The Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses Offered to Students

The Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses Offered to Students

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The fascinating job opportunities the aviation industry provides have always made us drool. Have you ever thought about the people who toil away at developing, testing, and repairing aeroplanes and supporting machinery? A poorly built aircraft will get lost in a desert without a means of escape, just as the Pilot's aeroplane in "Little Prince," if it hasn't been maintained correctly. Spacecraft and aircraft development are the focus of aircraft engineering. It specifically addresses the study, design, inspection, and manufacture of aeroplanes. It is the perfect career path for people interested in Aeronautical Engineering and who wish to pursue a career in it. We will provide you with a thorough overview of the topic of aircraft engineering through this blog, with information on the main courses available in it and the range of potential careers it may lead to.

Aircraft engineers: who are they?

The design and upkeep of aeroplanes and other aeronautical equipment are under the purview of aircraft engineers. They guarantee the safety of an aircraft that is prepared for take-off. They must also build and maintain mechanical, electronic, and electrical systems. These are some more significant duties that Aircraft Engineering handles.

·        Upkeep and Maintenance The upkeep of aeroplanes and any associated machinery falls under the umbrella of aircraft engineering. So, as an aircraft engineer, you will manage the aircraft's diagnostics. Furthermore, you will have a deadline to correct any issues if any are found. In addition to collecting records, aircraft engineers are also in charge of updating outdated systems and parts.

·        Respect for Laws and Regulations: You cannot afford to take any chances when dealing with a situation involving hundreds of people's safety and security. Engineers for aeroplanes ensure that every aircraft is built by security rules and standards. Additionally, it is essential to follow domestic and foreign rules when travelling overseas.

·        Not losing your licence Up-to-date: Being a part of hard work entails managing the maintenance of your licences unless you want to go into problems.

Vital Skills

Start honing the fundamental abilities crucial for success in aircraft engineering if you intend to pursue it as a profession. By doing this, you may make your planning fool proof and gain the upper hand over others who are deciding on the fly. The following are the key competencies you need to possess to succeed as an aviation engineer:

·        Quick analytical thinking: There isn't much time for you to perform a thorough inspection and identify any irregularities because flights have a strict timetable. Thus, the need for rapid thinking skills.

·        Remain Calm in the Face of Difficult Situations: While working on the design of an aeroplane, things can occasionally spiral out of control. Therefore, maintaining your calm and composure in a crisis is the most excellent approach to drawing from all of your knowledge and expertise.

·        Continually moving: You would be on the run for most of the day since you would need to do a lot of activities in a short time. Therefore, prioritising work and managing your time correctly are crucial abilities you will need.

Courses in Aircraft Engineering

Programs in Aircraft Engineering are created to teach students about the construction and design of a variety of aircraft, including aeroplanes, helicopters, airships (blimps), spacecraft, etc. A career in this profession is also possible for those with a degree in mechanical engineering. If you earned a degree in this field, you would be prepared to manage aircraft repair and troubleshooting tasks. The many Aircraft Engineering programmes, ranging from certificate courses to PhD degrees, are included in the following table.

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Level of Education: Courses Offered in Aircraft Engineering

Diploma-Level Courses: Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Mechanical TBI, Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating), Unmanned Aircraft Systems Applications Certificate 

Bachelor’s Degrees: BEng (Hons) Avionic Systems with a Year in Industry, Ontario College Certificate in Flight Services, BSc in Aviation Management and Operations, BSc (Hons) Air Transport Management 

Master’s Degrees: Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management, Master of Science in Aviation, (Airport Development and Management)

Doctoral Degrees: Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation, Doctor of Philosophy in Aviation Business Administration 

Range of Work

It's never going to be challenging to find a job in the aviation sector. With a dramatic increase in employment over the future years, the sector's growth trajectory will only continue to rise. Aircraft engineering is not only a problematic discipline that emphasises accuracy and perfection but also gratifying. The range of available occupations also varies depending on your expertise and credentials. Furthermore, it is a well-respected and well-admired profession that pays well compared to other industries.

Future Applications of Aviation Maintenance Engineering

Since an aviation career—one of the highest-paying industries—can be obtained with this degree, it has many potential uses.

Candidates may become certified engineers in great demand across all sectors, including the military, domestic and international airlines, etc.

People might discover appealing career prospects in India and abroad in the commercial and public sectors because of the increasing need for AMEs in both countries.

Engineering for aircraft maintenance jobs

Pursuing AME courses will offer doors to various job prospects in the aviation business, from working with national and international airlines to aircraft manufacturing corporations. You would be responsible for maintaining commercial aeroplanes and other aircraft types like helicopters and seaplanes. Careers in the aviation industry will enable you to put your engineering abilities to good use because there are more possibilities for you to help and learn in the industry. Some of the popular career fields are listed below:

·        Line Maintenance

·        Aircraft Parts Manufacturing

·        Warehousing

·        Aviation Corporations

·        Flying Clubs and Academies

·        Civil Défense Forces

·        Technical Publications

·        Utility Companies

·        Local Authorities

·        Government Agencies

·        Armed Forces

·        Research Facilities

·        Consultancies

Work Profiles for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

An engineer specialising in aircraft maintenance may play several roles, depending on the task. There are several career types you may work in after studying Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses, from being a Technician to an Academician. The following is a list of some of the appropriate profiles:

·        Engineer

·        Lecturer Aviation technician

·        Avionics engineer

·        Mechanical maintenance engineer

·        Hardware engineer

·        Production planning

·        Professor

Engineer in aircraft maintenance: compensation

As part of the AME course, hands-on instruction in a flying setting will be provided. While receiving practical training, the candidate would get a stipend of 15 and 25K per month. After completing two years of training and passing all courses, candidates will receive an AME licence from the DGCA, Government of India. The candidate's pay package will be highly alluring once they have earned their AME License. The pay scale states that the typical yearly salary for an AME is INR 40 lakhs. Being an AME involves being in charge of the safety and security of the aircraft and the passengers, making it the hottest job in town. Not only is the money for this labour excellent, but it also garners a lot of respect. Both in India and abroad, an AME receives a rather good salary.

We thus hope that this blog has given you a better understanding of the broad discipline of aircraft engineering and the numerous career opportunities it presents. Take the help of LiveWebTutors assignment writing services professionals if you want to follow this subject. Find the course that best suits your preferences and professional goals by perusing a variety of Aerospace Engineering courses.

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