The Situation

The Situation


First of all, your data is safe. We are not compromised by law enforcement or anyone else. This is an attack on our network, not the servers themselves.

Posting this here because, even though and are now on OVH, certain stressers have bypasses for OVH's filters, and he's managed to take them down too.

For now, you can contact me on Telegram at

I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask to be involved with pro-russian or pro-ukrainian hacktivist groups. I didn't ask to be targeted by this sick fuck. But, against my will, here we are.

This is not a story on how Russian people are evil. In fact, Russian nationalists helped me uncover his identity and offered to help Kyun. Do not let the actions of one rogue individual influence your thoughts on an entire country's population.

What Happened

Late Saturday night, the Kyun staff took the decision to remove a user from the Kyun chat rooms on Matrix and Telegram.

We found it necessary to remove this "person" from our chat as he was posting deeply concerning content involving children and sending gore to group members.

The removal did not go unnoticed by the user, who responded with threats directed at us. The individual launched a DDoS attack on the entire /24, encompassing all Kyun virtual machines, including client VMs.

This is an attack on Kyun and everything we stand for. This is an attack on you.


This "person" joined the Kyun Telegram group a few weeks ago LARPing as a Chinese person (this is a known pattern of the person in question), while he is, in fact, Russian and the operator of a scummy DDoS protection service with some history:

Demanding an apology from a hosting provider on LowEndTalk after threatening him
Demanding an apology from LowEndTalk staff after being rightfully reprimanded for breaking the rules (advertising without paying the provider fee)

Before being banned from the Telegram channel, which is bridged to the Matrix chat, he posted several pictures of children with accompanying "data":

Images were deleted by me shortly after he posted them, but I think you can imagine what they were of. The images weren't explicitly sexual in nature, which is the reason he wasn't immediately banned after posting them.

He was told that he's being very creepy, after which he responded with the following message:

This behavior seemed to stop for a while. Of course, shortly after, it resumed, and he started asking people if they want "funny" gore videos.

I was having a pretty bad headache at the time, and I snapped at him. I'm not sorry.

(this was before we were 100% sure he's russian)

He threatened to attack me again (this wasn't the first time he attacked me for an unban):

At this point, I really wasn't having it anymore. He was banned immediately afterwards:

This was the place where a section uncovering everything we know about him was supposed to go. But I decided I wasn't going to give him any free publicity or any more attention. It's clear to me that I'm dealing with a very mentally ill individual that has strong self-destructive tendencies. I'd like to stay as far away from him as possible.

I'm not asking for mercy, I'm not a bitch. I'm not asking for anything. The Kyun community has been nothing but supportive, and I thank you all. This is just an explanation so I don't leave you in the dark. That's it.

Thanks to Günter for helping me write this.

Kyun will be back and we will come back stronger than ever.

Strong men build empires. Weak men try to destroy them.


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