The Seeding 2

The Seeding 2


The Seeding 2


John had to hide out, the new abilities that he was experiencing were a little too much for everyday people. After Mitch had left, going god only knew where, John had waited a few days before he tried to contact him.

Mitch? You there? John thought, Im having a little problem here.

Sighing when he got no reply John thought the nanomites had information. <To all my replication nanomites, these abilities that I now posses, what is the extent of them and how does one control them?> <Control at the present time we have no new information to relay>

Fuck! that was no help at all!John was glad that he had gotten more remote controllers. He had tried weights tied to his waist, arms,legs nothing seemed to help except tying a rope to hisself and that didnt help very much at all. Trying to do work on the farm was impossible when one was a few feet of the ground.

A week after Mitch had left, John felt the first stirrings of a voice far away. The voice sounded like Mitchs but he wasnt too sure. Sighing he wished that Mitch had given him more than cryptic instructions, on how to control his new (lol) old body. John had a neighbor come by yesterday and he had almost gotten caught floating off the ground. Shit! that had been close! Had he not been near the house, he didnt think hed have gotten down as fast as he had.

After 15 days he began to hear the voice again, this time he knew it was Mitch but it was still far away. <Mitch if you can hear me I am having extreme problems here, I need your help!> All he heard was <problems----- coming----- need your----- be---- soon.> Then the voice was gone. Sighing John tried to get back to work, somehow with the help of the nanomites, he was able to keep the farm going well. He had a little control of the machines, that had helped a lot but he still needed to make visual inspections of the farm.

Another 5 days later, while John was sitting tied to a chair on the front porch, <John I am almost back there to you, please dont be afraid> a few moments later Mitch appeared next to him.

God, I am glad youre back! John exclaimed, Im about to go out of my mind

Whats wrong were the gifts too much? said a puzzled Mitch

Not that they were too much, its just that I cant control many of them John replied hoping that Mitch could help him.

Ah, I see I apologise John, in my haste to reach home, I forgot that you didnt know yet, Mitch looked at John feeling for him, as he waved his hand over John suddenly John felt normal and was sitting without help.

John was a little puzzled, he remembered that Mitch had said that they wouldnt see each other again. Mitch, John started, I thought I wouldnt see you again. Why are you back? You said your home planet was still there.

Mitch sighed he really didnt want to impose upon John again, I reached home world and it was as I expected it to be. he paused to get the words out right,

We are in need of you again.

Again? you arent dying are you? John was scared for Mitch

No, again its nothing like that. When I got there a unit was close to failing,

sighing Mitch went on, It was my... I think you would call her a wife or mate. She is one of the 3 sexes, as you would say that were on my planet.

John was nodding when it hit him, you need help with her? How can I be of help?John eagerly asked

Yes, I need help but not like you think. This body that I grew from from yours and my genetic material is superior. The problem is, Mitch paused to think of the right term, This body is still young and wont produce any genetic material for many years. Even with the accellerated growth, it wont be ready in time.

You know I dont mind helping you and your people, John said, not too sure of where Mitch was going with all this.

I have a request of you John. She as you would call her cant have a body grown from this one. Turning her unit off would give a few more years to the others. This would allow the maturing of the two bodies. Then they could be used to procure others for the restoration of my race.

Sighing John Was starting to get another headache, like the first time him and mitch met. so... you need me again to make another baby? Like you?John asked assuming thats why Mitch was back.

My race yes, but definitely not like me Mitch replied as the cylinder at his throat glowed.

<Maybe I should explain,> came a voice that flowed through his mind, a voice that made him feel warm and safe, <I am> there was a pause, <I will let you name me as you did Mitch. I am Helemathitalitic.>

Christ, thought John dont these people have short names, a fucking mile long every one of them.

Thinking it came to him, May I call you Helen? Its the closest to your real name I can get.

< Helen,hmmmmm yes, I enjoy the modulation of the tones as they escaped your vocal cords. Helen I will be>

The happiness of the voice in his mind was almost like having an orgasm. Holy shit! Its a good thing he hadnt had sex with the real thing. He probably would have had a heart attack before he had even got it in let alone cum.

