The Retirees Club (07)

The Retirees Club (07)


Its the day of night out with the guys, and I was contemplating what to do about the photo sharing site.I guess I was just looking to have a little fun with it.It isnt every day that you know something about your buds that they dont know you know.I decided to just send them a PM with no name and a picture.So I put on the clothes Id worn last week, pulled down my pants and laid on the floor – a similar position to where I first got naked with them.Stroking until I was good and hard, I reached up with the camera and got a good selfie of my stiff cock laying on my belly.I uploaded it and attached it to a PM, saying You guys like this? and sent it off.

I scanned through their photos once more.My cock was having fun, but I decided to hold off on cumming.There would be plenty of chance for that, tonight.

I got a text from Bill in the afternoon.Have to tell the guys what happened.Not naming names, play dumb.I dont know how it would go over.Seemed to make sense; mums the word.

When the evening came around, I was up for it, figuratively and physically.Id been semi hard on and off all afternoon.It was a short walk to Toms place; he was the regular host because of the big screen in the basement and glass block windows for privacy.I rang the bell and Tom showed me in; the fellows were pouring themselves drinks and so did I.I told the guys that I was getting hard already, and they all nodded knowingly.

Bill arrived last, and started off with, Guys, we gotta talk.Not an imaginative lead-in, but effective.

Whats up? Tom asked.

The old lady found out about the group.Time for him to take a draw on his rum.She wasnt sure what to do, but I give her credit for coming up with a unique answer. Her idea was that shed get some payback, so she got a guy to fuck her and made me watch.And didnt let me enjoy it either.

Jesus,Fuck, and Damn came out of our mouths, almost simultaneously.

Then she made me blow his cummy cock.Now that I didnt mind, but she stopped him before he could cum, and had him unload in her cunt again.

We havent decided what the long term plan is, but right now were down to two options.One is that I drop out of the group and we go back to monogamy.Im good with this, but she isnt sure if it will work.The other plan is that I do what I will, and she gets someone on the side.In either case, we go to counseling and maintain strict honesty with each other about what were doing sexually.

After a pause, Tom said, Well, whatever you decide, were behind you.Keep us posted.

Youll be the first to know.Id better go, see you at the pool table.

After he left, we bounced it around.I was being careful not to give it away that I was the one who boned his wife, so I didnt say a lot.

Frank offered, You know, hes said before that she uses sex as a weapon, and thats just what shes doing here.

Id agree that the monogamy doesnt have good odds, added Tom.She threw a lot of darts there.Made him blow the guy in front of her, poked at his little cock, Jesus he must love her.

I added, I think option two is the best.Anyway, Id like to get his handsome little dick back here.Laughs went around at that one.Seriously, it might just be what they need.

Lets hit the theater.I got a good one, with ladyboys.We havent seen one of them in a while.

With only three of us, wed all fit on the couch.Cozy like.Frank was in the middle, I was right and Tom was left.This week I wore running shorts, there was going to be no hiding my dick.

Tom went, Oh, lets tell Pete about the website.

Website? (Still playing dumb, but different topic now.)

Yeah, we put some pics up on DisplayYourMeat, a photo sharing site.All the shots are anonymous, no faces, but we do comparison pics and a few action shots.You wanna check it out?

Mm, sure.Lets see how you guys look.

He hopped over to the computer and turned it on, then switched the big screen to it.He logged in and brought up the site, and logged in.He ran through the pics, and they looked even better on the screen.It was making me hard, and I stroked my cock in my pants.You guys look good, youre making me hard.

Pete said, If you want, we can catch some pictures with you.Lemmie check the comments and PMs, while were here.

A couple of mouse clicks.A commenter showed a picture of his big cock, or at least it looked big.Theres a nice one, said Frank.Tom added, I could suck that.A couple more comments said they were jerking off.Over on the PMs, there was one from an existing contact, telling about the mess he just made, then my message.They looked at the picture, paused, then Tom said with a chuckle, You sonofabitch!

Gotcha! I yelled.We all laughed, then Tom said, Alright, lemmie get my camera.Frank stood up and started to strip, and I reached to play with his long dong.It didnt take much to get him hard; I was already there.Tom came back, naked and with the camera, and we all stood in a circle with our stiff cocks pointing in.He got a couple of pictures there, then one of me and Frank holding each others cocks.Finally one of mine sticking up.Tom asked, How should I caption this?

I replied, Im ok with using my user name and saying wed hooked up.

Ill deal uploading later.Right now, I need to suck somebodys dick.Frank sat down and said, I volunteer.Tomknelt down and began to handle Franks long thin pole.He ran his hands up and down it, touching the veins on the side, and running his finger around the head.He brought his face close and licked the head too.Then he put his mouth on it, which made Frank roll his head back and moan.I stroked myself while Tom slid down on Franks cock, and started bobbing slowly on and off.

After a minute, I knelt down and reached around Toms leg to grab his hard cock, and tickle his balls.Tom moaned, then Frank moaned again.We kept at it for a few minutes, then I sat down next to Frank.Tom kept working on Franks dick, but reached over to grip my cock and stroke me.I started to play with Franks nipple, which brought another moan, so I tried another first: I leaned down and tongued it, then sucked on his little nip.Hey this is fun.And it was doing something to Frank because he started to hump, slightly, pushing his cock up into Toms mouth.Then Frank started to grunt, humped faster, then called, Ahhhhhh and held still while he pumped his cum into Toms mouth.

I was getting higher, but I wanted to suck too.I pressed Tom back off Franks meat, and leaned down to suck it for a minute.It was so cool tasting the spit and cum already on it, and Frank even squirted his last little bit into my mouth.Tom was still handling my stiff rod, but I told him, Your turn, Tom.Gimme that fat dick.Tom laid back on the floor and I crawled between his legs.I wasted no time, taking his fat four incher in my mouth, and wet it good with my spit, then started going up and down on him.I loved the feeling of his cock moving around in my mouth.

Now Frank got up and crawled behind me, then laid down on the floor.He slid his head under where Iwas kneeling, so my erect cock was pointing at his face.I felt his hands on my cock and balls, then he pointed it at his mouth and took it in.Fuck, now I was getting blown while I sucked another.This inspired me to work on Tom harder, so Tom was beginning to hum and hump up towards my mouth.In turn, I was getting very hot, and could feel my climax starting.I began to fuck downward into Franks mouth, just a little, then a little more.Suddenly Tom groaned, he froze and I felt my mouth filling with his tart tasty cream.Thats all it took and my climax went up fast and peaked, and my dick throbbed as I unloaded in Franks mouth.

I swallowed Toms load, and Frank swallowed mine.We all laid down beside each other, and just enjoyed the afterglow.Frank was playing with me, and after a while I got hard again.Frank stroked me off, and spread my cum all over my package.What a fucking mess, and it felt great.

We never did watch the movie.And when Tom posted our pictures, we got a lot of positive comments.

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