I took a sip then turned toward them.

About last night, Jack, I said looking at him.

Jack smiled as he replied, What about last night other than you gave the best night to two men in need. Jack stood up and he came to me with two vases of wildflowers in his hands as he added, You must have been very good to receive flowers from them two as they do not give flowers to their own wives.

Jack hugged me and kissed me deeply. He told me he loved me as he walked outside with Sam onto the patio. I stood there watching him walk away. I wanted to tell him the truth. To tell him just how much of a slut I truly was however, I could not say anything. Tears flowed from my eyes as they rolled down my cheeks.

Janet came to me and she asked, What is wrong Ann?

I do not deserve a man like him, I replied looking sadly at her.

Janet took me into her arms and walked me into the living room sitting me down onto the sofa. I explained what happened and told her all about my night with Will and Scott. Janet told me the two did not say anything about what they did with me nor had Jack asked them.

They only told him that he has a true keeper in you, Janet said to me. Janet them looked at me as she added, Ann I have something I must tell you.

What is that, Janet? I asked.

Janet told me that last night Sam walked Linda and Denise back to their cabins. Before he left, he told her he would not be back as he was spending the night with the two of them. She told me she cried in Jacks arms most of the night as she felt that Sam did not like her. She told me she confessed to Jack that it was OK, as she did not get off with him anyways.

Ann, I explained to him that fucking dogs get me off more than any man could, Janet said to me. I explained to him he was the only man who could make me orgasm, Janet added.

Janet told me that Jack held her giving her comfort then made sweet love to her, as she never had done with anyone. Afterwards Jack told her it was only because she had not found the right man yet. Janet told me she told him she had found the right man but that she could not have him because that man was already taken.

Janet, are you in love with Jack? I asked her.

I am Ann and I know I can not have him, Janet replied to me as tears filled her eyes.

I wiped her tears as I said, Janet, we both can love him. I am sure he feels the same way about you and we will sit and talk with him about making the three of us as one when we get back home. I smiled at her as I added, You will never be alone as long as Jack and I are here.

Ann, I love you and you are such a good friend, Janet replied hugging and kissing me.

Janet and I dried our eyes. We then walked back into the kitchen. I heard Sam and Jack once more talking out on the patio.

Jack, you have to tell her before the shit hits the fan, Sam said to Jack.

I walked out onto the patio as I asked, Tell me what Jack?

Jack turned looking at me as he replied, That you are the most beautiful girl I know, as he came to me and took me into his arms.

His embrace did not fill me with warmth as it normally would. Jack hugged me tightly whispering into my ear how much he loved and adored me. I lifted my head onto his shoulder looking to Sam. He shook his head from side to side, as he walked away.

I broke my hug with Jack as I asked, Jack is there something you are not telling me?

I have no secrets from the ones I love, Jack replied. Lets get our things together as it is time to head back home, he added taking my hand and walking me from the patio.

As he walked me toward the kitchen, I looked to Sam who was still shaking his head from side to side, as he walked away. I could not help but think there was something Jack was not telling me. I would not find out what it was until later in the year.

The rest of the summer of 1979 and into the fall of that year we hung out with this group of Jack‘s. With Will, Scott and Sams help, I kept my secret from Jack. Whether I was with one or with all three they used me, as I wanted to be. They gave me what I could not ask or have Jack give me. They would give me comfort afterwards promising me my secret was safe with them.

Janet, Jack and I talked about her love for him and we all agreed we each loved the other enough to allow us all to live as one. Janet moved in with us and we became one family. She quit her job and Jack trained her as well as Michelle how to run our horse farm. Jack even got some small ponies which seven-year-old Michelle could practice the skill of breaking a horse.

Janet and I grew closer to Linda and to Denise. All of us told the others of our fears and of our dark secrets. This group played together as well as gave support to each other. This group was a well-oiled unit with Jack as our leader. When I was alone with the others I would ask them what was the link that tied Jack to all of them as well as to Janet and I. What was he hiding?

When ever I asked any of them that I always got the same response, It is not our place to tell or talk without him talking first.

Summer and fall passed as the snow came early that year. It was Nov 4, 1979. Granma, Frank, Michelle, Janet, Jack and I were watching TV when our show was interrupted. The TV reporter told us of hostages taken in Iran. My eyes went from the TV to Jack. His eyes went from the loveliest shade of blue to the darkest black I had ever seen as anger and hate flushed over his face.