<I do not know what this cum is, but it seems very pleasureable in your mind>Johns mouth hung open, damn he forgot they could hear him.

<I need to gather the genetic material, for once I leave this life force pod, I wont exist for long without a container to hold my essence>

John felt like an idiot as he was nodding, she couldnt see him.

<May I proceed John?> Helen asked (again that damn good feeling)

Yes, you may Helen with that the cylinder at Mitchs throat opened and a vision appeared before him it was far more entrancing than the one Mitch had used.

John walked into his house as the essence followed him. Laying back on the bed the vision hovered above him then lowered onto him. Johns mouth hung open, it felt like he was getting laid, oh my god! The sensations were extreme, he was floating with an alien woman (He thought it was a woman) the three viginas melded into one sucking him in as deep and hard as it could. The feeling was incredible, the soft breasts laid upon his chest were perfect,the feeling grew more urgent. As John started to cum he felt as if (again) that the force of his orgasm would blow the alien woman through the roof!

Once again he felt his orgasm deep in his balls, he felt as if a hand was squeezing them gently and a machine was hooked to his cock head, sucking harder and harder the feeling grew more intense.

<Now commencing collection of genetic material, Yes Mitch, I see you were correct, it is of superior quality>

This was the last thing he heard before the feeling caused him to pass out again! Damnit couldnt he last at least once, but god it felt go damn good! The world was fading along with the vision of the alien woman, John sinking deep within the embrace of unconsciousness.

Jerking awake John was so damn hungry, just like last time oh well, if it helps them. Looking around Mitch was sitting in a chair nearby.

Are you ok? The process was a sucess again, Helen has integrated into the fetus and is growing rapidly. She wishes to thank you.

<Yes John, this is a superior sacrifice, one I wouldnt believe your people capable of thank you, I must rest now> with that she was quiet.

I will be here to assisst you, but I am afraid I am not in total control of all my abilities either, I will need this coming month to mature them more. Id say that in 2 weeks, I will be able to disguise myself better but for now I will have to conserve energy to mature them.

Sighing John hoped that they could disguise very well, Helen was due at the harvest, much as John had been. Now that he wasnt about to float away John was able to check the plants better. The local leech ferns (as he called them) were somehow being held back by the farm machines. Suddenly he remembered he had wanted to keep them at bay in his mind, he had spent days trying to think of a way that his machines could do this.

During the first week Helen only talked to him once, asking him to eat certain things, do certain things or activities. She also told him that starting the next week, her new body would be affecting his differently than Mitchs had.

John was wondering all week, it hadnt been that bad with Mitch, so as the week drug on Johns curiosity began to eat away at him. When he questioned Mitch about it, Mitch only smiled and said that John would be pleasently surprised.

Still curious as to what the different effects would be, John actually began to worry that he might not be able to withstand certain conditions.(Pain was one john had never really had a tolerance to) The second week started much as any week had (concidering he was pregnant again) yup, pretty normal as far as John was concerned. Normal that is until his cock began to get hard about anything.

Usually John went outside and just beat his cock off like he uaually did. When he finished stroking his cock and had cum, he noticed that his cock didnt grow soft at all. This wouldnt have been a problem had john a way to relieve himself more often. The fact of the matter was,he was starting to beat off almost every 2 hours, his cock was going to be raw if he kept it up.

It was strange also, but he could swear he was coming just as much, if not more every time he did.

Helen apologised, saying that the new body was secreting chemicals that Mitchs hadnt and might have a more intense effect on him. John didnt care either way, for that second week he tried to limit his cumming to only once every 3 hours, it was hard and took alot of concentration. Going from 12 - 14 times a day (yes, he was cumming in his sleep also, so much that he now had to wear something around his waist to catch it like a diaper) to only 8 - 10.

<John is your physical health in danger?> Helen asked

John was surprised that Helen was as concerned for his health, as she was, he knew that with mitch there, they could have knocked him out, then just used his body. Mitch and Helen had both heard this and had explained.

<We found 5000 years ago, that to just use a body wasnt good enough. The being whose body was inhabited also had to be willing. We found that the more willing, the stronger the fetus would be. The survival of the those that had a willing host, compared, to those that werent, was a staggering 75% better.> John was shooked, Helen bowed out saying she had to rest again.

