The Reasons You'll Want To Learn More About Kimbo Extra Cream 1kg

The Reasons You'll Want To Learn More About Kimbo Extra Cream 1kg

Kimbo Extra Cream 1kg

Kimbo extra cream is a dense crema with a delicate aroma bouquet. The result of a careful selection of raw ingredients, it achieves a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. It is appealing to all tastes thanks to its persistent crema and balanced body.

The workhorse of the Kimbo beans, it excels in cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites. Medium roast provides a full flavour spectrum while also punching milk making it a great choice for cafes.

Medium roast

Kimbo extra cream is a great blend of espresso beans that are medium-roasted. This results in a powerful and smoky expresso that has an incredible thick crema that is perfect for cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites. A fantastic coffee originating from beautiful Naples It is a great choice for anyone who enjoys an authentic Italian espresso.

A carefully selected combination of Robusta and Arabica beans from Central and South America, with a significant amount of Indian Robusta, make up this intense espresso. The result is an extremely rich and complex coffee with a perfectly-balanced body that allows all the flavor notes to be fully enjoyed. The aroma is sweet and fruity, with hints of chocolate, whilst the consistent crema creates an extremely creamy espresso.

This is the workhorse in Kimbo's range of coffees - strong, dependable and with moderate roast, it hits the sweet spot between full body as well as sweetness and acidity. It has a great crema and is fantastic it is poured over milk. This makes it the perfect option for Latte and Cappuccino coffees. A wonderful brew every time.

Robusta & Arabica beans

Kimbo Extra Cream is an espresso blend that contains a high proportion of Robusta beans. It has a robust and intense flavor, with a delicate aroma in the cup. This makes it the preferred choice for professional baristas and also perfectly suited to milk-based drinks, such as cappucino or latte macchiato.

This blend of beans from Brazil and Central America, as well as Asia, has medium roast that provides a full-bodied taste and achieves the sweet spot of sweetness/acidity. The resultant flavor of the espresso is balanced and creamy, and creates a superb crema. Kimbo Extra Cream, the best-selling product in the professional range, is ideal for making flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos.

This blend is a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans that have been roasted at a moderate temperature. They've also been carefully selected. This creates a delightful flavor with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and vanilla. It has a sweet and creamy taste. It is also low in acidity, making it suitable for those with sensitive palates or who prefer a softer, less acidic taste.

In the creation of their products, Kimbo always tries to use the highest quality ingredients. Additionally, they source their raw ingredients from certified plantations that respect the environment. This is the reason Kimbo is awarded the Green Label certificate from Ecoland that guarantees that the coffee beans are harvested and grown in a sustainable way.

The coffee is also roasted in accordance with the strictest standards of quality. The entire production process including roasting is monitored by experts. The result is a consistent, high-quality product. To ensure the quality of the product The company makes use of the most modern roasting equipment and the most recent technological advancements.

Kimbo is a family-owned business with decades of expertise. It has become one of Italy's most well-known coffee brands. It was founded in Naples and today has an international presence. Its success is due to a clear philosophy and a desire to deliver a distinct taste and authenticity. Kimbo offers a wide selection of coffee products, including whole pods, ground beans and bean.

Medium caffeine content

Kimbo Extra Cream is a strong espresso that will delight anyone who loves coffee. It's a medium-caffeine espresso that will make you feel good without making you sleepy. It has a sweet taste and a thick crema which makes it suitable for any espresso-based drink including lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.

The finest beans in this blend are carefully selected and expertly roasted in order to make a delicious cup of coffee that will delight espresso lovers of all kinds. The combination of Arabica and Robusta produces an intense, smooth flavor with a dense cream that stays in your mouth. 1 kg coffee beans is ideal for those who like traditional Italian coffees, or for those who are looking to try other specialty beverages.

Kimbo has been producing coffee since 1970 in the heart of Naples, Italy. Their famous coffee is enjoyed throughout the world by espresso connoisseurs thanks to its unmistakable flavour and silky texture. The beans are of high-quality and then ground to perfection. the coffee is packaged in environmentally sustainable cans that reduce the amount of waste. Kimbo is an incredibly family-owned business that has high standards of production and quality. Their coffee has won many awards and has a long history in Italy.

Made in Italy

Kimbo's coffee beans come from the finest coffee farms in Brazil, Central America and Asia. Its medium roasting profile creates an aroma that is full of creamy texture, accompanied by dominant sweet-acidic notes. This coffee is perfect for Cappuccino and Latte. Kimbo Extra Cream is the top-selling blend from the Kimbo Professional range.

Its rich crema and irresistible taste are an ideal match for the traditional Italian Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato. The result of a careful selection of raw materials, KIMBO CREMA strikes the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness with a consistent crema and balanced body that makes it appealing to all tastes.

For more than 50 years, Kimbo has expertly blended the highest quality ingredients to adhere to traditional Neapolitan coffee-making methods. Their meticulous obsession for the perfect cup of espresso has turned their small shop into a renowned reality of Made in Italy, worldwide. It is thanks to this love and tradition that Kimbo is the top of Italy. The perfect choice for those who love the art of making a true Espresso Napolitano.

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