You all will pay for that, Jack said with his eyes glued to the TV.

What did you say Jack? I asked looking at him.

He turned to me as he replied, We all will pray, then he walked from the house.

Dear god not again, grandma said looking to Jack as he walked by her walking out the back door.

I heard his truck start up and I ran to the back door. All I saw was a dust cloud as his truck roared up our ranch road. I looked down beside me to see Michelle standing by me.

She looked up at me as she asked, Where is daddy going?

Go play Michelle he will be back, I said to her as grandma walked out into the kitchen.

Once Michelle was out of the room, I went to grandma who was standing at the sink with her back to me. I turned her around to face me. Tears were flowing freely from her eyes rolling down her cheeks.

What is it grandma? What is wrong? What is going on? I asked her.

Frank walked into the kitchen and wrapped grandma in his arms. She cried and sobbed into his shoulder. Frank rubbed his hand at her back telling her everything would be all right. I looked to Frank as he looked to me.

Jack is on his way to right another wrong, Frank said to me.

Grandma cried even more into his shoulder. I told Frank I did not understand. I asked him to explain all of this to me. Grandma lifted her head from his shoulder.

Jacks eyes they were the same as the day he ran off to fight in the Vietnam War, grandma said to me as she sobbed once again.

I turned to the hallway leading into the kitchen. Janet stood there with tears running down her face as she held Michelles hand. Michelle looked to Janet then to grandma and Frank.

She looked to me then as she asked, What is Vietnam War and where is my daddy?

It is a past that your daddy must make right, I replied as I took her hand and walked her into the living room.

I sat her next to me on the sofa as I explained to her what not only the Vietnam War was but any war. I explained to her that her daddy was in the army reserves and if called upon he would go right the wrongs of others. Michelle jumped from my arms and the sofa.

She turned to me as she yelled, They can not take him he promised never to leave me or to leave you mommy, before she ran crying up the steps to her bedroom.

Janet sat down next to me giving me comfort as I cried. I told her I now knew what the link was between Jack and the others. I also knew his secret. He feels as if he had left everyone down in the last war because of his actions not only over there but also to me back here. To him it was his duty to right the wrongs of his past. He had made good on one of them, which was I.

He must now right his wrongs from the Vietnam War, I said to Janet wiping my tears.

The phone rang and Janet answered it. It was Sam on the other end. She gave me the phone. He asked me if Jack had heard. I told him he had and he had left home.

Ann, our unit has been placed on stand by alert, Sam said to me.

What does that mean? I asked him.

It means all of us including Jack are on active duty now, Sam said to me on the phone. I did not reply as he added, Jack, wanted to tell you Ann as we all knew something was going to happen with all the unrest over there lately.

Is that what you kept telling him that he had to tell me? I asked him.

Yes Ann but Jack knew if it happened he would be breaking his promise to you, Sam replied.

I turned to see Jack standing in the hallway. I told Sam I had to go as Jack was back. I hung up the phone and went to Jack. He stared down at me as I stared up at him. I drew back my hand and I slapped him as hard as I could across his face.

You promised me Jack, I yelled. I slapped him again, as I added, You promised your little one you would never leave us. You are breaking your promise to us both.

I went to slap him again but this time he grabbed my hand as he said, Ann, I made a promise to myself long before I promised you. Jack hung his head then lifted it as he added, I promised myself someday to right the wrong I caused in the world, I righted the wrong I did to you and now I must fix another one.

Jack, you own nothing to anyone as you did no wrong during that war, I said to him.

It is not to them I owe it too but to myself, Jack replied. Please understand that Ann, he added looking deeply into my eyes as he released my hand.

I looked deeply back into his eyes. They filled with sorrow, despair and anguish. His eyes told me a story without words coming from his mouth. They told me this was something he had to do not for others but for himself. They told if he did not he could not live with himself. I could tell by that look that I was wasting my breath for this was something he would do with or without my OK but I had to try to stop him if I could.

I was hoping you would get out of the reserves this year. You have four years active duty and almost three years in the reserves, I replied to him looking into his eyes.

I knew from that distance look in his eyes I was fighting a losing battle. His pride or his call to duty always won out in our talks of him getting out of the military for good. It was bad enough Jack had to be gone one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.

