The Runescape Current

The Runescape Current

On February 9, 2011, with the release of the "Prisoner of Glouphrie" quest, JAGEX made a graphical update of the Gnome race, one of the most concentrated races in Runescape, besides Humans. Gnomes always kind of looked like little cubes on top of each other, and thier chat head was irritatingly simple. And yet, I miss the old Gnomes. I think JAGEX could have done a much more original job, although the graphics are flawless. I note that they were updated around the time that the movie "Gnomeo and Juliet" (witch I have no real interest in seeing) was announced. I also note that the Runescape gnomes and the gnomes from the movie are almost identical.

APISANET Now they look to un-original. The old gnome chat head gives it that Proper, British-gnomey sort of look, which I always associate with RS Gnomes.

Also, I will be extending the vote deadline for the "What do you think of Free Trade and the Wilderness returning?" poll, and adding a new poll, too!

If you haven't already, GO VOTE NOW!!!

**********************CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT*******************************************

--------------------Runescape Citizens Rejoice!--------------------------------------

The Runescape Current is having it's VERY FIRST CONTEST!!!

Leave a comment on this post with your RS username, and your name will be entered into a drawing to win 100k in RS gp. that's 100k, people!

Here is how it works:

On February 28, I will be announcing a TOTALLY RANDOM name as the winner. The Runescape Current doesn't hold rigged contests. That gives you, the massive throngs of players yearning for gp, 2 weeks to vote. Leave a comment ON THIS POST with your RS username and why you want 100k. ( why you want it has nothing to do with the contest, it is just for fun)

Here is an example:

Username: thewarboy234

Why I want 100k: To go buy a Granite Maul!

Don't worry, we won't hack your account. (we don't even know how!) The Runescape Current is 100% Legit. Your username is safe.

Once I announce the winner, I will add you to my Friends List, and, If you are the winner, do the same. Next time I see you in-game, I will PM you "Hi" and get on your world. If you have Quick Chat, message me " I can only use Quick Chat" and meet me in the Lumbridge Castle courtyard. Remember, my username is thewarboy234. I will be the Green Dot on you mini-map.

I will wish to trade with you.




100k richer.

Come on guys, you know you want to enter. ENTER... You need that 100k...