You see why we found you so important Mitch started. In 5000 years you are the only being we found that strengthened our bodies.With a 75% increase in survival, you are the first that has been found

John nodded, he was starting to understand what they said more now, John rushed past Mitch grabbing his now hard cock and rushing outside. Stroking his now rock hard cock, John was so horny he couldnt believe it. Only a few minutes and he was blasting cum almost 5 feet from the porch, with a satisfyinfg sigh, John decided to just stay naked it would be easier.

Nearing the end of the second week John knew that Helen was almost half developed now. Again Helen warmed him that the third week, he needed to get some lubricant,the amount of orgasms that he would be experiencing would increase and he needed to get certain vitamins. She believed that was what they were called. John had to make a special trip to town. Sighing, he really hated to be around other people even if he had to, he still hated it.

Walking out of the the herb and medicine store he almost collided with his 17 yo neighbors daughter. Softly apologising, he stepped out of the way to allow her to pass. Sighing he waited as she stopped in front of him,

Are you ok? she asked shyly as she looked down, her mouth dropped open when she saw the outline of his ever hard cock in his pants.

Sighing again, I apologise, I just dont like being around alot of people. Actually people in general.

Her eyes grew wide, smiling she said, I feel the same way! I like the solitude of the farm where I can do what I want.

It was Johns turn to stare wide eyed, Ive never met anyone else who felt that way, he said astounded that there was someone else like him

My name is Millie, I am your ... I guess you could say neighbor. We live about 6 kilometers on the west side of your property line. she shyly looked at his pants again whispering so only he could hear, I am glad that someone or uh hum... something is glad to see me.

John blushed, as his cock began to throb even harder, god he thought, if this kept up hed have to buy new pants. He could already feel the material starting to stretch to its limit.

<I hate to interupt your mating ritual, but we must depart, there are unsavory individuals advancing in our direction> John looked up the street and saw several government agents heading his way.

<Mitch! we have a problem. I think we are breifly being detected> there was a surge then the agents turned and headed in the opposite direction.

<Their machines were detecting the high theta and gamma emissions from Helen. She has much higher than I.>

John thanked Millie for the brief meeting and invited her out to his farm sometime.

Thank you John, I will try, if I can to come over and... she rubbed his crotch very briefly, Maybe I can help you with this monster some time she smiled sweetly then giggled walking into the store.

<We must depart at once, Mitchs diversion wont maintain for many of your time units>

<Helen, is there a reason that your body is affecting mine so bad?> John thought as he boarded his speeder and left town.

<Yes John, each time you... I think you call it cum? ah! ejaculate! your body releases chemicals and hormones. These enable me to grow and develop faster. Mitchs body did not require them as badly as mine do. Plus I was one of the leading physicians. I was one of the three that developed the essence transfer system. Mitch was...> sighing Helen fought to think of an example in Johns ideas. <Ah! I see, you might say he was a guard for our people, very powerful in many ways, not in many others. John I must rest> Then she was quiet, as John drove on trying to digest all this new information.

<Mitch> John thought, <they wont follow us will they? till Helen is born she doesnt have a chance, even then I am afraid for her>

<By the time she is born I should have matured my abilities. They should be to the point that they cant touch us let alone get near us. We appreciate your concern for us.> Mitch collected the words a moment, <Oh yes, this Millie female you met today I was scanning her while you were talking to her. I have never seen this happen before. It appears that you talking to her, changed her, the analysis says that her chemistry is now, almost identical to yours!>

Johns mouth dropped agape, <you mean we are almost perfect for each other now?> he said as he pulled into the long back road that ran to his place.

<Yes, it seems that you and her would produce the most superior offspring of your race. You should procure many time units and inseminate this female and produce as many offsping as you can.>

John just laughed as he thought about the skinny, red headed, tall young woman and fucking her every day. His cock jumped at these thoughts, he had to pull over and drop his pants barely getting his cock out in time, he blew the biggest load he ever had. Phew! a little light headed he sat in the seat, he swore he heard Helen sigh. Damn now that was a big one, starting up he headed home thinking of how to explain all this to Millie when the time came.


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