However, I was not prepared for him going back onto active duty and maybe returning to war. I tried to reason with him telling him a hundred and one reasons why he could not do this. Each reason I told him, he had a reasonable reply too. I finally gave up looking deeply into his eyes once more.

I rubbed my hand to the side of his face as I asked, When do you have to leave?

I have to report to the base in 24 hours, Jack replied.

OH Jack, I said as I threw my arms around his waist and buried my face into his chest.

I cried as he held me in his arms. I was not for sure if this was our last embrace. Visions of war and of losing him filled my head. I started to tremble as he held me realizing my greatest fear could come true.

Jack rubbed his hand into my back as he replied, It is probably nothing Ann we will be on alert for a few days and then I will return home.

I felt a pair of arms wrapping around my legs. I looked down to see Michelle standing at the side of us hugging her daddy and me. I turned as John opened his left arm taking Janet into his arms as well. Janet and I sobbed into his chest as Michelle sobbed with her head against his thigh.

Jack rubbed his hands at our backs then on Michelles head as he said, This will all be over before it begins you will see.

The next day we all stood out on the back porch as we watched Jack drive down our ranch road onto the highway. Michelle running behind his truck telling him she loved him. Frank held grandma as she cried and gave her comfort. Janet held me and I held her giving us both the comfort we needed.

I thought we would hear from Jack later that day however we did not. The hours waiting for him to call us turned into days. After five days, we all were out in the stable taking care of the horses when the stable door swung open. Jack walked in dressed in his army flight suit.

Michelle ran to him screaming, Daddy your home, daddy your home.

Jack picked her up and as Michelle wrapped her arm around his neck hugging him he replied, Yes little one I am home but only for the weekend.

I looked to him not knowing exactly what that meant but I ran to him. He took me into his other arm as Michelle and I hugged and kissed him. He asked me where the others were and I told him in town getting supplies.

Lets go into the house the horses can wait, Jack said walking me into the house.

Jack sat me then Michelle down at the kitchen table. He started to say something when Grandma ran into the kitchen throwing her arms around him. After her, Janet threw her arms around him. Jack looked to Frank after releasing Janet.

Hey a handshake will do just fine, Frank said as he stuck out his hand to Jack.

I asked Jack what was going on and why was he back home. I also asked him why he had not called us. Jack told us it took the army this long to get him and the others back into the system. He told us they all had to pass physicals and everything else. He told us they had shipped them from Fort Campbell to a base in Washington D.C. to do all of this and they were not allowed to call or leave while there.

Jack told us he was going to be assigned to Fort Campbell along with Sam, Will, and Scott. He told us as of right now they have no role in anything other than to train. Jack told us they would be training five days a week but he would have the weekends free. He told us he would live on the base through the week and return home to be with us on the weekends as his base was only a couple hundred miles away from our home.

That was OK with us all as at least we would see him. I asked him for how long this was to be. Jack looked to the ground then lifted his head. I saw that look in his eyes that look of him not wanting to tell me something.

At least for the next four years as I have reenlisted, Jack said to me.

I did not say anything I just stared at him. I finally turned from him and walked up stairs to our bedroom. I sat upon our bed with my head in my hands.No tears filled my eyes only worry filled my mind. Jack came in and closed the door behind him as he did.

Ann, I could not leave the others alone, I had to reenlist along with them, Jack said to me.

I raised my head from my hands as I replied, What about us Jack?

Ann, I know and I gave that a lot of thought, Jack replied. Jack sat down onto the bed and he wrapped me in his arms as he added, Together we are strong alone we are weak. It is about team work and working together, It is about watching the others back, It is about never losing a friend again.

I stopped him as I pressed my finger to his lips as I said, All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall. I smiled at him as I added, I will stand by you as well Jack because I love you.

I removed my finger from his lips and pressed my lips against his. I kissed him deeply as his arms wrapped around me. We kissed passionately as I started to unzip his flight suit. His hands went to my shirt that he started to unbutton. In a short time while still kissing, we had each other out of our clothes as we lie on the bed.

My hand slipped down between us as I took his hard throbbing cock into my hand. I pumped at it as my tongue slipped gently into his mouth. I broke our kiss as I kissed my way down to his cock. I lay between his legs as my right hand wrapped around it at the base. I stroked upwards allowing my thumb to run over the underside of his head and across the tip. He let out a low moan as I pumped his cock with my hand.

After several minutes, pre cum started to form and I rolled it around the head of his cock. I took my other hand and massaged his balls, which caused more moaning. He started swaying his hips up and down in rhythm with my hand. This continued for about another 10 minutes and I was surprised he had not cum yet. I was beginning to think I was losing my touch. I decided to up the ante. I opened my mouth and let my tongue glide over the tip of his cock. This caused him to look down at me in approval. I swirled the head with my tongue a couple more times and then engulfed it. I continued to pump his shaft while I sucked at the head of his cock.

I stopped stroking with my hand removing it from his cock as I slid more of his cock into my mouth. I could feel it pulsate as it slipped deeper into my mouth. This was turning me on and I could feel that familiar dampness down below at my hairy pussy. I took all of his cock into my mouth with my lips touching his midsection I started to suck at his cock.

Ahhh Ann, Jack moaned out loudly as I started to work my mouth up and down his cock.

I bobbed my head on his cock for a while then removed my mouth from his hard throbbing cock. I climbed up onto top of him reaching under me taking his big cock into my hand. I rubbed it at my wet pussy then sat down upon it. I started to ride his cock as I leaned down pressing my lips against his.

Jacks hand went to my ass as he helped me to ride his cock. I moaned in his mouth as my first orgasm came over me. I felt my juices flowing from my pussy running down over his cock. I broke our kiss as I sat up right onto his cock.

His cock buried deeply in my pussy as I started to rock back and forth on it. Jack reached up and rubbed his hands on my tits as they rolled while I fucked him. He used his thumbs to make my nipples grow hard. Once he had them hard, he pinched and pulled at them. I felt another orgasm building as I rode his cock.

AHhhhhh Jack cum with me, fill my pussy with cum, I cooed out bouncing on his cock.

Jack moaned as his hands left my tit and grabbed at my waist. He raised and lowered me onto his cock as he thrust his hips upward toward me. He pulled me down hard onto his cock as I felt his cock swell then throb as cum filled my pussy.

I rolled off him and took his cock into my mouth I cleaned all of our juices from his cock as it grew soft. I kissed it then moved up beside him lying next to him as he wrapped his arm around me I laid my head upon his chest rubbing my hand at his chest.

My fingers ran across the scars on his chest from the Vietnam War. I could only hope he would return safely to me if something did happen. I licked at his nipples with my tongue until I saw his cock give a little jerk. I ran my hand down to his cock taking it into my hand once more.

We made sweet passionate love again as we rolled around on our bed. It ended with him driving his cock deeply up into my asshole filling it with cum from his cock. Afterwards he held me tightly kissing my forehead thanking me for understanding why he had to sign back up for he could not leave the others alone. I realized in doing so he was leaving us alone instead.

Jack must have read my mind again as he said, You are not alone Ann. You will have Linda, Denise and Janet, The four of you will give each other what we all gave to each other.

Time went on and just as Jack had told me we did give, each other support. Through the week, we busied ourselves on the horse ranch. During the evenings, we girls would get together at one of our houses. We swapped stories about how we were feeling and gave each other the support we needed when we needed it. It also gave us an excuse to drink our worries away. I woke up many days hung over with my head buried in the toilet throwing my worry back up into the toilet.

We tried to have sex once all of us together but something was missing that being the men in our lives. When one of us felt, alone we would call and talk on the phone with someone. Linda was great in that she would come and give Janet and I all the comfort we needed.

We all knew we had no say so in what are men were doing. In some way, each of us thought they were doing what they should be doing for, as a team, they were unbeatable and while we worried about them, we knew they would keep each other safe. On weekends we were alone with our men, Sam would come and see Janet from time to time but it was just sex nothing serious.

I awoke one morning six or seven months later down the road. Jack had not been home for the last month due to some type of extended training. I was hoping he would return home this weekend. It was Friday April 24 1980 Janet lie beside me in our bed. I rolled over to cuddle her, as the room seemed to spin. I hurried from our bed and ran into the bathroom.

I started to throw up into the toilet. I wiped my face when I was finished and as I turned, I saw Janet standing in the doorway. She shook her head from side to side, as she stared at me.

Ann, you are going to have to tell him sooner or later, Janet said to me.

I just smiled at her shaking my head no. We dressed and walked downstairs to join Frank and grandma. I stepped from the last step as I heard grandma scream, Please god dont let it be him.

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